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5 plaisir de lire série verte readers eli ages 5-7 facile à lire cideb oops ohlala a collection of bilingual illustrated books suitable for 2-5 year olds ohlala speaks french and oops answers in english children recognize the situations and understand the story thanks to expressive drawings by amelie graux and they can understand a book in french each title £9.45 beginners 077503 at the beach a la plage 077509 at the doctor’s chez le médecin 077508 at the park au park 077507 at the supermarket au supermarché 077501 bathtime au bain 077505 bedtime au lit 075679 dinner’s ready a table 075636 get dressed habille-toi 075680 happy birthday joyeux anniversaire 077497 i’m not scared même pas peur 077506 it’s snowing il neige 075635 play with me joue avec moi 077504 tidy your room range ta chambre 073429 happy easter joyeuses pâques 073428 on the farm a la ferme beautifully illustrated readers in 5 levels for primary school children of different ages these small books allow children to slowly start to discover the pleasure of reading in french and each one can be easily adapted for drama the series has a mixture of original stories and traditional fairy tales all the books contain an illustrated dictionary games and activities and access to online audio downloads each title £5.90 beginners 003025 dorothée level 1 003375 le grand gros navet level 1 003028 le vilain petit canard level 1 003037 le petit chaperon rouge level 2 003059 cendrillon level 3 003374 le chat botté level 4 003045 aladin level 5 p’tit bili p’tit bili is a collection of bilingual books for children with friendly illustrations and pages summarizing the acquired vocabulary these story books offer young readers the perfect introduction to modern foreign languages through simple stories told in everyday language the books are also available in french-spanish french-german and frenchitalian versions contact us for details each title £8.40 beginners 071182 ilma is not ill ilma n’est pas malade 071184 pipite has disappeared/pipite a disparu 077163 alice prepares a surprise alice prépare une suprise 071183 anne in the city anne dans la ville 071158 a journey around my room le voyage au fond de ma chambre 071145 the cock that didn’t crow le coq qui n’avait pas chanté 071157 lucy loves stories lucie aime les histoires 071165 charly at the supermarket charly au supermarché 071164 johnny and the cuckoo johnny et le cuckoo 071159 flies are not good to eat on ne mange pas les mouches graine de lecture cle a fun and educational resource these books teach simple sentence structures and vocabulary whilst telling an adapted version of a well-known story they offer steady progression in the language with more grammar and vocabulary added at each level each title beginners 200 words 002260 le petit chaperon rouge 002262 le petit poucet intermediate 300 words 002263 barbe bleue 002265 merlin l’enchanteur upper intermediate 500 words 002267 le chat botté £5.10 using basic words and structures these simplified versions of popular fairy tales feature lively full-colour pictures and vocabulary pages which introduce children to essential everyday vocabulary in french language learning games helps revise all new words and structures book £4.30 book cd £6.35 beginners 002621 la belle au bois dormant book 002441 la belle au bois dormant book cd 002623 blanche-neige book 002442 blanche-neige book cd 002526 boucle d’or book 002443 boucle d’or book cd 002627 cendrillon book 002444 cendrillon book cd 002524 la cigogne et le renard book 002445 la cigogne et le renard book cd 002528 poucette book 002455 poucette book cd 00625 hansel et gretel book 002447 hansel et gretel book cd 002520 le costume de l’empereur book 002446 le costume de l’empereur book cd 002522 le livre de la jungle book 002448 le livre de la jungle book cd 002570 le petit chaperon rouge book 002450 le petit chaperon rouge book cd 002558 le petit soldat de plomb book 002452 le petit soldat de plomb book cd 002597 la petite sirène book 002453 la petite sirène book cd 002578 pinocchio book 002454 pinocchio book cd 002576 le rat de ville et le rat des champs book 002456 le rat de ville et le rat des champs book cd 002572 les trois petits cochons book 002457 les trois petits cochons book cd 002574 le vilain petit canard book 002458 le vilain petit canard book cd 004295 pack of 10 titles £38.70 004297 pack of 10 titles with cd £57.00 ages 8-10 les aventures d’albert et folio hachette fle this series of readers follows the adventures of albert the dog and folio the cat brought together when their owners get married the stories are designed especially for young readers with larger than life characters colourful illustrations and amusing storylines to captivate children’s interest texts use repetition throughout the books to help children read independently early on the books in the series are graded to suit a range of abilities each title including mp3 cd audio beginners 003330 une nouvelle famille 003333 halte aux voleurs livre 003335 chez le véterinaire livre 003331 un heureux évènement 003332 vive les vacances £7.25