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high pressure fitting high pressure early in the morning fendt 1000 vario fendt 926 vario fendt 200 vario fendt 200 vario s tyre pressure control fan clutch fan blade hydraulic control control four wheel drive front wheel drive front wheel drive motors front wheel drive train pressure control system the front axle six cylinder engine internal parts of the tractors engine parts of the tractors pressure limiting valve hydraulic pumps and motors high pressure high flow regulator all wheel drive air conditionning system air conditioning systems air conditioning system hydraulic pumps and cylinders an fittings high pressure why do we need to speak family style of table service inside of an automatic transmission maximum power engine speed for s ans the filling station amount of oil needed i need to wake up what is new different types of table service how cost it is this different styles of the tables part numbers of spare parts different styles of the tables service come to the stable come to the table what is the importance of operating system 4 speed to 6 speed conversion what are the dimensions of an engine stand what are the types of components nuts and bolts nut and bolt nut and bolts it is well with on the road to success colours of the cars vario fendt fendt tractors fendt tractor

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cover story 7 6 fendt 1000 vario a revolutionary standard tractor the fendt 1000 vario was presented for the first time at the international press conference 2014 at the neuschwanstein castle some details about the engine the further developed cab fendt life cab and the lighting system were revealed to the public however fendt kept silent about the core the completely new generation of the vario transmission and the engine with low engine speed concept now we will unveil the secret and present the new fendt id drive train to you exclusively fendt 1000 vario 14-tonne unladen weight can be ballasted with more than 50 of its base

fendt interview 13 12 peter-josef paffen is known as the chairman of the agco fendt management board born in the rhineland he joined fendt in marktoberdorf in 1998 at the beginning as a qualified engineer he was responsible for the international coordination of product management for fendt tractors in the research and development centre he soon climbed up into the management level he drove the expansion of the marktoberdorf and asbach-bäumenheim sites forward in september 2012 the “world’s most modern tractor factory” went into operation before the world’s largest exhibition for agricultural machinery the agritechnica we would like to know from him what one can expect from fendt to start with a serious topic we are talking about the market situation in the past 1 ½ years all agricultural equipment manufacturers have been recording declining sales what is fendt doing about this the market situation meets our expectations we already adjusted our budgets

17 16 fendt.com i drive fendt fendt at the agritechnica 2015 more space greater variety of machines even more fendt from 10-14 november the world’s leading exhibition for agricultural machinery will be held in hanover fendt will relocate to the newly built hall for the first time agco is now found in the brand-new hall 20 across from the north entrance of the exhibition fendt is a worldwide brand of agco agritechnica 2015 now in hall 20 with nearly 2,500 m² fendt has the largest agco stand so it can present itself as a full-line manufacturer with the entire new product range all tractor ranges from the fendt 200 vario narrow track tractor up to the exhibition highlight the new fendt 1000 vario the new fendt katana 65 forage harvester and fendt katana 85 with tier 4 final emissions and new technical features the new harvesting machinery with combine harvesters and balers the new fendt forage harvesting machinery with mowers tedders hay rakes and the new varioliner loader

fendt women 21 20 quality in hp three hundred ninety and one horsepower liesa repetzki has been working in the schröder landtechnik gmbh in friedland where she directs powerful agricultural machinery for two years now she is also an active horseback rider all this is impossible to manage without ambition singlemindedness and discipline she and her trakehner welding simon enjoy jumping that was not always so explains liesa “a half a year ago it would have been unthinkable that i would even try a jump but jürgen dierlich and my horse convinced me with their patience.” an honest and straightforward demeanor towards customers is an important basis for long-term collaboration with the customers colourful obstacles create a change on the grey riding ring behind the wooden fence trees shield the area from the street but there is not much traffic anyway on the l 312 from friedland to heinrichswalde in the scenic brohme hills in the uckermark a rider and horse are making

27 26 machinery specialist he is responsible for the company’s machinery the brother have had a liking for fendt tractors for over 25 years now they first became enthusiastic about the green tractors from germany after a visit to the farming days an agricultural trade fair in hardenberg enough reason for their father henk broeders to give each of the brothers a fendt 300 for their 16th birthday two stars for luxury meat from “bief select” a path leads directly from the workshop to the neighbouring grounds this is where the parent’s house with four bull stalls is located hefty meaty cattle from the french “blonde d’aquitaine” breed peer out of the bright deep litter stalls inquisitively they weigh up to 650 kg “my father has 1,000 bulls here,” explains the tall man and points to the animals with the yellow coat “this all is luxury meat for the bief select brand quality meat with a special taste healthy colour and a

