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5 primary 5 year 4 002897 £115.00 a saving of £14.59 for the pack titles included 071969 072584 072908 072909 074650 287039 305055 325577 325580 325582 325583 325585 325586 338482 338964 je veux ma dent collins first time dictionary loup y es-tu le manuel phonique va-t en grand monstre vert bon appetit monsieur lapin des goûters toute l année avec mes copains pourquoi je ne veux pas aller à l hôpital je ne veux pas aller au lit je veux une petite soeur il y a un cauchemar dans mon placard plouf lulu et le loup mon trésor eli magazines eli magazines have been a familiar medium for language learning worldwide for more than 20 years with their help millions of pupils many of them reluctant learners have come to enjoy a foreign language and appreciate some of the similarities and differences between cultures by integrating eli magazines into their lesson plans thousands of teachers have found a new and rewarding means of motivating their pupils there are 6 issues per year september to may these magazines have been designed for a range of age groups and abilities but the following are best suited for primary languages beginners 095341 voilà a fun and effective introduction to french voilà is full of attractive features interactive illustrated vocabulary pages games cartoons and project pages aspects of culture are introduced with eye-catching photos and short simple descriptions false beginners 095258 c est facile c est facile is suitable for the next level up and can be used by pupils in primary 6 or 7 who have learnt a language for a couple of years the magazine includes a double-page picture dictionary articles on current events music cinema and lots more each issue comes with a poster stickers and art and craft activities to request a brochure send us an email les docs des incollables these informative books give an overview of a range of subjects the visual layout helps with understanding and memorisation each book has a quiz and two pages of stickers they are best suited for pupils who have a quite good understanding of french each volume 339505 309592 299216 304819 339507 315428 352935 349653 315423 349652 352939 309590 334094 de la matière à l univers la génétique la géographie de la france la météo et les climats la musique et ses métiers la protection de l environnement l empire romain l egypte des pharaons l union européenne le corps humain le moyen age les dinosaures les planètes £4.85 primary 6 year 5 002906 £110.00 a saving of £9.80 for the pack titles included 002907 074303 075104 076189 306212 331493 332948 332949 332950 332951 332952 332953 332954 333048 333050 333064 méthode de lecture syllabique petit-bleu et petit-jaune silence père noël qui conduit ma culotte loup loup y es-tu le pot de tom trois courageux petits gorilles le château du petit prince c est moi le champion patatras au loup superbouquin papa c est comme ça chez moi les vacances l univers picture book packs these picture book packs contain a range of authentic french children s books they have been selected according to age and can be used along with the catherine cheater schemes of work see page 11 descriptions of these titles can be found on the previous pages look for titles with primary 4 year 3 002899 a saving of £5.34 for the pack titles included 003803 003809 004041 004073 004103 004111 072584 072623 074329 074652 075102 075103 075104 maman je m habille et je te croque l automne arrive cache-cache cochons je veux mon p tipot toutes les couleurs collins first time french dictionary la tototte je veux grandir chapeau par une sombre nuit de tempête roule galette silence père noël £79.50 primary 7 year 6 002929 £99.50 a saving of £14.25 for the pack titles included 004010 004048 004053 071583 071584 072616 072912 073406 073407 073408 073410 073411 073420 074312 074651 075080 le déjeuner des loups le loup est revenu le loup sentimental au lit petit monstre c est moi le plus fort chapeau rond rouge je suis revenu je ne veux pas changer de maison l apprenti loup lave-toi les mains la nuit de l étoile d or cette nuit-là ma première histoire de france le petit chaperon vert une histoire sombre trés sombre loupiotte sample magazines can be viewed and downloaded from issue1/index.htm fr french langu