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Catalog Spanish Language Learning Resources catalogue 11+ (2011-12)

This catalogue contains some of our newest and most popular resources for learners of Spanish, from early secondary to A-level and beyond. As prices are subject to change please use as reference only.

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500 ideas and suggestions of exercises to do in class which can be edited by the teacher to suit the class this promising new course will include activities and exercises on the internet and a dvd for the first two levels beginners level a1 020849 libro del alumno cuaderno de actividades cds 2 a1 £25.75 020867 cuaderno de refuerzo a1 £10.50 020966 carpeta de recursos teacher s pack £55.00 agencia ele sgel agencia ele is a brand new six level classroom course for adolescent and adult learners of spanish and fully conforming to the learning levels a1 a2 b1.1 and b2.2 of the cefr agencia ele has been developed by expert teachers at the instituto cervantes the student s book consists of 12 well structured units and 2 revision sections each unit follows the same layout so that the user can become familiar with the content structure and know what to expect with contemporary illustrations and photos audio cds included in the student and exercise book a cd-rom for the interactive

nuevo avance sgel nuevo avance is the renewed version of the course avance and is now organised over 6 levels and conforms to the recommendations of the cefr these new volumes are larger contain more illustrations and contemporary photos and more recorded texts for listening comprehension each level is composed of 6 units and 3 revision units extra reading material a grammar appendix a glossary a cd and the transcriptions for the audio are also included the teacher s books is available to download for free from our website as well as sample pages of the student s book beginners 020979 nuevo avance 1 cd level a1 £20.95 short intensive courses adolescent/adult intensivo anaya ¡nos vemos difusion a new three-level spanish course for adults and adolescents by the publisher of the well-known aula internacional and gente series it is ideal for young and adult learners who wish to use spanish to travel to spain and latin america ¡nos vemos is clearly structured over 12 units simple

vocational courses adolescent/adult socios nueva edición difusion elexprés sgel this is a brand new intensive course for adults wishing to progress rapidly in the spanish language eleexprés will take the beginner student up to level b1 of the cefr within its 27 units the first 15 units correspond to the levels a1 and a2 and contain 4 pages each the student is expected to progress quickly the next 12 units 16-27 which correspond to level b1 of the cefr contain 6 pages each as the reading and listening exercises are more extensive every four units there is a section for self assessment and the transcriptions of the cd feature at the end of the student s book beginners intermediate a1-a2-b1 020360 libro del alumno cd £27.95 020528 cuaderno de ejercicios £16.25 download the teacher s guide for free from our website socios nueva edición is the result of careful evaluation of the material by experts in the world of work as well as the consideration of feedback from teachers and

al día sgel a new business course which is based on a communicative approach and focuses on active practice of business and professional situations the language vocabulary and business models referred to in the course reflect the whole of the spanish business world ie in latin america as well as mainland spain and are fully up-to-date the course material also includes and makes constant reference to internet-based resources beginners 024988 libro del alumno cd 025242 cuaderno de ejercicios cd 025506 guía didáctica further levels intermediate and advanced £25.95 £16.50 £15.75 tourism adolescent/adult cinco estrellas español para el turismo cd sgel a coursebook for upper-intermediate level b1b2 students and professionals in the tourism industry the book is divided into two parts the first part contains 8 units covering the four main skils and grammar with exercises including listening cd is included in the book and the second part mainly focuses on reading and writing within

grammar vocabulary cont adolescent/adult gramática básica del estudiante de español difusion a new edition with updated contents and a better design including 5 more sections about reflexive verbs up-to-date vocabulary which fits with the new guidance of the real academia española de la lengua furthermore each exercise is now accompanied by an icon which indicate the cefr level of the content the explanations are clear and concise and more than 470 illustrations help the student to learn as well as more than 370 exercises and examples of use verb tables a complete thematic index and the solutions to all the exercises make this grammar book ideal for independent learning but that can also be used as a complement to any spanish language course new the english version of this gramar book is now available see code entry 023772 below 024382 libro £29.25 aprende gramática y vocabulario sgel a flexible supplementary study aid to be used in either the classroom or for self-study this

