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cover story 7 6 we sow quality you harvest reliability what does fendt stand for innovative technology green panels and red rims and for outstanding quality to ensure that farmers can perform their work with the least amount of stress we have been placing great value on the reliability of our machines for many years one can recognise the care we take in the details and our manufacturing quality – from tractors to hay rakes and of course by the colour the new colour for the entire fendt product line is now the freshest green in the agricultural equipment industry fendt nature green a different shade of green the new fendt nature green is not a revolution but rather an evolution because the fendt green has been renewed several times in the history of this traditional company for example because the ingredi ents of the paint changed and the lead was removed or because there was a switch to low-solvent paint in the 1980’s this time we are changing the familiar fendt green

13 12 customer gets precisely the tractor they want,” says michael nothhaas “no modern high-tech solution however can replace the experience of the staff because good ideas for even better results do not come from machines but rather from dedicated and experienced colleagues.” the average staff membership at fendt is 15 years which speaks for itself quality can only be achieved with qualification “the targeted qualification of our employees plays an important role in helping them perceive their work as varied,” says nils mütze fendt director of human resources for germany the netherlands and austria “another cornerstone for the outstanding »another cornerstone for the outstanding quality is the specific vocational education.« quality at fendt is the specific vocational education during their training the young men and women become familiar with their later area of work and already play an active role in the success of the company,”

17 16 dr volker kurfess works on the topic of quality with a global across-market team do you have an example where a small thing was changed to meet customer wishes a small example we have switched the loudspeakers in the cab in one product line feedback showed us that the loudspeakers did not meet customer expectations the loudspeakers were not defective but they did not fulfil customer demands customers noticed the lack of quality we are increasingly using this form of quality definition today when a customer comes and says that they are not satisfied then that is a quality issue for us that we then investigate we start a cause analysis how has the customer’s demand for quality changed can you give us an example of this technologies continue to develop what was considered innovative yesterday is standard today and must be further developed a small example from my daily life i was recently on a business trip abroad and had difficulties operating the navigation system of the

fendt international 21 20 the swiss slurry expert take every day as it is that is the motto of the farmer and contractor rené messer from the canton of aargau in switzerland his farm lies on a hill with a fabulous view to the habsburg which looks back on a turbulent history and has taught him a lot about life today in addition to mother cow husbandry he also runs a successful contracting business with his wife regula he is known well beyond the region as a specialist in slurry and fermentation residues rené and regula messer with their children willi and lina some 20 years ago the farm that the messer family owned for over 100 years burnt down completely “it took the arsonist a pyromaniac from the neighbourhood five tries to burn our property down to the ground,” he says explaining the horrible events in the years from 1989 to 1991 which had a great effect on him and his family “if you have to start over again after such a huge loss which is in no way

27 26 her father karl-hermann rininsland-schröder is a fendt enthusiast the oldest tractors on the farm a 1976 fendt farmer 102 s and a 1991 tool carrier gt 395 do their job just as well today as the newer fendt tractors the fendt 515 vario 817 vario and 412 vario “proven technology,” he says later karl-hermann rininsland-schröder a former bank from left frank grenzebach sales consultant agricultural equipment dorothée lux workshop supervisor uwe dorfschäfer and stefan kossel responsible for the inside sales of the raiffeisen technik location homberg/etze which employs ten people dorothée lux talks with her boss mario soose for the greatest part of her training as a wholesale and export specialist she worked in the engineering department at the raiffeisen waren gmbh which she enjoyed very much »the raiffeisen is like a big family.« her hobby did not become her career both in business and privately dorothée lux wants everybody to get something out of

31 30 michaela and parents armin and elisabeth truppe help to make sure the farm is a success today the gurk valley is bathed in sunshine it is time for the second cut but at the truppe farm nobody is under stress several days without rain have been announced and most of the harvest is already brought in tractors swarm out young michaela skilfully takes the fendt 516 vario profiplus 2016 out of the barn thanks to its manoeuvrability and strong steering ratio the compact tractor is ideal for the narrow truppe farmstead the good ratio of power to fuel consumption also played a role when buying the 165-hp machine says richard truppe today he will be mowing several hectares of grassland but first he instructs senior boss armin truppe who is driving out to turn hay with the fendt 310 profi 2015 everything is running well thanks to the newly installed fendt varioguide guidance system in the 516 vario that was important to him he expects a significant increase in efficiency and operator

