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catherine cheater schemes of work who are the authors formerly a cilt senior language teaching adviser catherine cheater has taught languages across a broad age and ability range from nursery to a level and for many years worked in an advisory capacity for languages in the primary phase steve haworth is also an experienced teacher trainer and language adviser in french and spanish both have been awarded the chevalier dans l’ordre des palmes académiques by the french government in recognition of their contribution to french language teaching over many years an introduction catherine cheater s widely acclaimed schemes of work for french are being used in primary schools the length and breadth of britain written for language learners at primary school these innovative and easily adaptable schemes progressively develop children s language learning skills and reinforce their literacy the schemes are easy to follow with step by step guidance and comprehensive language support for specialist and non-specialist teachers alike the lesson plans challenging and fun can be copied and adapted to meet the school s particular needs.the work is based on authentic resources children’s books cds and much more and the activities are cleverly planned to integrate with other aspects of primary work e.g phonics gist reading the transition from words and sentences to narrative some geography and in the later years some science the principles behind the catherine cheater schemes of work • for children to enjoy their early years of learning french and to value the sights and sounds of france the rhythm of the language and the real pleasure that can be gained from contact with the written word • for children to make real and measurable progress in their learning through the innovative activities the challenging tasks and the desire to understand more and more as they hear speak and read french who are the schemes for • specialist teachers with some background in studying and teaching french • class teachers who are just starting out with primary languages • higher level teaching assistants and other non-teaching assistants teachers resources year 6 simple comme bonjour golden daffodils french-english dual language texts in simple powerpoint format designed to help children to develop reading skills whilst learning about france and french culture 008862 cd-rom £35.00 why choose the catherine cheater schemes of work these highly acclaimed schemes of work • save you lots of planning and preparation time • engage and excite your children • provide stimulating enjoyable and challenging lessons • reinforce and enhance literacy • provide opportunities for regular language practice • open windows onto other cultures what is included in each scheme • 30 detailed lesson plans including rhymes songs games memorisation techniques and language learning strategies fully linked to the primary curriculum • a series of innovative cross-curricular practice parcels to reinforce the 30 minute lesson and to help deliver the full 60 minute weekly entitlement • useful websites and a guide to authentic resources • a cd-rom featuring sound files of all the french required web links photos powerpoint™ presentations a glossary of useful phrases etc a version of the scheme in word™ allows the scheme to be adapted to meet the school’s particular needs what resources are used with the schemes for each year there is a scheme of work a book resource pack and some additional resources the book resource pack contains the core pack of picture books the additional resources are mainly audio materials they are all referred to in the scheme because some are used for more than one year they have not been included in the core resource pack where can i see samples of the schemes sample lessons practice parcels and sound files can be found on the golden daffodils website this site also has information about training and a useful forum for teachers www the books and schemes can be seen at a number of primary conferences and training days throughout the year year 7 j’écoute et je lis golden daffodils a brand new resource pack for year 7 students designed to build capability and confidence in listening and reading j’écoute et je lis consists of nine teaching and learning séquences focusing on ecology the resource pack is made up of an authentic dvd ma petite planete chérie specially adapted for use with j’écoute et je lis 16 copies of the reader that accompanies the dvd teachers’ notes cd-rom with powerpoint and sound files and photocopiable sheets for students ma petite planète chérie was originally devised to raise awareness of environmental matters among 8 12 year old french speakers and looks at the following themes les insectes les animaux les arbres l’eau and les déchets the nine séquences are made up of 1 introductory unit 1 unit based on the dvd material 1 unit based on the accompanying reader and 6 units using both dvd and booklet material designed for maximum flexibilty the séquences can be used for a series of lessons a one-off session after school clubs or to supplement existing units of work 002979 j’écoute et je lis £150.00+