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speciality tools v.801f v.781f easy to use time saving easy efficient perfect for applying sealants to windscreens and dashboards ideal for drilling weld points caulking gun for 50 x 215 mm cartridges spot weld drill remover • for applying silicon mastics adhesives in standard 50 x 215 mm cartridges • easy to use regulator to adjust the actual flow coming out • automatic pressure release halting flow of mastic when trigger is depressed flow is immediately stopped • 70 dba sound level increases operator comfort • robust aluminium housing for high durability • fast drilling action at 1800 rpm to get points drilled out quickly • fitted with a counterarm to hold the workpiece in position • depth of drilling can be easily adjusted by the operator to suit his application • feather teasing trigger for optimal speed control • durable and robust thanks to an aluminium casted housing • delivered with one 8 mm drill point which can be ordered as an accessory • milling bit diameter 8 mm • available as accessory milling bit diameter 8 mm v.781a1 minimum order quantity 5 y.135f v.820f durable productive accurate compact ideal for vehicle service jobs including trailer panels number plates and auto body panels used for engraving on hard materials such as hardened steel pneumatic riveter air engraver • industrial quality for high productivity and durability • strong traction at 9.4 kn enabling the use of 3.2 4 and 4.8 mm stainless steel rivets and all softer materials steel aluminium copper • aluminium cast housing lightens the tool to only 1.3 kg • suction rivets will stay in nose when the tool is being used vertically • on/off switch at the air inlet to turn off the compressed air while not in use in order to save energy • easy to change the nozzles and jaws for quick maintenance • low reaction design gives the operator more comfort during the operation • swivel air exhaust to enable the operator to choose where he can drive the exhaust air to • transparent cup holder to see how full the cup is to know when to empty it when the cup holder is taken off for emptying the suction shuts off automatically for safety • pen shaped engraver makes the tool easy to handle • tungsten point allows fast engraving on the hardest of materials steel stone glass ceramics at 600 impacts per second • ring shaped regulator allows the operator to set the speed to suit his applications • less than 80 dba of sound increases operator comfort • robust aluminium casted housing for high durability • delivered with supply hose 1.5 m a standard tip • available as accessories standard tip v.820a1 fine tip v.820a2 • available as spare parts for 2.8 3.0 3.2 mm rivets nozzle y.135fe30 rivet guide y.135f028 for 4.0 mm rivets nozzle y.135fe40 rivet guide y.135f028 if using rivets 2.8-4.0 or rivet guide y.135f027 if using rivets 4.0-4.8 mm for 4,8 mm rivets nozzle y.135fe48 rivet guide y.135f027 www.facom.com 45