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the name of the ships examples of l types of selling the plays the thing live to ride ride to live manual for a 30 30 fendt 716 vario fendt 900 vario fendt 200 vario fendt 200 vario s fendt 400 vario fendt 700 vario fendt 800 vario fendt 1000 vario fendt 300 vario fendt 800 vario terminal fendt farmer 300 used fendt farmer 300 jack russell terriers tyre pressure regulator tyre pressure gauge axial piston pump gas pressure regulating systems gas pressure regulating valve low pressure gas pressure regulator system six cylinder engine water high pressure cleaner high pressure cleaner pressure control system pillow and blanket continuously variable transmission long time ago watches for the disable all kinds of diesel engine i want to study common rail system the front axle i want to talk about you the pigs the place how to get them out drive shaft and rim find one find all all kind of pumps for the things he has done as it was i did you what i did for trailer trucks and how to learn to drive products for the disabled location of the head office drive shaft and rear how to take out the drivers seat light of the stable how to buy it small back to back seats what is the area look at the engine

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cover story 7 6 test the best – fendt 800 and 900 vario under scrutiny about a year ago you were able to take a first look at the new fendt 800 vario and fendt 900 vario models at the agritechnica in 2014 the new series had to prove themselves in independent tests and of course in the field read what scientists engineers agricultural journalists and farmers have to say in this report about the high-horsepower tractors after a year of practical operation “there are machines from the new 800 vario and 900 vario series on the field which already have several thousand hours of operation behind them,” explains johannes kapfer head of prototype vehicle testing how is that possible the first tractors were already delivered in the early summer of 2014 “those are naturally test machines from construction stage 2 which we keep running for long-term testing we look for extra tough farming operations for these field tests,” explains kapfer he and max ott head of the

interview 13 12 off to new shores volker schröder has been one of three managing directors in the family-run schröder landmaschinen entreprise since 1984 together with his brothers heiner and bernd schröder he manages the international schröder group with more than 20 locations and over 600 employees in germany and europe he studied economic sciences in bremen he lives in wildeshausen with his family in addition to his enthusiasm for agricultural machinery he is also a declared football fan a conversation about his favourite club and new sales avenues what began as a blacksmith’s forge in wildeshausen in 1810 is still a down-to-earth family-run business today – jointly managed by from left bernd heiner and volker schröder mr schröder your family-run business has been in existence for more than 200 years what is the key to your success bernd heinrich schröder started with a small blacksmith’s forge 200 years ago things really took off in the

16 17 volker schröder looks calmly into the future the next generation for the schröder family enterprise is already ready to go what do things look like at schröder will you continue to be a family-run enterprise we now already have the seventh generation here my brother’s oldest son is studying mechanical engineering right now and already joined the company in practice a long time ago my daughter recently started working in the company and my son who is studying industrial engineering in agri/hortibusiness in osnabrück is also interested the next generation is ready to go when i was 18 years old i could not imagine working in our family business my father was very clever though he first let us study what we wanted and didn’t put any pressure on us it was only after we graduated that heiner and i decided to join the company together after we saw that our father hardly had any time to take holidays we thought that if the two of us do it together we might have

fendt women 21 20 “hello mrs hill gentlemen!” she took over the management of the new modern agricultural machinery centre two years ago at the same time she successfully managed the merger of two operating sites and in january 2014 helga hill and “her” guys received the national service award from agrartechnik magazine the head of the alsfeld office of the rwz agrartechnik zentrum has three grown daughters if asked what her biggest wish is she has no answer neither the usual search machines in the internet nor the recently updated navigation system in the car can find the address the commercial zone in the “obersten elpersweide” right on the autobahn a 5 is brand new this can be a problem for those unfamiliar with the area however this is no obstacle for the customers of the fendt distributors rwz agrartechnik alsfeld they know the way and helga hill the boss with her 22-person team is available for them day and night “we have a really

fendt news 27 26 korbanek headquarters in tarnowo podgorne 20 years poland anniversary 3 fendt and its sales partners – those are long-term partnerships this year there are three anniversaries at fendt the 60th anniversary of the collaboration with the fendt importers agricom s.a in luxembourg and also the 50th anniversary of the successful collaboration with gvs agrar ag in switzerland in poland the collaboration between fendt and korbanek already goes back 20 years aerial photo of the new branch office in swiete near szczecin a glass sign sporting the fendt and korbanek partnership logo is handed over to the korbaneks for the 20th anniversary the korbanek company has been active in the area of agricultural machinery in poland for more than 25 years the married couple began by trading spare parts for polish agricultural machinery in 1989 the year the berlin wall fell later they traded with polish tractors and then also with international brands the official dealer

