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cover story 7 6 fendt the plus for grip and soil we develop technologies to allow you to work more efficiently and comfortably but we also keep in mind that driving should be as gentle on the soil as possible because your soil is your capital our tractor ranges boast a low vehicle weight with a high payload this allows enough room for versatile ballasting options because the only way to protect soil is with the right ballast thanks to variogrip you can adjust tyre pressure quickly and easily and distribute the weight over a larger area less air in the tyres lots of air in the soil more bars on the tyre make contact at once so grip increases noticeably with these and many other exclusive fendt technologies you protect billions of small organisms which are responsible for healthy soil and high yields in every cubic metre of earth here are a few examples of how technology performance and soil protection are connected stepless soil protection when driving over a field weight and driving

fendt interview 12 »we know where we come from!« 13 roland schuler studied business at the university of stuttgart with a focus on engineering he has been a member of the board since 1993 and starting 1997 also spokesman for the wlz raiffeisen ag board in 2002 after the fusion of the wlz and baywa he became a member of the board at the baywa ag in 2003 he took over baywa engineering 2006 the division for classic energy and in 2008 also regenerative energy since 2015 schuler has been responsible for baywa agri services with the management areas agricultural sales engineering and digital farming he was born in swabia is married and roland schuler at the bayerischen zentral-landwirtschaftsfest bavarian central agricultural fest 2017 has two adult sons digitalisation globalisation connectivity etc – continual development is crucial for companies in order to succeed in international competition despite this the baywa wants to remain a reliable partner for their customers and

fendt report 19 18 » we also want to create a buying experience here.« managing director günter schuster “the customer centre here is 100 available to all baywa field workers with their customers.” farmer sebastian linz with his son martin there are currently a fendt 720 vario and a fendt 513 vario with front loader on the family farm young martin linz listens very carefully while his father sebastian and the deputy workshop supervisor ralf lamprecht talk about “his” tractor the family farm’s fendt 720 vario is in the workshop for inspection “ever since we have started with vario our dealer has been the baywa bamberg although we are situated 30 km away,” says the farmer “this is where i find the know-how i need for the electronics.” sebastian linz has been driving with the varioguide automated steering system for two years now “i cannot imagine working without an automated steering sys that and we are happy to do

fendt news 25 24 because the tractors offer exceptional sitting comfort and good visibility over the terrain “the low depreciation and low operating costs are important to us we also have to feel good in it because we sit in the tractor every day.” satisfied with the service fendt is known for its solid tractors which are very economical hellums new tractor was delivered from by rune teigen from the eiksenteret lier dealership “i am very satisfied with the support i have received from them that goes for the salespeople as well as the mechanics from eiksenteret i just had a mechanic on the farm who inspected both 200er models and replaced the oil filter and oil,” he reports “ultimately it is not the purchase price that is decisive but rather the total cost of ownership for us the low depreciation and low operating costs are important we also have to feel good in the tractor because we sit in it every day it is our workplace after all furthermore it is

29 28 producing regions according to the national association of christmas tree producers bws the producing area for christmas trees in germany is between 30,000 and 50,000 hectares of these north rhine-westphalia has the largest cultivation area in the country with 18,000 hectares 12,500 hectares in the sauerland alone other large production areas are found in schleswig-holstein and lower saxony smaller ones in bavaria and the rhineland-palatinate the christmas trees are readied for delivery with the aid of a palletiser depending on the size of the christmas trees about 100 trees fit on one pallet blue spruce and norway spruce on more than 100 ha which is mostly their own farmland in addition to christmas trees the farm has some 100 ha of forest and 30 ha of grain “i never wanted to become anything else!” this all requires excellent organisation after labelling the trees verena dünnebacke still has a lot to do in the office today she takes care of sales

fendt technology 35 34 mission to mars – cloud-based solution for robot control as part of the research project mars mobile agricultural robot swarms fendt has developed small robotic units that are controlled with the aid of a cloud-based solution during the sowing operation – highly precisely and independent of location the system can be accessed using a smart phone or tablet app mars app the location of all robots incl their charging state can be viewed quickly satellites cloud tablet logistic unit engineers at fendt advance development together with the university of ulm are carrying out research on the use of autonomous robots in farming the research project mars mobile agricultural robot swarms studied satellite-supported precision seeding e.g for maize or sugar beets by field robots “there is hardly a greater challenge than providing food energy and raw materials sustainably and economically for a growing world population,” says dr benno

