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Catalog Russian Language Learning Resources Catalogue 2011-2012

This new catalogue contains the latest and most popular resources for learners of Russian at all levels and ages. As prices are subject to change please use as a reference only.

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4 classroom courses adolescent/adult new let s speak russian glazunova o i let s speak russian is a course book designed for foreign learners studying russian at an intermediate level on its eighth publication this book has been used as a means of teaching in higher education institutes in russia and abroad the book can be used in a classroom environment or even on its own by an individual learner as a self study guide it consists of simple grammar material interesting texts giving foreign students useful information about russia brilliant illustrations and carefully selected exercises and commentaries which reveal the most complex aspects of the russian language all of these qualities make this coursebook an indispensable companion for foreign learners who wish to not only improve their knowledge and skills but also to learn about russian culture national traditions and customs of the russian people this textbook includes teaching on vocabulary grammar phonetics and cultural

6 russian first steps belikova l g shutova,t a the first part of the coursebook series russian language first steps consists of 11 lessons full of vocabulary and grammar material amounting to 160-200 hours of classroom teaching time.the aim of the first coursebook is to form the student s primary language and verbal skills by using simple communicative tasks and is designed for foreign learners who conform to the first certificate level of foreign languages the second part of the series follows on from part 1and is designed for foreign students learning russian at a beginners level who have a basic knowledge of grammar and a vocabulary of 600-700 words the book consists of 9 lessons which involve the teaching of grammar and cover an overall time of 200-240 hours of classroom teaching the aim of this second coursebook is to improve the student s speaking skills with special attention paid to communicating in typical social situations new rainbow kolesova d.v maslova n n raduga is

8 read and write in russian chubarova o e adolescent/adult easy russian for english speakers bollinger m this textbook/workbook combination consists of 25 lessons giving children an understanding of grammar and spelling the book contains a number of exercises with answers included at the back of the book a writing composition task occurs at the end of each lesson the book incorporates russian history culture adapted short stories fairy tales poems articles from childrens magazines and texts written by children and adults this book is ideal for children learning russian at home with parents or a teacher moving on with russian kalyuga m this textbook is for an english speaking audience who know russian at a basic level a2 cef the passages and dialogues cover a wide range of themes social settings and a variety of situations as well as combining learning with fun most of the texts are in the form of amusing stories and jokes which have been written by native speakers and represent

10 russian lessons through fairy tales boiko n.y this textbook delivers its lessons through russian fairy tales it introduces the student to russian family life its culture and traditions and offers many examples of everyday speech grammar adolescent/adult russian grammar in anecdotes levina g m full of stimulating tasks and riddles dialogues and monologues jokes and anecdotes this book offers a clear and relaxed approach to improving grammar and vocabulary the book is divided into three parts each consisting of 20-25 lessons the humorous examples are based on everyday situations there are practice exercises with answers at the end of the book false beginners 041680 book verbs of motion yudina l p a book which gives the student an understanding of russian verbs of motion it is separated into 3 sections each section includes grammatical explanations and tasks for the student section 1 covers verbs of motion without prefixes section 2 covers prefixed verbs of motion and other

12 writing adolescent/adult write correctly beliaeva g.v sivenko l s shipitso l.v this coursebook is designed for beginner level foreign students who wish to learn russian it teaches the formation of written language speech and communication skills the tasks develop the students writing skills and training is given in writing cvs invitations letters etc the texts include excerpts from some of the most famous russian writers the book consists of 18 units each containing explanations and exercises the answers to the exercises are given at the back of the book false beginners 043432 book golden pen kolesova d.v this course is intended for intermediate to advanced students of russian looking to perfect their writing skills `zolotoe pero uses business documents personal letters and essay writing as its focus having completed the exercises and mastered the skills presented in the book students should be able to successfully pass the level ii certificate of russian advanced 041661 student

