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2 004087 histoire de babar £6.65 in the big forest a little elephant called babar is born this is his story 329751 une année avec mamouna £13.75 a young girl has a good reason to visit her grandmother every month whether it is spring a birthday or halloween all these events are celebrated at grandma’s house 074523 homme de couleur £12.75 a popular african story tackling racism which has been retold over generations 003249 livre £9.80 a collection of interesting and imaginative ideas that emerge when a child has a book 004299 pop artiste £10.50 pop’s friends love his bright colours and want to look like him so pop gets out his paint pots 074476 la cueillette des couleurs £9.30 learn colours days of the week and fruit and vegetables with this beautifully illustrated book with rhyming text 074896 dix petites graines £13.50 a different kind of counting book 10 seeds then 9 then 8 and finally 10 new seeds 119958 une fourmi pas comme les autres 119084 la bonne farce £12.95 mouse plays a trick on his friends telling them she has seen a blue wolf they all come to see but the blue wolf doesn’t exist or does it £13.75 carla the little ant would very much like to be different and stand out from the crowd so one day she decides to wear a yellow jumper to work what a great idea think all the other ants and the next day they all wear yellow jumpers to work carla comes up with another idea then 116992 boucle d’ours £12.75 everyone is getting dressed up for the carnival papa bear is the big bad wolf mama bear is sleeping beauty and baby bear is goldilocks everyone is excited but when the big bad wolf arrives dressed as little red riding hood they are not so sure 349373 pop mange de toutes les couleurs £10.50 pop the dinosaur is white like the milk that he drinks until he eats a banana and turns yellow excited he begins to eat lots of new foods to find out what happens to him a fun way to learn colours and foods 110993 c’est l’histoire d’un éléphant £16.50 the story of an elephant who hasn’t slept because a bat was munching food all night above his head and a chain of events that lead to a mouse scaring the elephant a funny story told using repeated phrases 299438 quel radis dis-donc £10.50 the story of the giant turnip in french 071122 quelle heure est-il m le loup £9.90 what’s the time mr wolf through this book pupils learn daily routines as well as how to tell the time intermediate longer more complex sentences 330038 qui vit ici £7.65 i like swimming in the garden pond who am i answer the questions to discover the identity of more than 20 animals that are hiding in this book 075139 croisière sur le nil un voyage en egypte £10.95 a bright and colourful book which takes the reader on a journey along the nile at the end is a map of egypt and information about some of the places that have been visited there are also some pages on egyptian history hieroglyphics and the gods and goddesses of ancient egypt 074810 le secret £13.95 secrets are for for keeping a little mouse finds a juicy red apple and keeps it a secret one by one the squirrel the bird and the frog try and find out his secret but with no success 074588 qu’est-ce que tu aimes £7.10 in this list of things that uki likes to do we see that uki takes pleasure in being grown up but also in still being little 330039 sports à gogo £6.70 can you work out which sports are in the pictures lift the flaps to see the whole picture and find out if you were right 071965 le caméléon méli-mélo £5.00 the chameleon’s life is very ordinary until he discovers that he can not only change colour but also change size and shape when he sees the fantastic animals at the zoo he wishes he could be just like them but will the ability to change who he is make him happier 071998 tout en haut £9.95 the animals want to climb to the top of the mountain but it is very steep will any of them manage the climb a fun story using simple repeat phrases to introduce animals french picture book pack for primary schools selected titles from this list are available in a pack for schools at a discounted price please see our website for details 334893 un lion à paris £21.50 a lonely lion leaves the savannah and travels to paris he roams the city taking in the sights from the eiffel tower to the centre pompidou eventually he finds a resting place where he feels happy 003275 l’ogre le loup la petite fille et le gâteau £12.75 the ogre returns from a day’s hunting with a wolf a little girl and a cake to get home he has to take them across the river in a boat that only has space for two how can he do it without someone eating someone else an amusing story with lovely illustrations