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10 monolingual dictionaries ages 5-7 primary 1-3 classroom aids ages 7-10 primary 3-6 classroom teddy bears golden daffodils our teddy bears enjoy participating in circle games helping with greetings and farewells at the start and end of each lesson and are particularly keen on teaching children how to spell their names they very much enjoy being cuddled by the children our bears are looking forward to finding a new home with you and your children where they can be loved and know that they are helping children to learn and have fun pair of bears £28.20 including vat please order direct from golden daffodils eli dictionnaire illustré de français junior eli this junior picture dictionary is full of colourful lively illustrations which helps make learning fun each double-page spread there are 35 in all depicts an aspect of school family or everyday life relevant to younger children and special sections illustrate useful verbs and adjectives 000602 picture dictionary junior 000604 cahier d activités £7.95 £5.10 eli flashcards eli a set of 240 a5 flashcards each showing a picture with the relevant word written on the back of the card the topics covered are animals food clothes the house;the town forms of transport;the human body seasons;weather;the sea shapes prepositions adjectives and actions the teacher s guide includes ideas and suggestions for games and activities to use with the cards 000791 eli flashcards français £36.95 albert and annick active posters eli ten attractive posters illustrating a series of essential everyday words on one of the following themes verbs food and drink on the farm,the human body adjectives animals clothes prepositions and weather active learning of these words is encouraged through word-picture association and the words and phrases are printed on electrostatic labels which can be stuck time and time again to the colourful fun illustrations a key to the correct associations is also provided 007347 french active posters £26.25 primary 7 bis eli a simple yet thoroughly effective way to learn vocabulary both in the classroom and at home consisting of 60 picture cards and 60 matching word cards bis helps students to learn over 100 words and enjoy the process although suggestions are given for games to play the cards can be used in a variety of ways to practise and revise language structures and vocabulary 000267 bis french £13.50 mon premier dictionnaire illustré de français eli designed to teach children their first 100 words in a fun way the 16 full-colour pages of each volume contain simple but colourful illustrations which will make learning vocabulary easy the child is also encouraged to take part in various games and activities such as matching word and image observation comprehension and colouring the use of stickers throughout increases the child s participation and adds to the fun of learning each volume 000616 000615 000619 000617 a l école la maison les vacances la ville £6.90 flip posters france eli a very useful teaching aid consisting of 30 attractive large 50 x 70 cms photographs for front-of-class use offering a novel and stimulating way to help teach pupils about the culture of france the teacher s guide supplied with the posters gives background information and suggestions for activities l enfant au grelot this award-winning children s film will provide children with an opportunity to watch a french dvd whilst listening to the audio track in french there are optional french subtitles and the option also of listening to the audio track in english 0071465 l enfant au grelot £20.00 008132 flip posters 50x70cm 008153 flip posters 70x100cm £42.95 £45.95