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3 076357 4 petits coins de rien du tout £16.50 from the author of homme de couleur comes another very simple and effective book about identity and difference 072623 la tototte £5.70 benny the litle pig yearns for his baby brother s dummy but his mum says that he is too big now to have one of those 072908 loup y es-tu £5.70 it s fun to go for a walk in the woods singing `loup y es-tu but when the wolf appears watch out 338482 lulu et le loup £9.95 the little rabbit is being chased by a wolf 338964 mon trésor £10.25 lulu the rabbit finds some treasure and decides to share it with friends 071122 quelle heure est-il m le loup £10.75 what s the time mr wolf through this book pupils learn daily routines as well as how to tell the time 299438 quel radis dis donc £12.75 a variation on the story of the giant turnip 074588 qu est-ce que tu aimes £7.45 in this list of things that uki likes to do we see that uki takes pleasure in being grown up but also in still being little 076189 qui conduit £11.95 who can drive a fire engine a racing car a jeep or an aeroplane an elephant a hare a pig where are all these animals going and who will get there first 075103 roule galette £4.60 a tale of a runaway pie through the forest 074810 le secret mouse s secret grows and grows £14.95 074650 va t en grand monstre vert £12.25 a superb book which uses humour to introduce words related to parts of the body and physical descriptions but which also looks at the serious issue of fear and how to overcome it intermediate longer more complex sentences 073407 l apprenti loup £5.70 a young wolf grows up without realising what type of animal he is 071583 au lit petit monstre £5.70 what do little monsters do when it is time for bed they run all over the house refuse to give mummy a kiss goodnight play with the toothbrush and dance the samba on their beds 332953 au loup £5.70 a little rabbit learns that he shouldn t `cry wolf 333050 c est comme ça chez moi les vacances £7.45 during their holidays the children use their imagination to build cities climb trees and travel far away 332951 c est moi le champion £8.50 a small boy dreams long and hard about becoming a celebrated footballer or maybe a drummer in a band 071584 c est moi le plus fort £5.70 when wolf needs to be reassured what does he do he asks all of the inhabitants of the forest one simple question `dis-moi qui est le plus fort one day a toad replies with a different answer 073411 cette nuit-là the forest animals have moved into an abandoned house at the top of the hill £6.10 074682 si le loup y était £13.75 a tactile book for younger children based on a popular french nursery rhyme 074583 les couleurs avec uki 074584 les saisons avec ukii £7.45 £7.45 074585 la semaine d uki £7.45 a series of board books where uki introduces simple everyday vocabulary 330064 toc toc monsieur croc £12.50 a fun pop-up book to teach pupils the time and the morning routine 004111 toutes les couleurs £5.70 see how the little rabbit gets into all kinds of mischief and the colours he gets covered in because of it 074327 les trois ours £12.75 a version of the three bears for very young children 074616 un papa sur mesure £14.75 a mother and daughter put together a list of all the qualities they would like a new father to have then put out an advert 329751 une année avec mamouna £14.25 each month the child-narrator visits mamouna for a different reason in january she visits for `la galette des rois 329471 uki et ses amis les 10 boutons £13.75 learn parts of the body and how to count in french 072616 chapeau rond rouge £5.70 a story about a little girl who lives in a forest she never goes anywhere without her round red hat one day she decides to visit her grandmother 332950 le château du petit prince £5.70 the king tells the prince it s time for him to live in his own castle 004010 le déjeuner des loups £5.70 when lucas catches a pig in the forest he quickly phones his mother to invite the family for sunday lunch but he discovers that the pig maurice is by no means an ordinary pig 306507 je mangerais bien un enfant £11.25 this banana-eating crocodile will need to grow a bit more before it can change its diet to include children 072912 je suis revenu £5.70 after some exercises to get back in shape the terrible wolf is ready for his big return to the forest his victims including the three little pigs and the seven little goats have already been chosen but are nowhere to be found 345930 un jour affreux £12.75 a fun cartoon-style book in which a grandfather tells his grandchildren about his own first day at school