31 30 tasmania opium poppy harvesting with reversing driver station one million olive trees are planted on an area totalling 2,7000 hectares near the inconspicuous village of boort two additional locations belong to the farm which brings the total area that is cultivated to more than 6,200 hectares just a reminder we are talking about an olive plantation not an arable farming enterprise 6,200 ha olive plantation just a reminder this is not an arable farming business “professional machinery is crucial in a farm of this size,” says gerard healy farm manager in boort the farm has been relying on the 200 vario and 400 vario series from marktoberdorf for six years now there are currently 13 fendt 200 vario and eleven fendt 400 vario tractors in operation on the farms for the running harvest the tractors are responsible for transporting the harvested olives just how well they work for olive production can be seen in the olive rejuvenating night on a reclining chair we arrived in

report 35 34 2,500 t of apples must be picked every season stiftung liebenau – home for special people to have a purpose and to be needed that is especially important for disabled people,” says ardlet who is responsible for farming fruit-growing and horticulture at the stiftung to give disabled people a home was already the goal of the founder of the stiftung the st johann-verein and adolf aich chaplain in tettnang aich bought the “schlössle” little castle in liebenau in 1870 to create a refuge for the disabled and terminally ill “he could no longer watch how these people were treated at that time together with a couple of nuns he renovated the schlössle first they lived there together with the other residents it’s easy with some cows pigs sheep and goats.” the pfleg und bewahranstalt liebenau liebenau hospital and custodial institution as it was called at that time soon established an excellent reputation both regionally and further

41 40 bart calis from the fendt crew coordinates the operations of the fendt tractors on the track some 15,000 enthusiastic spectators came to the 13th total agri beachpull in putten netherlands onto the pan the centre of gravity of the sledge shifts forward and thus increases the pulling resistance the weight and parameters of the sledge are adapted to the different weight classes so the same sledge can be used with both small and large tractors if several drivers manage the “full pull” more weight is added to the sledge only the winner qualifies for the dutch championship in addition the sledge also has a push-down system which decelerates the tractor within the shortest distance possible in the case that the driver loses control over his vehicle despite all of this craziness safety remains top priority “i often even dream about fendt tractors somehow they are in my blood.” tractor in optimal balance the ‘art’ in tractor pulling is in correctly

fendt international 45 44 safety first on the porsche race track 32° c glistening sunlight the air above the asphalt is scintillating the deafening sound of a screaming engine cuts through the quiet morning a porsche shoots past on the track faster than hardly any other vehicle can in the inside of the circuit of the nardò technical centre on the dynamic surface a fendt 720 vario makes it rounds comparatively slowly the special white paint job has a precious gleam in the sunshine the fendt is the latest purchase of the nardò technical centre easy to see from the air the round test track at the nardò technical centre johann planatscher general manager fendt italy handed over the white fendt 720 vario personally to edmund sander general director of the nardò technical centre the world-renowned testing track lies in the vicinity of the city of nardò in southern italy this region of apulia is mostly even and therefore perfectly suited for a high-speed track with only a

49 48 he gives lectures on successful grassland cultivation for colleagues for this he travels throughout germany and poland “why should i keep my knowledge to myself when i’m buried in the cemetery some day my knowledge will go with me,” he laughs one reason why his lectures are always well attended is surely not only that he imparts theoretical knowledge but because he also applies this knowledge himself “step out of your boots and get in front of the monitor” the expert alfons göbel teaches important basics for grassland operations the company has been providing training for 15 years as he steps out into the farmyard he is met by elena keller 1st year trainee for farming coming the other way she is in the process of completing her oneyear practical training and had to work in the stable the company has been offering a training programme since 15 years today however some other pupils will be coming to ehlenz the chamber of agriculture

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