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you ll eliminate responsible play we love the outdoors as much as you do brp is committed to respecting and preserving the world s waterways and natural surroundings for the benefit of today s boaters and generations to come that is why we put so much hard work into the pursuit of responsible play brp s design teams have embedded this commitment to environmental stewardship in our benchmark e-tec technology recognizable by their quiet signature sound our evinrude outboard engines meet ­ and in many cases exceed ­ the world s most stringent emission standards including those of the european union the u.s environmental protection agency epa and the strict california air resources board carb brp through its evinrude brand was the first and only outboard engine manufacturer ever to receive the epa s clean air technology excellence award it is also the first two-stroke engine in more than 30 years authorized to operate on lake constance bodensee in central europe one of the most

e-tec technology numerous coast guards police departments and other security forces around the world rely on the outstanding power performance and durability of brp s evinrude outboard engines for marine-patrol duty to complement its regular line-up of rugged outboard engines brp offers government and commercial customers several special models including two that feature multi-fuel capability suitable for use in demanding mission conditions the multi-fuel engines a stroke of genius e-tec technology e-cal auto lube are designed for stealth operation with minimal operating noise and low-reflection tactical black paint they are also available with optional pump-jet propulsion in place of a propeller whatever the nature of your mission evinrude engine s reputation for superior quality reliability and performance makes the decision to power ­ or repower ­ with evinrude an easy one brp s proprietary e-tec direct-injection technology delivers all the power and performance advantages long

sealegs and evinrude e-tec combine to set a new speed record for an amphibious vehicle on sydney harbour best-in-class performance evinrude outboard engines offer exceptional power performance and versatility to meet the needs of today s most demanding operators with a choice of 110 models rated up to 300 horsepower there s certain to be an evinrude outboard engine combination that enables you to optimize the performance of your boat they deliver best-in-class power throughout the line-up however many horses you may require for your particular application in addition to higher top speeds our engines produce more low-end power and torque letting you plane heavy loads or get skiers and wakeboarders up out of the water with ease the added torque also provides smooth instant throttle response across the engine s rpm range enabling you to maintain precisely the desired boat speed the engines unique lightweight design helps account for the outstanding performance of evinrude outboard

top 10 reasons #10 less fuel evinrude e-tec uses up to 44 less fuel and 50 less oil than your older technology engine to repower with evinrude #9 low maintenance evinrude e-tec is the only outboard with no dealer-scheduled maintenance for 3 years or 300 hours #8 lowest operating costs replacing your engine with evinrude e-tec can save you up to $1,600 per year in fuel and maintenance costs #7 peace of mind every part every system of an evinrude e-tec is designed built and tested to go the distance worry about the fish not your engine #6 reliable starting no choking in all seasons all temperatures your evinrude e-tec starts the first time every time #5 less noise an evinrude e-tec is up to 50 quieter than an older technology engine for easy conversation or extra stealth #4 lower emissions evinrude e-tec produces fewer emissions which means cleaner air and virtually no smoke to interfere with your time on the water #3 high torque evinrude e-tec is quicker out of the hole with the

introducing evinrude icon our state-of-the-art icon digital user interface features an advanced high-speed network controller that dual lever control total control at your fingertips functions into a one-handed operation with the simple push of a button the evinrude icon system is capable of handling up to five evinrude e-tec v6 engines including dual-station flying-bridge applications beginning with the 2010 model year evinrude icon systems are being factory installed on four 250-hp and four 300-hp evinrude outboard models as well tm electronically delivers effortless shifting precise throttle control and automatic engine synchronization ­ not to mention improved fuel efficiency ­ in a reliable and intuitive package the system includes gear-position indicators neutral evinrude icon interactive control system engine trim powersync f-n-r indicators rpm tune throttle advance synchronized engine trim rpm tune and a unique powersync control for multi-engine applications a brp exclusive

evinrude i-command s digital gauges analog readout samples evinrude shift and throttle controls 25-30 horsepower tiller kit hit the throttle the evinrude i-commandtm integrated performance system represents the next generation of multifunction gauge technology the i-command system enables the different electronic components of your engine to communicate with each other through an electrical network on your boat providing the precise data you require to achieve enhanced fuel management and optimal performance attractive easy-to-read lcd/analog gauges display fuel burned from the moment it is consumed while instant readouts of fuel consumption kilometres per litre and fuel remaining let you know exactly how far your evinrude outboard engines can take you i-command employs state-of-the-art nmea 2000® can bus technology evinrude i-command ­ convenient and smart surface side mount binnacle with key fuel level trim three horizontal positions ­ easily adjustable to give you the most

