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9 grammar Русская грамматика в таблицах и схемах adolescent/adult russian grammar in tables and charts english grammar for students of russian Русский Язык Курсы this book is an excellent additional resource for all students learning russian as a foreign language all of the headings titles of tables and charts as well as comments are translated into english which allows students to use this book not only in the classroom but also for self-study and reference grammar structures and systems are clearly presented in the form of tables and charts making learning and memorising easy olivia and hill press this grammar book presents and explains basic grammatical terms and concepts in english and then shows how the same concepts are treated in the russian language the book makes use of simple language with many examples flow charts diagrams exercises with an answer key at the back of the book and other aids to show accurate grammatical usage in both languages beginners 040109 book intermediate 040551 book Мои друзья падежи my friends cases Русский Язык Курсы this textbook and workbook combination focuses on one of the most difficult aspects of russian grammar cases the textbook contains 6 chapters each of which explains a particular case in a clear and concise way the workbook contains exercises to check understanding and an answer key is provided at the back of the book intermediate 045259 textbook 045260 workbook £11.50 £11.95 £14.75 new £13.95 Чистая грамматика pure grammar Златоуст this grammar book develops language and speech proficiency it covers the most difficult grammar topics such as cases verbs verbal aspect verbs of motion participles and verbal prefixes the exercises are given in order of increasing complexity intermediate 045267 book £19.75 bestseller let’s improve our russian training tables for students of russian Златоуст Златоуст the authors of this book have selected the most difficult grammatical themes of the russian language to try to give the student a better and more thorough understanding of russian grammar tasks theoretical explanations and unfamiliar lexical material are provided in english the texts presented in each book are interesting and include jokes verses riddles proverbs and sayings intermediate 041687 book 1 £20.95 advanced 041721 book 2 041724 book 3 £23.95 £23.95 a selection of useful laminated cards covering the most important aspects of russian grammar these tables are recommended for self-study or for use in the classroom Русские глагольные приставки russian verbal prefixes Русский Язык Курсы designed to deepen and develop the mastery of prefixed verbs this book targets intermediate students instructors and other specialists involved in teaching russian as a second language it is designed for students who wish to achieve level iii according to torfl each verbal prefix is clearly explained often with english annotations and is then followed by a set of exercises intermediate 042239 book intermediate 041681 cases £3.25 045620 cases basic meaning £3.25 041682 verbs of motion £3.35 042958 adverbs £3.25 £14.95