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2 organization organized simplicity the clutter-free approach to intentional living tsh oxenreider · the author s blogs and attract nearly 1 million page views monthly · f+w s organizing titles continually sell well organize now 120,000 net absolutely organized 25,000 net · checklists inventory sheets and additional tips for quick cleaning and organizing organized simplicity will teach anyone who wants to organize his or her life the benefits of simplifying their lives and provide practical hands-on instruction for decluttering and organizing to achieve simplicity in part one readers will learn what simplicity is and how simplicity can improve their schedules and finances in part two readers will follow a ten-day plan to completely clean and organize their homes future project ideas will inspire them to turn their houses into havens they love november 2010 marketing · new year new you promotion

12 humor werewolf haiku ryan mecum · perfect gift for fans of horror movies and supernatural-based popular literature and graphic novels and teens and twentysomethings who enjoy dark humor · the trend in books tv and movies is moving away from vampires and shifting to werewolves · illustrated with dozens of gory photographs seen from a werewolf s point of view these pages contain the heartbreaking story of a repressed man who slowly loses control of his inner beast after he s bitten by a werewolf as he wrestles with the monster inside he chronicles his feelings and urges in a haiku journal with poems that are gross strange dark and oddly hilarious before he was bitten he was a mailman who was in love with a woman on his route but had never had the courage to tell her now as the beast comes out wreaking havoc in his life he learns that his werewolf side might actually help him in his quest for love september 2010 marketing · author events · promotion on pop culture websites i.e

2011 market books providing the information and resources writers and other creatives have relied on for 90 years 2011 writer s market® where how to sell what you write robert lee brewer editor over 5 million copies sold more than 3,000 listings completely updated from the 2010 edition completely updated how much should i charge rate chart for freelancers new articles on topics including how to use social media and online freelance writing interviews with successful authors such as charlaine harris sookie stackhouse novels writer s market ® is the writer s bible to freelance success providing the up-to-date information writers need to get published and get paid for their work this book is not just for novice writers but for any writer who wants to get published and/or make money from their writing beginner or professional fiction and non-fiction july 2010 isbn-13 978-1-58297-948-9 isbn-10 1-58297-948-0 $29.99 can $35.99 pb 1,024 pgs 7 x 91 8 a upc 0 35313 64974 5 ean 9 781582

antiques collectibles 2011 standard catalog of® baseball cards 20th edition edited by bob lemke 31 · the bible of printed price guides on sports cards with a 20-year history in the hobby with more than 1 million baseball cards listed and more than 16,000 sets covered from 1863 to the present · the most complete source of baseball card listings on the market at 1,848 pages · more than 10,000 photos accompany the text the standard catalog of® baseball cards is a core title for krause publications and has been for 19 years the book contains more than 1 million card values covering cards from 16,000 sets released from 1863 to the present each vintage set is listed with an introduction explaining the set unique features size etc followed by three values for cards known to be included in the set august 2010 isbn-13 978-1-4402-1371-7 isbn-10 1-4402-1371-2 $44.99 can $53.99 · pb 1,848 pgs · 8¼ x 107/8 · a 10,000 b&w photos/illus upc 0 74962 01217 3 ean 9 781440 213717 ct qty 10

graphic design 41 the web designer s idea book volume 2 more of the best themes trends and styles in website design patrick mcneil creator of · follow up to 2008 s web designer s idea book 36,750 copies sold · contains 600 fresh new websites with additional content on principles of design · web design is constantly evolving and web designers are always looking for new material and fresh inspiration this sequel to the original web designer s idea book is a source of visual inspiration to web designers it will help them see what others have done and how those ideas can be adapted to their own needs it s like jim krause s bestselling layout index and color index all rolled into one for web designers more than 600 websites are organized in brief chapters to help designers get ideas for layout color style and content this book includes a chapter on web-design principles and a chapter about trends in html email design october 2010 marketing · how conference coverage