evinrude propellers raker tm iitbx tm renegade® bass tbx tbx propeller hub evinrude oil engine care air water and extreme temperatures along with daily wear and tear can take their toll on any outboard genuine evinrude fuel conditioners engine tuners carbon guard gear-case lubricants and anti-corrosion treatments will help keep your engine running strong for life the same propeller does not suit all boats choosing the right propeller is key to getting the best performance from your engine the right prop will get you where you want to go with optimal speed power and efficiency the wrong prop will increase fuel consumption inhibit top-end speed and can even damage your engine brp offers propellers designed and developed to fit the precise specifications and performance demands of every evinrude outboard engine power-matched propellers highlight an array of genuine evinrude parts and accessories designed to ensure maximum performance on the water use genuine evinrude parts and maximize

testimonials australia bushy new south wales when you buy an evinrude e-tec outboard you know it will mean less maintenance and servicing even after putting my e-tec through the bushy treatment it has passed with flying colors backed by a 5 year warranty across the range you can be sure to spend less time in the workshop and more time on the water bushy owner of an evinrude e-tec ­ fishing writer and angler new zealand nafa northern territory it s a harsh boating environment up here in arnhemland and our boats can cover more than 100 km in a day fuel savings longer intervals between maintenance and an impressive power-to-weight ratio have vindicated our choice of evinrude e-tec and the guides love how quiet they are on barra water alex julius owner of an evinrude e-tec and editor of nafa itm fishing national evinrude e-tec s are renowned for having great power and performance i love how i can troll for 10 hours game fishing at low revs without the slightest change to the quiet

product line-up commercial the inlines the 600 v4s the 600 v6s the 900 v6s 65 90 25 30 40 50 60 75 90 115 115 h.o 130 150 150 h.o 175 200 200 h.o 225 225 h.0 250 250 h.o 300 24

specifications f a e300dsl b e300dpx c e300dcx d e300dpz e e300dcz f de300pxis g de300cxis h de300pzis i de300czis a e250dhl b e250hsl c e250dhx a e250dpl b e250dpx c e250dcx d e250dpz e e250dcz f de250cxis g de250pxis a e225dhl h de250czis b e225hsl i de250pzis c e225dhx a e225dpl b e225dpx c e225dcx d e225dpz e e225dcz a e200dhl b e200hsl c e200hvl d e200dhx e e200hcx a e200dpl b e200dsl c e200dpx d e200dcx a e175dpl b e175dsl c e175dpx d e175dcx a e150dhl b e150hsl a e150dpl b e150dsl c e150dbx d e150dpx e e150dcx a e130dpl b e130dsl c e130dpx d e130dcx a e115dhl b e115hsl c e115dhx a e115dpl b e115dsl c e115dbx d e115dpx e e115dcx a e90wdel b e90wdex a e90dpl b e90dsl c e90dpx a e75dpl b e75dsl a e65wdrl b e65wdry a e60dpl b e60dsl c e60dtl a e50dpl b e50dsl c e50dtl a e40dpl b e40dsl c e40dtl d e40drl a e30dpl b e30del c e30dtl d e30dtel e e30drl f e30dr a b c d e25dpl e25del e25dtl e25dtel e e25dte f e25drl g e25dr 300 ­ v6 shaft length mm in color a 508 20 white b c f /g 635

the world is our playground nothing is more valuable than your playtime that is why brp is dedicated to continually finding new and better ways to help you enjoy your favorite powersports from snow to water to both on-andoff road fun our passion for adventure fuels the innovations that result in the ultimate powersports experience for our customers we value the land and water we play on and are committed to protecting it our desire to thrill is paired with an emphasis on rider responsibility placing personal safety above all else so that each outing can be the most enjoyable memorable and thrilling experience possible because your free time should always be your best time ski-doo ® lynx ® sea-doo ® evinrude ® johnson ® rotax ® can-am tm ©2009 bombardier recreational products inc all rights reserved ® tm and the brp logo are trademarks of bombardier recreational products inc or its affiliates