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operation of the parts of a car parts and function of a battery of a car parts of the car battery and its function it is no secret car system control car systems in the world li ion car battery cars and trucks you get in the car the parts of a car cars with rims and switches usb flash drives rear axle drive printed circuit board digital indicator warning lights push button switch spare parts for trucks push button switches do it yourself printed circuit board turn signal indicator light printed circuit boards front axles power steering make a circuit board for led lighting step by step power supply with 8 outputs out here on my own on off push button switch automatic on off switch how it works how to wire on off on switch on on on switch lighting and sound www facebook com on and off engine switch random on and off find one find all driving lights with turn signals what can it be used on power on off switch on off switch the front axle table of contents table of content how to set the points instruction for use instructions for use parts of the battery and its function parts of the engine parts of the transmission car system car battery charger battery charger system car crash bar car parking

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realistic start-up and brake behaviour › 128 drive positions in automatic operation › 28 drive positions in manual or semi-automatic operation › realistic vehicle-specific driving characteristics this can be further adapted individually real time control of all vehicle functions feedback on position and charge condition the functionality car system digital master programmable special functions › start delay › braking curve › drive position › and much more processor controlled charging unit expansion module individually controllable lighting and sound functions › headlights › turn-signal indicators warning lights › headlight flasher high beams › automatic brake light › rotating beacons › street sweepers front flasher › siren horn 6 new vehicle functions light sound speed levels radio communication ultrasound – each vehicle of the car system digital generation has a multitude of particularly

i realistic start-up and brake behaviour ii 128 drive positions in automatic operation 28 drive positions in manual or semi-automatic operation iii lighting and sound functions can be activated 1 headlights 2 indicators warning lights 3 headlight flasher high beams 4 automatic brake lights 5 rotating beacons 6 street sweepers front flasher 7 siren horn iv programmable special functions start delay braking curve drive positions and much more led lighting components magnetic field sensor for the use of the vehicles on analog layouts rechargeable battery and charging technology adapted to the vehicles 1 high-performance li-ion rechargeable batteries nimh rechargeable batteries vehicle-specific 2 new charging technology for quick and smooth charging electronic components the electronic system of the cars includes a high-performance dcc decoder a bidirectional radio module as well as an ultrasonic emitter there are also further optional components e.g for model typical realistic

our digital world signals are produced by the new faller control module the brain of the car system digital uses the proven sensors and switches together and even coordinates traffic light control along with vehicle movement the pc will perfect the use of the control options 161354 161349 161356 car system digital master the car system digital master wireless base station controls the communication between the necessary components and controls all functions the communication between the satellites and the respectively vehicles is ensured by means of a wireless transmission through the respective reception module the car system digital master possesses the following interfaces usb interface for connection to a pc loconet master connection for expansion with any loconet components desired e.g connection of pc expansion module parallel power supply for satellites interface for any random dcc digital centre independent power supply with 16 v alternating voltage high-performance

tradition and innovation faller car system comparison of generations functions cs 1.0 cs 2.0 cs 3.0 wire-guided digital vehicles on conventional analog car system layouts installation of a magnetic field sensor in the car system digital cars also enable the application of the new vehicle generation on conventional analog layouts mixed generations of vehicles on conventional analog car system layouts conventional layouts can of course be used for digital operation when operating a mix of analog vehicles car system 1.0 and digital vehicles car system digital 3.0 it must be noted that only the digital vehicles can be positioned and controlled with the new technology therefore all vehicles in use must be paid attention to when driving the vehicles conventional car system vehicles and digital technology the conventional vehicles cannot be controlled with the new car system digital 3.0 technical components an upgrade of the conventional vehicles to the latest technology is only possible

with the faller start-sets with the countless possibilities that faller car system has to offer it is best to select one of the numerous starting sets to begin with there are a number of starting sets available for a quick start into the car system world which differ almost only by the vehicle each of these starting sets contains everything you need to get the faller car system running on your layout simply select the start set with your favourite vehicle and you can get started first steps could not be easier the content of a start set is as follows 161607 storage battery charger batteries 10 m special contact wire street filler roadway paint guardrails border posts street markings car system start-set »dhl lorry« package contents • lorry man f2000 evo • storage battery charger • special guide wire 10 m • roadway knifing filler • roadway paint • roadway markings • crash barriers • barrier stakes • detailed assembly

