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the large electrically adjustable heated mirrors are easy to adjust and offer an outstanding view to the rear and sides a good view to the table and stubble and to the spreading pattern of the straw chopper with the camera enables the best performance in the field excellent visibility to the unloading area for fast unloading at up to 105 l/sec efficient work – day and night a workplace for pros space and visibility with skyline view the generously sized cab offers plenty of space and room for your well-being you have a perfect view to the table stubble unloading tube and thanks to large electrically adjustable mirrors or the standard camera function in the varioterminal 10.4-b also towards the rear best comfort for relaxed working conditions our combines are equipped with the latest generation of comfort seats air suspension is standard and there are many setting options that enable optimum adjustment to meet your personal needs the 3-way adjustable steering column makes it

fendt varioguide intelligent operation varioguide – always on track the optional varioguide uses the latest technologies to guide your machine precisely through the crops this gives you higher threshing performance by reducing unnecessary passes and optimising the field division the integrated automated steering system is adjusted in the varioterminal with just a few clicks different accuracy levels are available standard – 20 cm precision – 5 cm and rtk range – 2 cm agcommandtm our c-series combines are equipped with the agcommandtm telemetry system as standard this intelligent solution always informs you about where your machines are located and where they were in operation this allows you to manage your entire fleet perfectly and optimise all your operations agco’s all-encompassing new electronics strategy fusetm provides seamless integration and networking of the entire fleet for farmers and contractors under the name fuse technologies agco

the standard multi-coupler permits fast turnarounds when changing fields the schuhmacher knife system is the best in the industry with 1254 cuts per minute it is selfcleaning and always remains sharp the freeflow table has feed fingers over the entire width which increase the throughput of the intake auger and guarantee active fast feed into the crop elevator the powerfeed roller guides the crop very uniformly from the table into the crop elevator table the right choice for the crop fendt owners have the choice uniform crop feed is crucial for a high output and good threshing results that is just what the freeflow and powerflow tables offer powerflow table our powerflow table has been known for maximum productivity for more than 35 years the big clearance between the cutterbar and the auger facilitates cutting high crops the powerflow belts then transport the crop directly under the auger this guarantees uniform heads-first feed for all types of crops and therefore also the best

front perfect the rear too the front and rear concave openings can be adjusted independently and electrically you can adapt the threshing unit to any possible harvesting conditions from the comfort of the cab the separator concave is rotated under the multi-crop separator this setting improves the separation performance in long straw and wet conditions enabling high output even under difficult conditions the separator concave is completely above the multi crop separator this setting is recommended primarily for crops that only require light threshing and in dry conditions fendt mcs plus threshing system efficient threshing – increases your yield heavy high inertia threshing cylinder the weight of the threshing cylinder is increased by 8 weight bars which are attached between the rasp bars the massive inertia ensures smooth and uniform running this significantly reduces the load on the drives as well as the power requirement and fuel consumption smart concave the concave

the active back walls of the steps promote effective grain separation we have strengthened the first step for grain maize harvesting an adjustable dimple plate is standard and ensures a uniform length of the chopped straw electrically adjustable deflector plates are also available as an option they allow you to achieve uniform distribution as needed residual grain and straw management optimal chopping and spreading optimal residual grain separation the long straw walkers on our c-series each have 4 steps with “active back walls” the 210°mm high vertical sections of the steps have open gratings you can be sure that even the last grain is separated efficiently gentle handling of the crop maintains the structure of the straw optimally 6-row straw chopper is standard for conservation soil tillage and direct seeding operations very short chopped material is essential to ensure fast decomposition of the straw the new 6-row straw chopper was specially developed for this

you can control the electrically adjustable sieves from the comfort of the cab a sensor displays the returns volume in the varioterminal 10.4-b and enables fast adjustment of the settings for better grain quality an adjustable chaff spreader with double rotor is available as an option cleaning and grain handling harvest the best quality best cleaning – the cleanest sample the quality of the grain determines your profit during the development of the shaker shoe the focus was therefore on the use of high-capacity sieves to harvest the cleanest grain the special surface of the highcapacity sieves hc sieves enables optimised wind flow and the highest cleaning performance to ensure that the crop also remains distributed uniformly when working on slopes high dividers have been attached to the top side the returns system transports the material that has not been optimally threshed back to the threshing cylinder this is done very gently and evenly because an auger above the

slope control intelligent slope compensation the axles and final drives are connected to each other through a parallelogram structure hydraulic cylinders that are located on the sides of the front axle shift the parallelogram this raises or lowers the front axle and levels the combine on slopes the longitudinal tilt of the machine is levelled by 2 strong hydraulic cylinders which are connected to the separate rear axle frame on slopes the parallelogram is shifted upwards or downwards this can fully compensate for slopes up to – 20 highly efficient – even on slopes our fendt 5275 c and fendt 6335 c combine models are available in a paralevel version the system is based on a parallelogram and compensates for slopes up to 20 the threshing unit and the entire separating and cleaning systems remain horizontal and the full power capacity is available for harvesting paralevel machines can be equipped with 4wd and offer you more traction and greater safety – even

low fuel consumption – professional service economy through and through environmentally friendly and economical the modern agco power engine with scr technology complies with the latest emissions standard we use this technology one of the most advanced engine technologies on the market for both our tractors and combines that is easy on the environment and reduces operating costs at the same time best service we offer you professional service and also set standards in this area through regular training programmes we train sales personnel to provide a good spare parts inventory and to keep your machine in operation at all times during the harvest together with our dealers we are ready to give you the best service possible for your investment optimised engine behaviour the engine management is designed for an optimum torque curve your combine therefore delivers a constant output even under load in combination with the low-friction drives this leads to a very low fuel

fendt c-series cutting edge technology 16 17 2 1 9 10 8 12 6 15 7 4 11 13 14 5 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 skyline cab varioterminal 10.4-b with touch control powerflow table crop elevator with multi-coupler power feed roller threshing cylinder concave beater multi crop separator plus 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 straw walkers fan hc top sieve grain auger rethresher auger 6-row straw chopper grain tank agco power

fendt c-series technical specifications standard and optional equipment standard  optional  fendt schneidwerk threshing system separation cleaning straw and chaff management 5275 c 5275 c pl 5275 c pli 6335 c 6335 c pl 6335 c pli 4.80 – 7.60 5.50 – 6.80 4.80 – 7.60 5.50 – 6.80 4.80 – 7.60 5.50 – 6.20 4.80 – 7.60 5.50 – 7.70 4.80 – 7.60 5.50 – 6.80 4.80 – 7.60 5.50 – 6.20                               1,254 1,220 1,254 1,220 1,254 1,220 1,254 1,220 1,254 1,220 1,254 1,220       3 3 3 4 4 4 m² 1,340 600 380 – 1,100 120 0.83 1,340 600 380 – 1,100 120 0.83 1,340 600 380 – 1,100 120 0.83 1,600 600 430 –