50 fine art the ultimate guide to colored pencil gary greene oil painting for the absolute beginner a clear easy guide to successful oil painting mark and mary willenbrink · features everything beginners need for success with traditional and watercolor pencils · at 304 pages this book/dvd combo is the most complete colored pencil instruction on the market from an expert author who has sold more than 125,000 copies of colored pencil instruction books · includes over 30 easy-to-follow step-by-step demonstrations · popular handbook-sized spiral-bound format makes this an easy-to-use reference · bonus dvd features a complete colored pencil workshop with the author gary greene is the author of five north light books on colored pencil and has also produced five art instruction videos his paintings have won national and international awards he has conducted workshops demonstrations and lectures nationally and internationally since 1985 · features easy-to-follow techniques tips and

60 crafts knit now 26 projects for baby home gifts and more candi jensen knitting knee-highs sock styles from classic to contemporary barb brown · tie-in to knit and crochet now companion book to the top pbs yarn show which airs in 77 of all us pbs markets concurrent release with season 3 · variety of patterns knitting patterns by a variety of designers including well known designers kristin nicholas maggie price susan b anderson and susan levin · known author candi jensen is the producer of the show and an established author as a designer in the craft and needlework industry candi jensen has had over 300 designs published in national magazines including vogue knitting good housekeeping better homes and gardens interweave knits interweave crochet and many more she is the author of 13 books she is also the producer of knit and crochet now on pbs available to over 100 million households · teaches readers how to custom size and includes 20 great knee-high patterns each written for

70 crafts chained create gorgeous chain mail jewelry one ring at a time rebeca mojica · 30 chain mail projects are based on four basic weaves providing a huge potential for variety · the aesthetic of the projects is more modern and hip than traditional chain mail books with color and beading options that will please readers · clear detailed step-by-step photos show readers how to hold the work for the best leverage something lacking from all other books · the first chain mail book to offer jump ring sizes in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals to complete the 30 projects the reader will be introduced to four primary weaves japanese byzantine helm and flowers the projects are rated for level of difficulty one to four rings and the beginner will easily be able to move from introductory to more advanced projects variations for each project will provide additional inspiration december 2010 isbn-13 978-1-4403-0308-1 isbn-10 1-4403-0308-8 $24.99 can $29.99 · pb 144 pgs · 8¼ x 107/8

knives knifemaking with bob loveless build knives with a living legend durwood hollis 79 · many knife innovations ats-34 blade steel drop-point blades chut knives big bear fighters are credited to bob loveless · bob loveless was inducted into the blade magazine cutlery hall of fametm in 1984 · his 1977 book how to make knives is still popular more than 30 years later knife aficionados will revel in color photos taken inside bob loveless s knife shop of the man and his knives the author details loveless s stock-removal method of knifemaking tools of the trade designs heat-treating and tempering of blade steel learn how the legendary knifemaker fashions handles and sheaths and conducts knife care and maintenance tips from the field the history and accomplishments of loveless and descriptions of his undeniable influence in the industry are interspersed throughout the text december 2010 marketing · blade show promotion · ads in booklist and library journal isbn-13 978-1-4402-1155-3

f+w media inc 4700 e galbraith road cincinnati ohio 45236 us customers toll free 800-289-0963 fax 888-590-4082 email orders only include account number pubnet 2870274 canadian customers toll free 800-840-5220 fax 905-877-4410 across subjects age gender or geographic and economic demographics our readers share one common characteristic passion whether it s a passion for novel writing painting collecting or crafts the titles from f+w media inc encourage readers to express their creativity gain expertise and achieve self-fulfillment learn more about the entire f+w line including krause publications david charles and adams media at book specifications rights information the rights available for export selling appear as codes after the price for each book a world rights b usa c usa and canada d usa non-exclusive open market outside british commonwealth e usa and canada non-exclusive open market outside british commonwealth f usa canada and

f+w media inc 4700 east galbraith road cincinnati ohio 45236 presorted standard u.s postage paid f+w media z9856 isbn 13 978-1-4403-0879-6 isbn 10 1-4403-0879-9 isbn 978-1-4403-0879-6 90000 9 7 81440