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2 the fendt cargo front loader the combination unbeatable the fendt front loader – fendt cargo – offers sophisticated technology for maximum productivity as a universal and reliable implement it is the ideal partner for vario tractors all models are equipped with the unique cargo lock coupling system and parallel guidance with z-kinematics the fendt cargoprofi has completely new features such as a weighing system and the ability to set working range cargo 3 x 65 cargo 3 x 70 cargo 4 x 75 compact cargo 4 x 75 cargo 4 x 80 cargo 4 x 85 cargo 5 x 85 cargo 5 x 90 up to 28-inch wheels 200 vario 300 vario 300 vario 300 vario 500 vario 500 vario 700 vario 700 vario 700 vario

4 the finest operating and ride comfort a pleasure to work with the fendt cargo front loader is designed for exceptional driving comfort the fendt vario offers exceptional visibility the operating interface permits optimal control of the front loader the intelligent damping and suspension design protects your front loader and tractor and most importantly your own health

6 the finest operating and ride comfort 7 fendt drivers have more far-sight overview with the fendt vario during loader work it is essential that everything is always well in view the fendt vario tractors have optimal upward and downward sight lines the 300 500 and 700 vario series are equipped with the visioplus cab – a true wonder in visibility and space the windscreen on the cab curves up into the roof and permits an unobstructed view over a 77-degree sight angle and therefore to the raised front loader the area between and in front of the front wheel arches has also been optimised the bonnets on the fendt tractors are always narrow and wellarranged – especially advantageous when pushing grain fendt offers a roof window for the smaller 200 vario series to guarantee a full view to the raised front loader best outlook thanks to clever design through the optimised arm width and the crossbeam which is positioned far forward the entire structure of the front loader has

8 the finest operating and ride comfort 9 maximum comfort for better performance sensitive and precise you will be thrilled by how easy the front loader is to operate because it is perfectly integrated in the fendt vario two control valves can be controlled very precisely with the standard crossgate lever without having to reposition your hand cargo enhanced controls complex implement functions can be controlled with the optional third and fourth hydraulic circuits these are activated and controlled by pushbuttons on the crossgate lever the optional hydraulic attachment lock and the vibration damping system optional can also be conveniently operated from the driver seat using the enhanced controls on the cargo fast and easy direction changing the rapid reverse function on your vario allows you to change driving direction quickly and easily without wear when driving in pedal mode with tms both of your hands are free allowing you to change travel direction with your left hand and

10 fendt cargoprofi the new generation front loader fendt now offers the new cargoprofi for the 300 500 and 700 vario series sensors installed in the arm allow completely new features to be realised for example a weighing and memo function in this way the fendt cargoprofi offers you optimal settings for safe and controlled loader work

12 fendt cargoprofi 13 intelligent and ingenious the cargoprofi the new fendt cargoprofi available for the front loader models 4x/75 4x/80 5x/85 and 5x/90 is the consistent further development of the tractorfront loader unit the front loader has a new measuring and tilt sensor system as well as a job computer for recording and processing various data and settings these are easy to adjust and view in the varioterminal extremely practical the functions on the cargoprofi make work easier thanks to intelligent presettings this allows operators to limit the lifting height and tipping angle this is a decisive safety factor in low buildings or when loading very high trailers with the memo function arm and attachment positions can be saved for frequently used sequences and called up again when required shaken or damped the cargoprofi has a fast and effective shake function to ensure that all firmly packed material is dumped completely from the bucket for loose material on the other hand

14 the cargo arm 15 perfectly tailored to your vario a unit designed for quality the basic prerequisite for all fendt developments is the highest quality a major objective during the development of the cargo was to form a perfect unit with the tractor the technical specifications and overall design of the tractor and front loader have been optimally adapted to each other z-bar linkage further evidence that the front loader is perfectly adapted to all the vario tractors is the tried and tested mechanical self-levelling function on the cargo in the form of z-bar linkage it ensures the best visibility the parallel guidance ensures that attachments are kept in the same position over the entire lifting height you can monitor its position at all times with the tilt indicator lifetime design concept high-grade materials ensure durability for a long service life high-strength fine-grain steel is the key factor behind the life-time design of the new fendt cargo in addition to high stability it

16 the cargo arm 17 mounting and removing made easy technology for fast mounting and removing the new fendt cargo-lock makes mounting and removing the loader easy and fast the multi-coupler also saves time it permits all electric and hydraulic lines to be connected with just one hand movement really easy with cargo-lock the semi-automatic locking system does away with inserting locking pins which is often difficult this really simplifies mounting and removing indicators on the inside of the loader towers permit the driver to view the status of the locking system at all times from the driver seat ingenious multi-coupler just one hand movement is all it takes to connect the hydraulic and electric lines with the standardequipped multi-coupler incorrectly connected hoses oil contamination and high leakage losses are a thing of the past disconnecting is equally easy and just as clean even when there is excess pressure in the loader for example because it was standing out in the sun the

18 optimum accessibility 19 maintenance – fast and easy perfection in design since the designs of the front loader and the tractor have been specially adapted to each other from the very beginning all maintenance work can be performed while the front loader is mounted the front loader was designed to guarantee a very long service life through simple maintenance requirements and the use of the best materials robust and hard-wearing maintenance and service-friendliness played an important role when developing the fendt cargo the bearing points are large and extremely robust flexible ballasting fendt offers you a comprehensive ballasting concept for frequent loader work wheel weights or rear weights which are fast and easy to mount and remove can be used depending on the application so your vario always remains balanced • best access to all maintenance points on the tractor • simple and fast maintenance on the front loader • large-sized bearing sleeves •

20 the back-end loader for 800/900 vario 21 back-end loader lifts higher the solution for high-horsepower tractors fendt offers a special solution for loader work with the 800 and 900 vario the cargo r this back-end loader expands the range of applications possible for high-horsepower tractors for example in addition to transport work high-horsepower tractors can be used to fill biogas facilities additional applications are loading grain and bales the technical advantages of the cargo r advantages of vario tractors are clear operators benefit from an outstanding view to the backend loader the rear wheel steering system makes steering corrections and very precise loading much easier so that the cargo r takes on the loading characteristics of a telehandler an impressive loading height of up to 5.05 metres a loading reach of 1.90 metres and a lift capacity of some 3 tonnes speak for themselves and this is how easy it is to use the 4x/85 arm is attached to a bracket on the rear lift the

technical specifications  |   standard |   optional 22 front loader model 3x/65 200 vario series continuous lift capacity dan max lift capacity dan lifting height mm 1 digging depth mm 1 dumping distance at max height 1 dumping distance at 3.5 m 1 3x/702 4x/75 4x/80 4x/853 5x/85 5x/90 3x/702 4x/75 compact 4x/75 4x/80 4x/853 5x/85 5x/90 2000 2190 3900 60 1030 1450 1940 2250 4050 225 1260 1780 1940 2250 4050 225 1260 1780 3x/65 3x/702 4x/75 4x/80 1940 2250 4125 180 1210 1750 2260 2620 4125 180 1210 1750 4x/75 4x/80 300 vario series continuous lift capacity dan max lift capacity dan lifting height mm 1 digging depth mm 1 dumping distance at max height 1 dumping distance at 3.5 m 1 front loader model 500 vario series continuous lift capacity dan max lift capacity dan lifting height mm 1 digging depth mm 1 dumping distance at max height 1 dumping distance at 3.5 m 1 front loader model 3x/65 3x/70 700 vario series continuous lift capacity dan

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