31 30 ary stones “now we can save the boundaries of the field in our computer we use the rtk system for correction thanks to the correction signal we can work very precisely once a track is created it is always in the same place we can use them over many years that makes work much easier compared to before instead of having to first determine the boundaries we can now just drive off and work.” on his computer in the office willi jaeger can see the boundaries that he drove with his fendt tractor equipped with varioguide and recorded via gps and rtk correction signal the data is sent from the fendt terminal via the mobile network to the computer ferent intensive cultures including chicory oilseed rape potatoes sugar beets but is also wellsuited for the hybrid propagation of barley high precision is required here that is why the tractor also has a whole row of operator assistance systems on board the automated steering system varioguide rtk ntrip variotronicti automatic

35 34 in the background the honeycomb-shaped supply nozzle blows air into the testing room creating laminar without turbulences flow of up to 20 km/h ing power of approx 120 kn “even tractors with more than 500 hp like our fendt 1000 vario are no problem for the test bed,” says bernd rückert “on the roller test bed it is all about traction – that means how do i bring the power from the tractor to the rollers in other words transfer it to the road or the soil that is crucial for farmers.” even the fendt forage harvester or combines can be tested on the full-vehicle test bed they may have higher engine power but the wheel power is not as high as on tractors 320,000 m³/h air volume the ventilation system another major feature of the system is a climate control system which maintains a constant room temperature through the exchange of a large volume of air – 320,000 m³ per hour a supply nozzle upstream of the test machine has a 4 x 4 m

41 40 agco’s 5-star certification the agricultural equipment company the agco corporation has been certifying its dealers with up to five stars since 2009 this rating includes customer benefits such as highly trained specialists special tools in the workshop an extensive spare parts stock as well as a fully equipped workshop vehicle for on-site repairs the benefits of the particular branch office also go into the rating these include for example the motivation of the staff or documentation of business performance which can be reported to customers farmer hubert müller has a mixed farm with a biogas facility pig fattening and poultry fully equipped workshop vehicle for repairs on location personnel with first-class training “to go for master craftsman certification was a personal decision i have the opportunity to further develop my professional knowledge and career also in regard to a higher position in the future.” martin gomringer counts for our customers is

45 44 new pre-owned machine programme also for the katana fendt katana 65 with new features fendt is introducing a certified pre-owned machine programme for all of its machines including the fendt forage harvester authorised fendt dealers check the machine thoroughly and offer the refurbished and certified pre-owned machine with a one-year fendt warranty benefits for customers they get an attractive used machine which holds its value and includes a transparent breakdown of its condition and history furthermore customers have the option of extending this oem warranty fendt katana 85 with wcs header optimisation of vehicle design regarding vehicle design the panelling and frame of the fendt katana 65 were optimised to reduce the weight of the machine furthermore the tank design concept was also revised and can now be optionally equipped with a silage additive system which is easily accessible and can be controlled and monitored from the terminal accessibility to all major components is

49 48 “e” like ever-ready and effective to be able to offer small and mid-sized agricultural enterprises highly efficient powerful combines today and in the future fendt has decided to continue to optimise the fendt 5225 e and fendt 5185 e combines series to meet the continually increasing requirements this also includes the modern agco power engine which complies with the latest emissions standard through the use of scr technology this engine technology protects the environment and is designed for the lowest operating

fendt 1000 vario 380 – 500 hp 279 – 368 kw the first i drive fendt the first standard tractor in this performance class that delivers 500 hp to the ground fendt 1000 vario the first tractor with the low speed concept for all components – for maximum torques up to 2,400 nm already at 1,100 rpm – fendt id the first drive train with variable all-wheel drive for 100 traction and 10% smaller turning circle through pull-in turn effect – fendt variodrive the first of its kind where transparent connected services increase your operating efficiency in real-time – fuse connected services be the first too agritechnica hall 20 and at your fendt dealership starting 2016 fendt 1000 vario german meisterwerk fendt is a worldwide brand of agco fendt.com agritechnica 2015 now ow in h hall all 20 1x gold fendt variogrip pro 4x silver fendt former x 360°-camera system fendt variodrive and fendt grip