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6 young eli readers french eli this series of well-illustrated readers includes a mixture of classic and original texts and are accompanied by audio cds each reader includes 5 pages of revision exercises and fun activities along with bookmarks for the students to cut out an illustrated dictionary on the inside cover means the student can easily access vocabulary each title £6.95 beginners 002866 la belle et la bête cd 002795 le rêve de sophie cd 002796 mamie pétronille et le ballon cd 002797 mamie pétronille et le pirate cd 002841 mamie pétronille et le ruban jaune cd 002843 pb3 et coco le clown cd 002799 pb3 et la veste de chloé cd 002798 pb3 et les légumes cd 002800 pierrette et le pot au lait cd 002802 tonton jean et l’arbre bakonzi cd 002803 tonton jean et les pingouins cd 002844 tonton jean et les suricates cd 002839 vive les vacances cd false beginners 002806 le passage secret cd intermediate 002805 henri a un problème électrique cd 002845 henri et la compétition sportive cd 002804 henri et la couronne cd 002895 tartarin de tarascon cd ages 5-7 dvds 101 comptines ages 7-10 these books contain a large selection of nursery rhymes and poems the subjects of the first book are animals the seasons daily life free time and school the second book has rhymes and short poems from europe america africa asia and australia 273787 101 comptines à mimer et à jouer £15.50 323325 101 poésies et comptines tout autour du monde £15.50 comptines pour doigts et menottes this charming collection of 30 rhymes ‘for fingers and small hands’ has been chosen by catherine cheater for year 4 of her bestselling scheme of work beautifully illustrated and strongly bound it is very suitable for schools but also for parents and children at home £19.95 je découvre les langues en chansons editions maison des langues a collection of fun children’s books with a cd for children to learn french beginners 000419 quel est ton nom caméléon cd £15.95 000426 j’ai deux mains j’ai deux pieds £15.95 ages 0-4 comptines à chanter these popular sing-along nursery rhymes are an extremely effective and fun way of introducing young children to language learning the colourful hardback books are packed full of illustrations as well as song lyrics and the score to the music 074189 book 1 cd 074009 book 2 cd 074619 book 3 cd £15.75 £15.75 £15.75 eli each of these dvds contains a selection of traditional french songs presented with the support of entertaining cartoons with the lyrics displayed at the bottom of the screen for children to sing along each song is repeated a second time with just the melody so that the children really do read and learn the words beginners 002750 book cd music and song voilà le karaoké mes plus belles comptines a collection of 23 french nursery rhymes 349461 livre cd £15.75 mon Âne 30 chansons enfantines a collection of 30 traditional french songs and rhymes with subtitles a karaoke version is also available on the dvd making learning fun in the classroom and at home 072913 dvd £20.00 000816 voilà le karaoké bleu £17.50 songs on the dvd are as follows au clair de la lune sur le pont d’avignon alouette trois jeunes tambours maman les p’tits bateaux il pleut bergère gentil coquelicot 000818 voilà le karaoké rose £17.50 titles of the songs are frère jacques cadet rouselle mon beau sapin dame tartine savez-vous planter les choux la mère michel en passant par la lorraine il était un petit homme l’enfant au grelot this award-winning children’s film will provide children with an opportunity to watch a french dvd whilst listening to the audio track in french there are optional french subtitles and the option of listening to the audio track in english 071465 l’enfant au grelot £20.00 christmas karaoke eli a selection of christmas carols and seasonal songs presented on dvd with charming animations each song is played twice first with melody and words second with melody and subtitled lyrics for children to sing along running time approximately 20 minutes 000782 le karaoké de noël £17.95 song titles are nuit étoilée mon beau sapin vive le vent les anges dans nos campagnes la marche des rois mages il est né le divin enfant minuit chrétiens.