161612 mb citaro »city bus« rietze setra s 315 hdh coach herpa 161543 161554 161555 161586 vw t5 bus »adac« wiking truck man tgs »repair shop service truck« herpa/rietze 26 161584 161560 lorry mb atego »sixt« herpa lorry mb sk »emons« herpa lorry mb atego »hertz« herpa 161587 161582 161583 ford transit brekina vw t5 bus wiking vw t5 transporter wiking 161544 vw touareg »police« wiking with flashing light vw touareg »fire brigade« wiking with flashing light truck mb atego »dachser refrigerated box« herpa 161561 vehicles vehicles 161556 161536 161566 mf tractor wiking with trailer man 635 »coal merchant« brekina 161552 161613 mf tractor wiking with round-bale trailer brekina setra s 6 brekina

161622 car system basic set »components« the extremely economical beginner’s package with the major functional elements allowing to build car system installations package contains 1 traffic control art 161651 3 sensors art 1 x 161773 2 stop sections art 161675 1 branch-off junction electrical art 161677 2 additional magnets 161675 161677 161674 161773 stop section the accumulator voltage is interrupted via a reed switch in the vehicle by means of the magnetic field of the electric coil connection 16-22 v dc voltage branch-off junction electrical the steering magnet is diverted by the active magnetic field parking space electrical for the permanent stopping of vehicles in car parks the vehicle is reactivated by means of the magnetic field of the electric coil connection 16 v ac voltage current draw 330 ma 3 sensors designed for the control of stop points branch-off junctions etc they are activated by additional magnets fitted to the bottom of vehicles connection to

laser-street road modelling laser-street – streets in quick build it’s simplicity itself laser street making roadway design a certain success roads are every city’s nerve cords just as a design will only truly come alive with animated streets the right basic knowledge and the extensive faller accessories make roadway designs a breeze there are different techniques and accessories depending on what you wish to accomplish faller laser street faller laser street features prefabricated street elements which simply connect together and already have a groove for the contact wire custom roadway routeings and integrating curves passing points branches bridges and slip roads can also be implemented just as easily roadways are particularly simple and accurate to design with faller laser street without foregoing the familiar variety in the design customisation the groove cutter also allows roadway designs to be customised to your ideas we merely recommend a minimal curve

the right scale the ideal tool for the individual street layout the machine is equipped with a slotting cutter the adjustment slider on both sides of the cutter guarantees the best possible result in this way it is possible to cut the exact depth the contact wire requires into the roadway it doesn’t get better and more precise than this the groove cutter can be run straight off our transformer art 180641 to integrate the faller car system into your existing design the so-called sunken method may be right for you use the groove cutter art 161669 to customise the routeing of the contact wire and adapt the flow of traffic to local factors preparation our recommendation use rigid foam sheets with a wooden frame for the base frame and use 3 mm thick plywood for streets and other constructions this is the maximum distance a stopping point coil may be from the top of the roadway all functional elements can now be installed directly below the roadway this will also reduce the overall

do it yourself car system vehicles consist of various wear and tear parts that need please visit our website for the full range to be replaced after a certain amount of usage like tires batteries of car system spare parts including pictures and brief descriptions also can only be recharged a limited number of times if you like working on your car system vehicles yourself just follow please note your feeling for quality order your wear and tear parts or spare › we cannot guarantee spare part supply for vintage cars among car parts directly from faller we offer the matching parts for nearly system vehicles if the needed spare part is not in stock or impossievery car system vehicle just browse our completely revised parts ble to procure programme and you will find everything from steering parts or tires › using the previous article numbers you will get spare parts while stocks last for different vehicle types to reed switches or different motors example 42 tyres

model making to perfection on 300 sq.m – the right excursion for the whole family opening hours wednesday to friday 10 a.m – 5 p.m saturday 10 a.m – 3 p.m closed on public holidays free admission gebr faller gmbh kreuzstraße 9 d-78148 gütenbach tel +49 0 7723 651-0 your faller retailer 4 104090 915995 irrtümer preisänderungen liefermöglichkeiten und technische maßliche sowie farbliche Änderungen sind vorbehalten maßangaben und abbildungen ohne gewähr we reserve the right to modifications errors price changes delivery details technical specifications dimensional details and colour changes no liability assumed for dimensional data and illustrations sous réserve d’erreurs de changements de prix de possibilités de livraison et de modifications concernant technique dimensions et couleurs indications de dimensions et illustrations sans