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4 bilingual books big books ages 5-7 ages 5-7 327972 cache-cache à l’école £13.75 it’s time to play hide and seek uki would love to play but can’t find anywhere to hide all the places are taken it’s up to you to find his friends a lovely animated book full of surprises 074849 la maison des bisous £11.95 uki’s journey around the house looking for someone to kiss on the way he encounters lots of different animals hiding under the flaps on each page 318954 le rêve de mimi £11.75 a colourful book in large format that recounts mimi’s dream using simple nouns adjectives and verbs filou pixie oralbums oralbums is a collection of big books to help young children develop their listening comprehension and speaking skills each album consists of a story told on three levels of difficulty to follow the progression of the child or to allow for use with groups of learners at different levels the oralbums all come with an audio cd which contains all 3 versions of the story and include at the end of the book a list of objectives and vocabulary to be assimilated through the use of the book each title petits contes du tapis £29.75 120722 boucle d’or et les trois ours 120721 l’arbre à goûters 340662 la petite poule rousse 101322 le bonhomme de pain d’épices 101323 le lièvre et la tortue 338562 le petit chaperon rouge 101327 le petit poucet 101324 le placard interdit 335929 les trois petits cochons 120723 mes poux à moi 101325 nelson le gourmand effortless and fun first reading in french filou and pixie live in a bilingual family filou speaks french and pixie speaks english fond of jokes they always have ideas to play tricks on their friends and family the filou pixie stories are funny stories that are close to the young readers’ day-to-day life they use diversified and essential vocabulary alongside short and straightforward dialogues in balloons.the audio versions of the text performed by french and english actors are available to download free on the publisher’s website each title £10.00 beginners 111149 canteen fun chouette la cantine 077513 all about father christmas tout sur le père noël 077517 at the zoo au zoo 077510 crazy cake un drôle de gâteau 077514 hello doctor allô docteur 077512 our best clothes nos plus beaux habits 077518 the birthday party l’anniversaire 077515 the fair la fête foraine 077511 the school picture la photo de classe 077516 the ski class la classe de neige 007841 this is sport c’est du sport this collection of big books offers a modern retelling of classic fairy tales as well as contemporary stories in a large format suitable for use in the classroom the books present 50 cm wide pictures without words the text printed on a flap which can be open by the side of the book to read with a child or folded back to read to a group each book £12.95 003202 blanche-neige 003222 boucle d’or et les trois ours 003172 c’est moi le roi 003226 l’escargot et l’éléphant 003199 le chat botté eli 003191 le petit bonhomme de pain d’épice a charming and bright series of six short 003201 le petit chaperon rouge stories presented in both narrative and song 003223 le vilain petit canard form each book comes as a teacher’s set the 003220 les musiciens de brême large-format a3 book is for front-of-class use 003209 les trois poissons and allows pupils to follow the story visually 003227 les trois souhaits with large colourful pictures of the characters on 003221 les trois petits cochons the right hand side and the text in large print on 003224 pourquoi la carapace de la tortue the left each book comes with a cd which tells 003225 pourquoi le tigre ne grimpe pas aux the story in song and drama form encouraging arbres correct pronunciation through repetition and acting out the story raconte et chante each title including cd my first bilingual book cuddly and colourful teddy bears present important early concepts with the text in both french and english these books offer an ideal first step in a foreign language each title £3.99 beginners 073015 wild animals les animaux sauvages 073010 animals les animaux 073011 clothes les vêtements 071468 colours les couleurs £13.50 for more information about these or any of our other products please visit our website beginners 008106 a la mer 008107 les amis de la ferme 008105 anniversaire à la ferme 008113 plic plic tombe la pluie 008122 un pique-nique 008126 monsieur l’arbre et la petite fille f french lan