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chair construction steam bending bent chair parts are used extensively in building our chairs the wood is steamed for flexibility and then shaped and clamped in forms until it is set steam-bent parts provide beauty and comfort in your chair decor pressback detail leg turning detail tenoned leg detail legs are driven into the seat and then screwed for additional durability the traditional pressback designs turned spindles give character to are also produced in a special the windsor chair with simple embossing process the wood is tenon joinery placed in a heated die press with over 100 tons of pressure this leaves a permanently engraved pattern in the chair back corner block frame chair legs are anchored with corner blocks under the seat to provide a solid structure for the whole chair saddle scoop all dining chair wooden seats are cut to a contour for comfort 4 all chairs measurements are listed with each chair in this format 39 h x 24 w x 22½ d 18 sh 18 sd 26½ ah x 19 aw

dining chairs 346a deluxe queen anne arm chair 43 h x 25½ w x 22 d 18 sh 16½ sd 25½ ah x 18 aw 346 deluxe queen anne side chair 43 h x 24 w x 22 d 18 sh 16½ sd available in cherry oak 46a queen anne arm chair 42 h x 24 w x 23 d 18 sh 16½ sd 25½ ah x 18 aw 346 346a 46 queen anne side chair 42 h x 22 w x 23 d 18 sh 16½ sd queen anne chairs available only with upholstered seats see pages 113-115 for fabric options available in cherry oak the queen anne furniture style originated in england as a tempered form of the rococo style from the french court of king louis xv the queen anne style relied on beautiful woods and simple curves emphasis on quiet dignity without elaborate carvings or turnings appealed to buyers 16 46

327w shaker ladderback runner rocker 37½ h x 52 w x 23 d 18 sh 16 sd 17 aw available in cherry oak maple rocking chairs 54ar new england windsor rocker available in cherry oak 38 h x 50½ w x 21 d 18 sh 16 sd 20 aw 40ac country lane rocker 43½ h x 25½ w x 35 d 18 sh 17½ sd 21 aw available in cherry oak 41 concord rocker available in cherry oak 42½ h x 25½ w x 35 d 18 sh 17 sd 19½ aw 54ar 327w the country lane rocker has three back options available 40p plain back oak cherry 39 40ac acorn back oak 41 40d daisy back cherry

730 china curio 78 h x 46½ w x 16 d three shelves standard curios 735 corner curio four shelves standard 78 h x 37 w x 20 d 705 curio cabinet four shelves standard 74 h x 33½ w x 15 d 730 735 97 all curio cabinets include lights and glass shelves with plate grooves additional shelves are available upon request

85 child s glider rocker 18½ h x 18 w x 31 d available in oak children s furniture 106 magazine rack available in cherry oak 17 h x 17 w x 9½ d 86 child s rectangle table 20 h x 32 w x 20 d available in cherry oak 85 106 109

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