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big in small things natural stone scenery construction with real stone

2 natural stone faller natural stone – there’s nothing more realistic with the authentic coloration and surface structure of faller natural stone you will transform your installation into a fully novel entertaining area the fine sands processed are a natural product that will make your landscapes very realistic and lifelike faller natural stone is available at choice as flexible stone mat set of rock elements stone cut or stone paste thus there are no bounds to your liberty of conception all faller natural stone products can perfectly be combined with each other without any difficulty their processing being a mere child’s play to make processing particularly easy we recommend heating the material by means of a common hand hair dryer or hot-air apparatus for each procedure heating makes the binder in the sandstone material flexible and thus allows very convenient

natural stone 4 natural stone mat faller stone mat made of bonded sedimentary rock is on grounds of its flexibility particularly suitable for the individual design and lining of panels walls bridge piers and canals – at every scale and on any substrate 1 1 2 first of all draw the desired shapes on the back of the natural stone mat using a pencil and cut out these shapes using a pair of scissors or a cutter when laying the mat pay attention to the change in the direction of the sandstone structure on edges indoors application by means of faller colofix-flex 170659 or faller expert spray adhesive 170497 after short drying stick your cut to the surface and firmly press against the shape outdoors weather-resistant and waterproof application is ensured when using faller »special adhesive for outdoors« 170901 apply the adhesive and after approx 15 minutes carefully press your sandstone shapes onto the

natural stone 2 3 5 4 repeated heating makes the moulding of angles curves and filigree surfaces easier remove excess material using a pair of scissors or a cutter if fractures or cracks appear in the sandstone they can still be concealed during the sealing process later on let the adhesive completely dry overnight mix faller surface sealing in the proportion of one part of surface sealing to three parts of water apply the surface sealing over the entire surface of your substrate using a paintbrush or paint roller avoid leaving puddles and coat only as much surface area as you can retouch within approx 30 minutes 3 faller surface sealing 170902 hardens surfaces and prevents any later abrasion of the natural product this durably preserves the mineral character of your buildings at the same time the sealing operation corrects and improves the appearance of edges and transitions before starting the sealing operation remove the loose particles from the surface using a paintbrush or a

6 natural stone close relatively large joints and other defects by heating the surrounding sandstone material and drawing it together using the joint stick alternatively you may pull a spatula over a residual piece of stone mat and mix the granules rubbed off that piece of mat with some of the surface sealing to obtain a pasty mortar for indoor use the surface sealing will simultaneously be the final coating adhesive and sealing will have completely set after 24 hours in the end brush once more the surface of your structure using a paintbrush for outdoor use apply a thin layer of faller natural stone impregnation 170903 using a paintbrush or paint roller repeat that operation twice when the impregnating agent is dry to the touch of a finger you will get an integral protective effect after 24

natural stone 7 rock elements faller natural stone rock elements get their natural surface finish thanks to their composition consisting of 80 quartz sand contrary to their massive appearance they are particularly lightweight and quite ductile when submitted to heat 1 you will thus be able to build unique lightweight rock formations on your installation without using any elaborate substructure 1 design the coarse profile wanted for your landscape using rigid polystyrene blocks first cut out the various single elements using a strong pair of scissors or a cutter and define their final arrangement on your installation 2 heat each one of the elements separately by means of a hand hair dryer or hot-air apparatus when reaching a temperature of approx 70°c the material turns soft and you are able to press it to the desired shape onto the prepared substructure the rock elements need not rest upon the entire surface of the support

8 natural stone 2 3 4 5 6

natural stone 8 9 the material has cooled down for approx 2 minutes it has recovered its hard stable rock structure 3 4 now fix the rock elements onto the substructure using faller stone paste faller colofix-flex 170659 or hot-melt glue 5 6 model the transitions between the single rock elements with faller stone paste you will get a particularly realistic picture by incorporating faller stone pastes of another colour into the wet mass since the material features a long processing time you are in a position to design the superficial structures at your leisure the paste will be dry to the touch of a finger after 2 hours and will have set within 12 to 24 hours depending on the thickness of the layers 7 the binding agent in the paste is ideally suited to start inserting green plants when the material is still wet fibres e.g may be fixed electrostatically without having to add any glue 8 decorating by means of faller scatter materials trees and shrubs will create the perfect illusion of

10 natural stone stone cuts faller stone cuts are natural stone products that have been impregnated already so that they may be laid directly in the indoor or outdoor areas when using faller stone paste as a glue you will simultaneously have an appealing joint sealant 1

natural stone 3 11 1 prepare the stone cuts in the order in which you want to use them apply a 1 to 2 mm thick layer of faller stone paste to any firm and dry substrate the bond will be particularly resistant to weathering when using faller »special adhesive for outdoors« 170901 2 press the single stones with the back of the base material into the wet stone paste the stones will hold immediately the bond will have definitely set after 24 hours 3 the impregnation of the single stone cuts makes any further treatment superfluous the result is weather-resistant and may even be in permanent contact with water viaduct brook course or similar

12 naturstein produktübersicht/product overview 170915 170916 170900 schnupper-set taster set set mit 5 felselementen set with 5 rock-face elements komplett-set für außen complete set for outdoors 170902 170909 170904 170905 ober flächenversiegelung surface sealing bruchsteine ocker quarried stone ochre steinmatte grau stone mat grey steinmatte ocker stone mat

naturstein 13 ausführliche produktinformationen detailed product information 170918 170919 170920 170921 steinpaste hellbraun stone paste light brown steinpaste dunkelweiß stone paste dark white steinpaste dunkelgelb stone paste dark yellow steinpaste granitgrau stone paste granite grey 170917 170922 170901 170903 steinpaste natur stone paste nature steinpaste granitgrau stone paste granite grey spezialkleber für außen special glue for outdoor usage imprägnierung