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resources for teachers j Écoute et je lis golden daffodils a brand new resource pack for primary 7 students designed to build capability and confidence in listening and reading j écoute et je lis consists of nine teaching and learning séquences focusing on ecology the resource pack is made up of an authentic dvd ma petite planete chérie specially adapted for use with j écoute et je lis 16 copies of the reader that accompanies the dvd teachers notes cd-rom with powerpoint and sound files and photocopiable sheets for students ma petite planete chérie was originally devised to raise awareness of environmental matters among 8-12 year old french speakers and looks at the following themes les insectes les animaux les arbres l eau and les déchets the nine séquences are made up of 1 introductory unit 1 unit based on the dvd material 1 unit based on the accompanying reader and 6 units using both dvd and booklet material designed for maximum flexibilty the séquences can be used for for a series of lessons a one-off session after school clubs or to supplement existing units of work 002979 j écoute et je lis £235.00 these dictionaries are also available in german italian spanish and portuguese see page 22 for more information about phonétique progressive du français cle a lively and practical study of french phonetics the beginner level students start with the study of rhyme and intonation the intermediate book studies sounds in connection with a poem or text whilst the advanced level looks at prosody sounds and expressive intonation false beginners 009050 livre débutant 009053 cds audio 3 débutant £16.95 £30.95 £18.50 £28.50 £17.25 £26.50 the following are some suggestions for teachers who would like to brush up on their own french intermediate 009018 livre intermédiaire 009024 cds audio 3 intermédiaire advanced 009274 livre avancé 009275 cd audio 3 avancé bescherelle hatier a series of essential reference books that are very well-known in france the most useful for primary teachers are 004951 bescherelle école £10.75 this reference book is composed of 4 parts grammar spelling vocabulary and conjugation the concepts are explained in simple french with examples taken from popular french children s books.tables lists of words and recap sections help with memorisation it is a useful guide to remind teachers of the french they have learnt in the past 004970 bescherelle english edition the complete guide to conjugating french verbs £8.60 this verb reference book lists and classifies some 12,000 verbs with explanatory notes in english and a complete french-english index vite et bien cle this course is aimed at adults who want to learn french quickly but it can also be used by those looking to refresh their knowledge of french everyday vocabulary is used to cover a variety of themes to enable the learner to cope with day-today and work situations whilst providing language skills this course imparts knowledge about life in france and cultural differences by the end of the course the learner will have acquired a sufficient grounding in grammar and vocabulary to feel at ease in speaking and writing french 008826 livre cd audio corrigés 1 008831 livre cd audio corrigés 2 £18.50 £19.25 grammaire progressive du français nouvelle édition cle a revised colour edition of an essential beginner level grammar book for adolescent and adult learners this new edition has taken into account comments made by previous users and is now closer to your needs the layout and organisation of the book is clear with grammatical explanations on the left-hand page and exercises on the right it can be used for personal or classroom study and follows the natural progressive learning of french grammar the book gives an adequate coverage of grammar for various examinations and assesses the learner thoughout the audio cd has 38 sound recordings in addition to 10 grammatical songs beginners 006998 livre audio cd niveau débutant £16.50 007105 corrigés niveau débutant £7.30 intermediate 004888 livre intermédiaire 004889 corrigés intermédiaire £17.75 £8.10 for more information about these or any of our other products please visit our website f french lang