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fendt 5225 e kw 160 hp 218 my family – my fields – my fendt you can always rely on your family just like on the next generation of the fendt e-series these redesigned combines are equipped with the tried and tested components found in the bigger ranges and are therefore used to working hard robust reliable and efficient they guarantee high seasonal performance when it is needed the most that makes it an assistant you won’t want to do without especially on family-run farms 2

makes hard work a comfortable pleasure the harvesting season demands the highest performance from both people and machines this requires the full concentration of operators who must be able to work together harmoniously with the machine the new comfort cab provides plenty of space for that the operating elements are ergonomically arranged the generous size of the glazed areas in the cab and the large side mirrors guarantee the best visibility to the cutter unit stubble and sides of the machine and thanks to the multifunction lever it is easy to control the 5225 e around the clock 4

wide-angle mirror large electrically adjustable heated mirrors plus optional wide-angle mirror ensure perfect all-round visibility view to cutter unit – direct view everything in view thanks to the best sightlines the entire cutter unit can be seen from inside the cab working at night – illuminated through top light package with the powerful light package you can work efficiently deep into the night the first-class work place efficient work in a pleasant environment relaxed sitting a comfortable sitting position is crucial especially on long work days the air-suspended driver seat in combination with the adjustable steering column guarantee a comfortable working position at all times this is also true for the passenger seat precise control the ergonomically shaped multi-function lever permits very precise control of the hydrostatic ground drive you only need one hand to keep your harvest under control at all times with agritronic plus with the agritronic plus control and

powerflow belts the powerflow belts feed the crop to the intake auger uniformly heads-first rape knives the powerflow table can be converted for operation in oilseed rape quickly and easily with the optional electric rape knives the cutting units choice of two tables for a high throughput choose the perfect crop feed whether freeflow or powerflow table – you make a good cut with both systems when it comes to uniform crop feed and a high output even under difficult harvesting conditions for example when harvesting laid grain the superior powerflow table the versatile fendt powerflow table has been enabling maximum productivity for harvesting grain oilseed rape or soybeans for more than 35 years the large clearance between the cutterbar and the auger facilitates cutting high crops with a 5.50 m working width the result the smooth crop flow ensures uniform loading of the threshing unit with heads-first feed for all types of crops the reliable freeflow table with a working width

front and rear concave setting can be adjusted independently front perfect the rear too the front and rear concave openings can be adjusted independently and electrically you can adapt the threshing unit to any possible harvesting conditions from the comfort of the cab threshing cylinder concave and straw walkers more torque and less breakage speeds up the harvest and is gentle on the grain your valuable grain is in the best hands with the new generation of the fendt 5225 e combine whether you are harvesting grain oilseed rape or maize – the large high capacity 600-mm threshing cylinder in combination with the large concave area guarantees intensive but gentle threshing and separating high-capacity threshing cylinder the threshing cylinder on the 5225 e has a 600 mm diameter for high inertia and performance eight counter-rotating threshing bars effectively separate the grain during the threshing process both the grain and straw are handled very gently breakage is minimised

adjustable grinding floor with dimpled and smooth surface can be adjusted in 3 positions precision as standard the grinding floor with adjustable dimple plate is standard and ensures a uniform length of the chopped straw switchover lever operators can switch quickly and easily between swathing and chopping modes simply by moving a lever electrically adjustable deflector plates always an option the electrically adjustable straw distribution plates chopper and cleaning clean chopper results cleanest crop high-performance chopping the new fendt e-series is standard-equipped with a 4-row straw chopper and a total of 52 knives the double serrated knives with an infinitely adjustable shearbar also serrated have been fitted for high uniform chopping performance you can set the chopping length as desired and there is no more worrying about producing perfect chopping results no one cleans better the fendt 5225 e has one of the largest sieve areas in its power class – and therefore

view into the grain tank from the driver seat grain tank sample grain tank and engine large volume grain tank powerful drive non-stop efficiency with 6500 litres the grain tank of the fendt 5225 e has one of the top capacities on the market – and therefore many benefits because the fewer stops you make during the harvest the surer you can bring your valuable grain in dry and when you finally do go to unload after a long driving time the combine is already ready for operation after approx 80 seconds thanks to the large-sized grain tank auger with a delivery capacity of 85 l/sec comfortable top unloading the top unloading system on the e-series combines allows trouble-free loading of trailers up to 4.20 m high a large window on the back wall of the cab permits constant visual monitoring and therefore additional quality control of the grain in the grain tank samples can be quickly removed through an opening in the tank and opening the rain-proof grain tank cover gives you easy

service and maintenance lubricate check finished best access all service points of the new e-series can be easily accessed and have generous opening flaps the individual lubrication nipples have been brought together in lubrication bars which can be reached from the ground furthermore maintenance signs provide information about the lubricating intervals the central electronic cabinet is easy to reach from the driver platform 16 long life the new fendt e-series is technically and economically convincing down the line their high durability long maintenance intervals and low repair costs make these combines a sure investment for family-run farms and therefore to a fully-fledged family member

fendt e-series technical specifications fendt table threshing system separation cleaning straw and chaff management 18 5225 e table widths freeflow from – to table widths powerflow cutting height automatic terracontrol cutting height preselection autolevel table control cutting frequency freeflow cutting frequency powerflow chains in crop elevator m m threshing cylinder width threshing cylinder diameter cylinder speed concave angle of wrap concave area independent front/rear concave adjustment concave bars beater diameter mm mm rpm number mm 12 380 active total separation area straw walkers straw walkers steps straw walker length straw walker area total separation area m² number number mm m² m² 0.99 5 4 4,256 5.73 6.72 preparation floor area total sieve area total cleaning area fan type fan speed fan speed with reducer returns to threshing cylinder m² m² m² straw chopper – 52 serrated knives electrically adjustable deflector plates chaff spreader

leaders drive fendt www.fendt.com agco gmbh – fendt marketing 87616 marktoberdorf germany fendt is a worldwide brand of agco all data regarding delivery appearance performance dimensions and weight fuel consumption and running costs of the vehicles correspond with the latest information available at the time of going to press changes may be made before the time of purchase your fendt dealer will be pleased to supply you with up-to-date information vehicles are not shown with country-specific equipment