41 40 damino cazzola is responsible for the three biogas facilities two with an output of up to 1 megawatt and one with 60 kilowatt at peak times damino cazzola’s cows produce up to 5 tonnes of milk a day 600 hectares of their farmland with maize which is then used for biogas and fodder for the cows “the results that we achieve on the field are decisive for the optimal conversion in our end products,” says damino cazzola describing the work his cousin paolo and his employees do “that means the healthier the plant is the higher the quality of the milk from our cows and the higher the energy production will be.” the year 2016 was a very good year for maize according to paolo he drives his white pick-up truck on the fields for several hours every day to check and coordinate the work at two in the afternoon the first shift is finished work and the second group begins to work until midnight “during this highpressure time we even have a team of

fendt technology 45 44 stepless in a new generation for the 20th birthday of the vario transmission not fuel but rather hydraulic oil flows through the veins of a fendt tractor jokes the fendt team indeed it is the ingenious vario transmission the heart of every green tractor from marktoberdorf that makes the difference unbeatable in efficiency dynamics and ride comfort to this day vario – that stands for stepless driving and has already convinced 250,000 customers around the world anniversary for a successful model when the 250,000th fendt vario transmission leaves the production halls in marktoberdorf these days not only the fendt employees will be lighting a birthday candle now a good twenty years since the introduction of the first tractor with stepless vario transmission a quarter of a million have been sold a lot of luck the transmission developer richard heindl also thinks it is a good reason to celebrate the engineer believed in the success of this variable drive

51 50 sion factory as wagenseil describes it every component every assembly undergoes a test with micrometre accuracy automated per visual inspection or particle monitoring and last but not least by the staff themselves “we measure the accuracy of the manufactured parts in µm “mu” 1/1000mm ” says wagenseil 250,000 transmissions in 20 years that is currently some 100 transmissions a day produced in two shifts by 880 employees in the transmission factory every six minutes a transmission leaves the assembly line which was assembled with a five-hour lead time and tested on four transmission test benches 100 percent quality undergoing thorough testing a vario transmission in the enclosed testing booth afterwards only 100 percent quality is built into the tractor the core functions.” a completely new arrangement of the components allowed the gears and hydraulic motors to be enlarged within nearly the same amount of space their hydraulic power was

57 56 6.20-metre powerflow table has really proven itself on our fields under difficult conditions when harvesting peas and lupines,” reports mario otto especially important for the agricultural enterprise is operational reliability because on rügen there are no harvesting services offered by contractors nearly all the farms own all of their own machinery for harvesting cultivation drilling and applying pesticides mario otto in front of his 5255l after completing the harvest straw distribution over the whole width the lauterbach farming enterprise is located on the southern coast of rügen near the seaside resort of putbus two combines are used for threshing one of them is the fendt hybrid combine 9490 x longstanding employee karsten koldewitz has already harvested more than 10,000 hectares for the lauterbach farm he is just the right person to thoroughly test the currently strongest fendt combine in its first season on the farm “the 9490 x is to thresh

fendt.com fendt 500 vario your ideal perspective your future your perspective lay the foundation for the best future for your agricultural business with the new fendt 500 vario no other tractor in this class offers as much visibility productivity and versatility as the new fendt 500 vario compact and equipped with the latest technologies for guidance precision farming and realtime documentation with a fendt 500 vario you are ideally prepared for the farming of the future time for a new perspective – with the fendt 500 vario your ideal perspective now at your fendt dealership more fendt 500 vario perspectives at www.fendt.com/500 fendt is a worldwide brand of agco – latest varioguide guidance system with flexible choice of receivers – new terminal generation – new 1000e economy pto – high payload up to 4.4 tonnes – led work lights – 300° front wiper – new fendt standard colour ‘nature green’ 512 vario 125 hp 513