dele exam preparation adolescent/adult reference dictionaries and encyclopedias el cronómetro manuales de preparación dele nueva edición edinumen monolingual dictionaries adolescent/adult el cronómetro is a complete manual for the preparation of the d.e.l.e which contains not only advice and resources but also offers much information about the exam itself throughout the 30 units which comprise this book and the many exercises and instructions too 3 themes are apparent upon which the book is based i the knowledge and rehearsal of a practice exam ii systematic control of time given the restraints of any exam iii development of a vocabulary of 600 words based on the exam offered by the instituto cervantes this collection has been updated 2010 and the new a1 exam is also introduced the new edition updated according to changes made by the instituto cervantes can be used for independent study or as part of a course that prepares students for these internationally recognised exams

civilisation ages 15-16 geography history the arts politics daily life todas las voces difusion a new civilisation course for intermediate level b1 students ideal to use for learning about some of the most relevant aspects of spanish and south american culture the 11 thematic units tackle topics of interest such as work history geography the arts traditions gastronomy economy communication politics each chapter containing texts reading comprehension exercises and activities to further develop vocabulary knowledge written and oral skills internet research skills and intercultural understanding what s more each unit ends with audio and video material with corresponding ideas and suggestions for the teacher the cd and dvd are to be found in the book making this a great complete and compact resource for the classroom or for independent learning the teacher s book is available for free from our website intermediate 023923 libro cd dvd b1 sgel nuevo ¿a dónde eli covering the principal

alejo y su pandilla a collection of graded readers centred around a group of friends at the beginning of secondary school for young learners of spanish between the ages of 12 and 15 and all including an audio cd these readers introduce different spanish speaking countries through the adventures of the main characters.nivel 1 corresponds to level a1 of the cefr nivel 2 corresponds to level a1/a2 and nivel 3 corresponds to level a2.these readers are also available without a cd beginners 023718 amigos en madrid nivel 1 a1 £8.30 023719 amigos en madrid nivel 1 a1 cd £10.50 false beginners 023720 viaje a buenos aires nivel 2 a1/a2 £8.30 025873 viaje a buenos aires nivel 2 a1/a2 cd £10.50 intermediate 025874 misterio en cartagena de indias nivel 3 a2 £8.30 025875 misterio en cartagena de indias nivel 3 a2 cd £10.50 aventuras para 3 santamarina a aventuras para 3 is a new collection of readers for 11 to 14 year olds adhering to level a1 of the cefr each title includes an audio

upper intermediate up to 1500 words 022911 la muerte y otras sorpresas £9.25 022912 el oro de los sueños £9.25 022913 la tierra del tiempo perdido £9.25 un paseo por la historia edelsa un paseo por la historia takes an innovative step by combining the theory of graded readers and the history of spain to create a voyage where the reader not only improves their spanish with each book but also their knowledge of spain the titles are presented chronologically although the books do not have to be read in sequence as each one contains a brief historical presentation to place the reader in the correct context starting with el amanecer de hispania the first chapter recounts the conquest of carthage and from here spain s own individual journey is recalled along with the help of notes to support comprehension and a glossary in which the translations of words can be written in beginners 022850 el amanecer de hispania cd £7.95 022851 la gloria del califa cd £7.95 022862 el nacimiento de

these readers are graded according to the guidelines of the cefr and have been developed by the grupo de investigación uam-fácil lectura the autonomous university of madrid the author is firstly introduced followed by the text and illustrations as well as activities to test reading comprehension at the end there is a solucionario with the answers of the exercises and a brief multilingual glossary to fully secure the student s understanding of the text the book also refers to internet pages in which the student can obtain more information on the author beginners a2 of the cefr 022849 lazarillo de tormes cd £12.25 023163 don quijote 1 cd £12.25 023170 don quijote 2 cd also available intermediate level supplementary materials from eli ages 11-14 activity books ages 11-14 games and activities in eli suitable for near beginners each book is arranged in 14 units each of which practises the vocabulary of about 20 words on a single topic through colourful illustrations and vocabulary