35 34 their requirements and local circumstances available for the entry-level variant is the novatel receiver with the correction services egnos/waas rtk via radio or ntrip in addition to the well-known correction services egnos/waas rtk via radio and ntrip the trimble receiver also supports further services such as rangepoint rtx™ and centerpoint rtx™ the trimble xfill™ technology provides a fill-in time of up to 20 minutes depending on the guidance system and correction services varioguide works with an accuracy of 20 cm to 2 cm fendt marketing director roland schmidt in front of a fendt 516 vario the head of fendt tractor development walter wagner the new fendt 500 vario has a higher rear axle load of one tonne of work with the optional 1000e rear pto implements with a high speed requirement can be operated especially fuel-efficiently and the tractor’s range of applications can be expanded “according to in-house studies up to 7 percent fuel can be

fendt international 41 40 norway between automatic egg cooker and hook lift container norwegian customers demand a lot from their machinery since one’s existence in a sparsely populated country is dependent on the reliability of the machines norwegian farmers very consciously decide to buy machinery with outstanding quality lars and gudbrand jemblie from ridabu and morten engan from lånke have very deliberately decided for the tractors from the fendt 800 vario series norway finland morten engan and his partner therese haugan’s farm has the first egg automat with card terminal on the barn wall lånke sweden norway installed on the barn wall morten engan sells 30 eggs for 60 norwegian crowns which is equivalent to approx 6.40 eur “the small farm on which i grew up has been changed into single family houses despite this he ridabu oslo norway has a population of 5.2 million »the brand is known for its low diesel consumption.« morten engan from

fendt technology 45 44 fendt 1000 vario excites customers in september the production and delivery of the fendt 1000 vario will begin in larger numbers up to now it has already won eleven awards in six different european countries and was presented at international trade fairs including ones in brazil and the usa on the fendt 1000 vario tour throughout europe farmers and contractors were able to test the world’s largest standard tractor for themselves and get their own first impression whether challenger yellow or fendt nature green – the 1000 vario is “made in marktoberdorf” starting september the fendt 1000 vario will be manufactured in larger numbers delivery to the first customers will also start then by the end of the year the first 170 units will have been produced in marktoberdorf naturally in new fendt nature green internationally successful the fendt 1000 vario already won five awards in different categories at the agritechnica 2015 including

report 49 48 the colourful lively fünfschilling estate farm store fruit restaurant wine and much more are found on the fünfschilling estate in baden what started as a small family farm with mixed farming is now a diversified company explosion of colour in fischingen the fünfschilling estate is idyllically situated between vineyards and orchards in fischingen in baden from the farm store to a restaurant to the vineyard stefan fünfschilling offers a line of diverse products the appearance of his company is just a colourful while the cherries apricots and peaches provide colour in the fields inside one room is green while another radiates in pink the well thought-out colour design is a recurrent theme throughout all the branches of the company from the labels on the wine bottles to the fendt tractors namely they are all painted black the black colour actually started out as a joke “i asked my driver yves what kind of tractor he will buy next and he just said

fendt.com german dressage riders win team gold from left isabell werth dorothee schneider sönke rothenberger and kristina bröring-sprehe we congratulate the german national equestrian team to their outstanding success in rio the german national equestrian team proved their world class again at the olympic games in rio de janeiro the multiple gold silver and bronze medals significantly raised the medal count of the german olympic team we would like to name two athletes as an example for the excellent quality of the entire equestrian team the exceptional rider isabell werth wrote olympic history in no olympic riding discipline has anybody stood on the winners’ rostrum as often as the 47-year-old eventing rider michael jung already own an individual olympic win in london 2012 now he succeeded in defending his title with his gelding sam the entire fendt team would like to congratulate the german national equestrian team fendt is a worldwide brand of agco michael jung won the