14 vocabulary adolescent/adult mixed skills adolescent/adult 112 tests upper intermediate 043607 volume 3 town £13.95 044284 volume 4 hobbies nature calendar £13.95 tsvetova n e a collection of tests designed for those who study russian as a foreign language at an intermediate level the book comes with an answer key and an audio cd lexical minimum andryushina n p a series of vocabulary books appropriate to various levels of the torfl tests of russian as a foreign language from elementary level to level 2 books 1 and 2 contain word lists and grammar information with translations into english german french spanish and chinese the books are divided into 2 sections part one contains vocabulary lists and part 2 contains vocabulary information such as explanations and notes on synonyms phrases and linguistic terminology the advanced copy contains a vocabulary list of 5100 words beginners 045654 book a1 false beginners 045655 book a2 intermediate 045656 book b1 advanced 045657 book b2

16 reading adolescent/adult 10 stories a book for reading zhukova n n the purpose of this book is to develop the students reading and comprehension skills of the russian language it familiarises foreign students with works by authors such as bynin averchenko teffi aldanov nabokov etc all texts are accompanied by an english translation of certain vocabulary as well as footnotes and comprehension exercises it is designed for students of an intermediate to advanced level and above and for those who are interested in russian literature history and culture intermediate-advanced 045293 book 10 read about russia in russian kataeva m b protopopova i a sergienko z p designed for students who have already done about 2-3 years of study in russian the book `chitaem o rossii po-russki helps students to gain an insight into russia through short texts and information about key figures and events the sections of the book are designed for different language levels the book itself can be used

18 magazines a selection of russian magazines which are very useful resources for language learning in schools and universities and for independent students prices are for 1 year subscriptions please refer to our website to view our full range of newspapers and magazines graded readers easy readers easy readers have a long and honourable history spanning nearly 60 years the brainchild of a small danish publishing house in the darkest years of the second world war the series now comprises more than 170 titles in six languages from the beginning it has brought together publishers and editors in different countries in a unique collaboration to make available to language students authentic literature in an approachable yet unpatronising format the choice of reading ranges from trusty classics to modern social drama from comedy to detective stories each language is supervised by a specialist editor whose brief is to simplify without losing the flavour of the original footnotes are used

20 dostoevskii f m an adaptation of the romantic story of a 26-yearold unnamed protagonist who on one snowy winter s night comes across a young lady who is weeping what follows is a series of nightly meetings 041699 belye nochi £4.55 dostoevskii f m an adapted text of one of the great classics of the xix century 042510 idiot £7.95 ulitskaia l an unadapted popular russian novel written by lyudmila ulitskaia 041705 doch bukhary £4.35 maksimova a.l golubeva a.v a book devoted to space discoveries 042567 rossiia v kosmose £6.50 £11.75 tokareva,v adapted text of the popular novel 045439 korrida pushkin a s an adaptation of the popular story by pushkin the queen of spades is a tale about an addiction to gambling resulting in tragedy 045440 pikovaia dama £7.15 petrushevskaia l an unusual modern tale about queen lir who has decided to retire and do everything that she couldn t do before this amusing story is full of unexpected ideas 041704 koroleva lir £4.35 akunin b the leviathan

22 adolescent/adult new comprehensive russian-english dictionary krasavina,t ermolovich d the dictionary contains 110,000 words and phrases of modern russian language it includes vocabulary that has entered the russian language in the past two decades including new terminology conversation and everyday vocabulary and phraseology which is not represented in other dictionaries the dictionary differentiates between american and british english english-russian russian-english dictionary muller,v k muller s famous dictionary contains 10,000 words and includes modern vocabulary the layout is designed to make the search for relevant information as easy as possible and enables the reader to expand their vocabulary it is recommended for use by adult students intermediate/advanced 045753 dictionary classroom aids all ages posters a selection of educational and fun posters for a russian classroom a great aid for helping beginner students russia the learning map beautifully illustrated map of

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