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Catalog Russian Language Learning Resources Catalogue 2014-2015

This new catalogue contains the latest and most popular resources for learners of Russian at all levels and ages. As prices are subject to change please use as a reference only.

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4 classroom courses Поехали Приглашение в Россию Златоуст Русский Язык Курсы let’s go ages 11-14 Русский класс russian class Русский Язык Курсы an engaging and varied course ‘russian class’ is designed for students studying russian from a beginner’s level the course is aimed at students aged 12-16 in secondary schools with russian being their second or third foreign language the books are monolingual but are clear to use colourful and illustrated they are divided into various lessons where the student can learn grammar and vocabulary as well as develop reading writing listening and speaking skills the workbook is to be used alongside the textbook an audio cd is included with the textbook beginners 041883 textbook audio

6 Русский язык Давайте говорить по-русски russian language Русский Язык Курсы Окно в Россию window to russia Златоуст let’s speak russian this russian language course can be used with or without a teacher both levels include theoretical explanations notes on russian history and culture and instructions and exercises the course aims to help students acquire a working knowledge of russian so that they can communicate with russians on the topics covered within the course express their thoughts in russian on the basis of the grammar and vocabulary studied understand spoken russian read simple texts read with a dictionary translate more difficult texts and prepare oral or written reports the first textbook includes instructions and explanations in english and the

8 Деловые Контакты business contacts Русский Язык Курсы Русский язык для Журналистов Русский язык для Дипломатов Русский Язык Курсы Русский Язык Курсы russian for journalists this business russian textbook is suitable for english speakers with a basic a1/a2 level of russian language it looks at russian business communication in various situations such as business negotiations correspondence contact via telephone document preparation and many more the course is designed for 200-250 hours of in class and independent work an mp3 cd is provided with the textbook beginners 041935 textbook audio cd £19.95 Русский

9 grammar Русская грамматика в таблицах и схемах adolescent/adult russian grammar in tables and charts english grammar for students of russian Русский Язык Курсы this book is an excellent additional resource for all students learning russian as a foreign language all of the headings titles of tables and charts as well as comments are translated into english which allows students to use this book not only in the classroom but also for self-study and reference grammar structures and systems are clearly presented in the form of tables and charts making learning and memorising easy olivia and hill press this grammar book presents and explains basic grammatical terms and concepts in english and then shows how the same concepts are treated in the russian language the book makes use of simple language with many examples flow charts

11 vocabulary Шкатулка shkatulka Русский Язык Курсы adolescent/adult Лексический минимум lexical minimum Златоуст a series of vocabulary books appropriate to various levels of the torfl from elementary level to level ii the books contain word lists and grammar information with translations into english german french spanish and chinese the books are divided into 2 sections the first part contains vocabulary lists and the second part contains information about the vocabulary such as explanations and notes on synonyms phrases and linguistic terminology the advanced book contains a vocabulary list of 5100 words beginners 045654 book a1 £11.95 near beginners 045655 book a2 £18.95 intermediate 045656 book b1 £18.95 advanced 045657 book b2 £20.50 intermediate 041938 volume 1 people 041939 volume 2 at home £13.50

12 10 рассказов книга для чтения Приключения иностранцев в России 10 stories a book for reading the adventures of foreigners in russia Русский Язык Курсы Русский Язык Курсы the purpose of this book is to develop students’ reading and comprehension skills in the russian language it familiarises foreign students with works by authors such as bynin averchenko teffi aldanov nabokov etc all of the texts are accompanied by an english translation of certain vocabulary as well as footnotes and comprehension exercises it is designed for students of an intermediate level intermediate 045293 book £13.50 Калейдоскоп kaleidoscope Русский Язык

14 Готовимся к тесту по русскому языку preparing for the test in russian as a foreign language Златоуст this book helps students to thoroughly prepare for the level i certificate in the russian language or to independently verify their level of russian language it allows students to repeat vocabulary and grammatical points and to further develop and improve their listening reading and comprehension of texts as well as their spoken russian in a wide range of situations using this book students get to know the level i test through three different examples each example test covers the 5 parts of the assessment 1.vocabulary and grammar 2 reading 3 listening 4 writing 5 speaking each section has a specific number of exercises which correspond directly to the level being examined and students are guided with the amount of time they should spend on each exercise and how

16 Белые ночи level 3 Библиотека Златоуста zlatoust library dostoevskii f m vocabulary of around 1500 words an adaptation of the romantic story of a 26-year-old unnamed protagonist who on one snowy winter’s night comes across a young lady who is weeping what follows is a series of nightly meetings По страницам Пушкина the ‘zlatoust library’ is a series of graded readers by popular russian authors which have been adapted and illustrated by the st petersburg publisher zlatoust each book has been simplified to make it accessible to language students and aims to improve students’ vocabulary sentence structure and reading skills the texts have been provided with marked stresses and are accompanied by exercises and vocabulary lists the series makes reading and learning a pleasurable experience ermachenkova,v s three

17 Идиот Дочь Бухары an adapted text of one of the great classics of the 19th century 042510 idiot £9.60 an unadapted popular russian novel written by lyudmila ulitskaia new Класс!ное Чтение ulitskaia l dostoevskii f m 041705 doch’ bukhary £5.85 Зануда tokareva,v an adapted text of the work by viktoria tokareva 046542 zanuda £6.50 this series of readers makes popular russian literature accessible to those with a2 b1 or b2 level russian each book includes commentaries comprehension exercises and fun facts about each author this series of readers is brand new so make sure you keep an eye on our website for any new additions Слон a2 kuprin a this book presents the beautiful and touching story of an elephant from the circus who cures a girl suffering from a terrible illness 049015 slon Королева Лир

19 classroom aids picture dictionary eli picture dictionary posters eli Россия Учебная карта russia the learning map beautifully illustrated map of the russian federation 045619 russia the learning map £6.75 edible alphabet an illustrated poster of the letters of the russian alphabet represented by popular foods £2.25 zoo alphabet an illustrated poster of the letters of the russian alphabet represented by zoo animals £2.25 £4.35 Необъятная Россия the immense russia an illustrated poster of the letters of the russian alphabet represented by russian traditions and cultural items £6.55 situated in central london we offer a wide range of materials from europe suitable for all ages there you will find everything in this catalogue and more course books a wide selection incorporating the latest ideas about language learning eli office alphabet an illustrated poster of the

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