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new russian language learning resources this flyer showcases a selection of our most recently published russian language learning materials in addition to those which feature in our latest russian catalogue 2014-2015 please refer to our website for full details and the latest prices courses УРА -Уроки русского англоговорящим nadezda bragina “ura uroki russkovo anglogovoriashchim’ russian for speakers of english is a new short-term ab-initio course of russian as a foreign language consisting of a book a workbook and an audio cd the workbook as well as additional support materials are available online specifically designed for an english-speaking audience this course of 30 academic hours is based on a communicative approach to language teaching with wide use of visualisation cultural commentaries educational games and songs the course prepares students

grammar essential russian grammar Златоуст tackling russian grammar may seem like a daunting task particularly when you are just beginning your discovery of the russian language however the new essential russian grammar from the st petersburg publishing house zlatoust is specifically designed for english-speaking students of russian and provides a clear and concise introduction to all of the main aspects of russian grammar from the basics of gender agreement and verb conjugation through to the use of numerals and prepositions the first half of the book presents 138 units each covering a different grammar point the second half consists of 144 exercises allowing students to practise their skills and answers are provided at the back of the book ideal for students with a basic understanding of the russian language right through to more advanced learners looking to refresh their knowledge this grammar book can be used both in the classroom or as part of

writing Я пишу по-русски Златоуст this book is suitable for beginners and concentrates on written work conforming to the standards required to achieve level a1 elementary level students learn how to write the letters of the russian cyrillic alphabet whilst also making use of important vocabulary this vocabulary is repeated and revised through various activities including comprehension tasks gap-fill exercises crosswords and longer written exercises grammar is also presented and practised throughout the book in a clear and concise way the book’s layout allows it to be used as an exercise book as spaces are provided for writing answers this book was originally intended for use alongside the first level of the ‘doroga v rossiyu’ series esb code 45121 however it can also be used independently or as supplementary material alongside any course preparing students for the elementary level torfl exam

graded readers Класс!ное Чтение Русский Язык Курсы a brand new series of russian graded readers which make popular russian literature accessible for learners russia has produced some of the world’s greatest literature and now thanks to the new klassnoe chtenie series of readers many well-known russian works have been made accessible to students even if they are only just beginning their discovery of the russian language adapted for students with a2 b1and b2 level russian according to the common european framework of languages cefr each reader includes commentaries on the text comprehension exercises and fun facts about each author new titles are constantly being added to this series of readers so keep an eye on our website for the latest additions each reader £9.45 level a2 Ася Истории о животных