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2012-2013 kart attack

kart attack range ferodo kart introduction this catalogue details the ferodo kart attack range of brake pads for karting applications it has been designed for use by both distributors and racing teams and contains full application data product shape illustrations as well as material compound data pads reference adaptable to fdb3ka b irel rear fdb207st a lpha rear b rembo calipers so dikart rear kelgate part number/suffixes all part numbers in the range section of this catalogue contain a suffix this identifies the material compound available for that part number as follows frp213p fdb2051ka a nderso n b ig b o wman english kart kelgate so lo rear strato s b rembo calipers track m agic fro nt a lpha m ba righetti rido lfi to p kart rear wilso n zip kart b iesse rear b irel euro pa go kart haase so dikart swiss hutless rear fdb2069ka b irel rear fdb2070ka fdb342p ka/p organic racing ks/st sintered racing introduzione frp405ks il catalogo ferodo kart attack è uno strumento di lavoro

fdb3 w 55.7mm x h 53 mm x d 14.5mm fdb342 fdb207 w 40mm x h 56.4mm x d 7mm w 59.5mm x h 51.6mm x d 10.2mm fdb2038 frp405 frp213 w 36.1mm x h 45.1mm x d 6mm w 98.8mm x h 38.8mm x d 13.6mm updated on 10/02/2014 w 59.5mm x h 54.4mm x d

fdb2046 w 90.2mm x h 55.1mm x d 16mm fdb2051 w 93.7mm x h 36.7mm x d 13.6mm fdb2069 w 90.2mm x h 55.1mm x d 11.5mm fdb2070 w 90.2mm x h 55.1mm x d 13mm fdb2072 w 84.4mm x h 51.5mm x d 15mm updated on

fdb 2074 fdb2077 fdb2081 w 51mm x h54mm x d 7.5mm w 57.1mm x h 44.5mm x d 10mm w 39.8mm x h 56.6mm x d 8mm fdb2076 fdb2078 fdb2088 updated on 10/02/2014 w 67.4mm x h 26.6mm x d 6.8mm w 71.4mm x h 53.9mm x d 16mm w 98.8mm x h 38.8mm x d

fdb2089 w 98.8mm x h 38.8mm x d 17.3mm fdb2093 w 84.4mm x h 50.6mm x d 10mm fdb2151 38mm x h 49.1mm x d 8.5mm fdb2160 fdb2091 w 79.7mm x h 43.9mm x d 10.3mm fdb2152 w 44.1mm x h 59.2mm x d 9mm updated on 10/02/2014 w 82.2mm x h 46.9mm x d 10mm fdb3000 w 58mm x h 50.5mm x d

fdb3001 w 80mm x h 46.1mm x d 13mm fdb3002 updated on 10/02/2014 w 44.1mm x h 57.4mm x d

characteristic bite compound modulation release  sintered   organic compatibility with various disc types  pad life   compound selection guide sintered compounds ks st these sintered metal compounds demonstrate high bite and a high fiction coefficient under all conditions with excellent life organic compounds ka p these organic compounds offer slightly reduced friction coefficient when compared to sintered metal compounds but offer improved modulation for superior “feel.” they also offer better compatibility against a greater range of disc types 0,8 0,7 sintered ks st 0,6 mu 0,5 0,4 organic ka p 0,3 0,2 0,1 temperature °c 0 0 100 200 300 400 500 federal mogul italy srl racing motorcycle division corso inghilterra 2 i-12084 mondovì cn italy tel 0039 0174 560511 fax 0039 0174 552248 www.ferodoracing.com updated on