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7 6 the weather however it may be less on some days when it rains heavily the ground becomes slippery and deep holes fill with water.” the two fendt tractors have been in continual operation for nearly a year now and have about 2,500 work hours behind them – all without problems or major repairs “the work those two have done is quite an achievement,” says renè rönnebeck praising his two 900 vario tractors “the fendts are tougher than all the others i notice it on the troughs that i build the machines are constantly subject to short small shock loads on the tracks here we tried several different tractor models the attachments for the wheel arches marcel rönnebeck right and renè rönnebeck right talk over the next work steps from right denny schulz from the baywa technik vetschau provides consultation for the family-run enterprise renè rönnebeck is responsible for job coordination his mother petra rönnebeck works in the office and

fendt news the bauma 2016 giant of the construction machinery industry the world’s largest trade fair in terms of exhibition space opened its gates on monday 11 april every three years the construction machinery industry presents its latest technology on 605,000 m² of exhibition space which is approx 56 football fields and right in the middle the world’s biggest standard tractor a fendt 1050 vario some 3,400 international exhibitors presented their newest products and innovations for the construction machinery industry over the seven days of the trade fair ilse aigner bavarian minister for economic affairs and media energy and technology visits the fendt stand “with fendt the high-tech industry has a top brand because the name stands for quality and for outstanding technology.” you will find the video about the bauma 2016 at www.fendt.t v time for customers fendt sales engineers provide competent consultation the “rear view” of the tractor also

municipal 13 one advantage of the fendt 209 f is its manoeuvrability hans mosbach l head of the central workshop and bernhard brischwein fendt factory representative mosbach highlighting the significance of the road construction business the automobile mechanic has been with the company since 1980 and has been managing the central workshop of the lfs in theley for 20 years no wheel turns without him and his 18 employees all machines and implements come here for inspection maintenance or servicing in the ultramodern workshop from the smallest power saw to big trucks all repairs are carried out here that is why hans mosbach also has a decisive word when new purchases are made beginning tractors on the autobahn how is that supposed to work?” recalls hans mosbach before a decision was to be made he had a suggestion he wanted to test the tractors from all the well-known manufacturers the saarland started large-scale testing five employees thoroughly tested tractors for five weeks

construction portrait 17 jürgen stehr is pure innovation he holds 61 patents everything began in a small garage in schwalmtal-storndorf in upper hesse jürgen stehr has annual net sales of 12 million euros with his implements dust-free solutions from the think tank jürgen stehr is an entrepreneur through and through solid and pragmatic but a visionary at the same time one would tend to say that he is an old-school entrepreneur were it not for the enormous innovative power which covers the grounds of the stehr spezialmaschinen company in schwalmtal-storndorf “those who do not want to change things for the future will lose what they want to keep.” that is his motto the history of the stehr company almost sounds like a fairy tale jürgen stehr’s success story starts in the year 1983 in a small garage in schwalmtal-storndorf near alsfeld in upper hesse here the agricultural machinery mechanic already started working on his implements for road construction and

19 18 long list totalling 61 patents shows that his visions are not just crazy ideas when you sit across from the down-to-earth managing director you quickly have the impression that everything that he does makes sense at fendt the strategy has also always been to listen to customers and to offer them products tailored to their needs stehr who bought his first fendt 824 at the beginning of the 1990’s was immediately enthusiastic about the performance capabilities of the green tractors from marktoberdorf – even though they did not have a continuously variable transmission at that time “fendt was the first manufacturer to bring the sensational vario transmission onto the market a bit later and that is exactly what you need on a construction site,” he raves the other advantages for him are clearly the high pto power since his implements are driven by the pto and also the excellent service provided by fendt in germany stehr however is a pragmatist “i

23 22 engineer denny gebhardt has been working at the süß bau gmbh since 2010 the construction manager is always there for all the big construction projects photo stehr photo daniela müller germany at that time,” says the civil engineer “the power of our tractors must match the soil stabiliser because it rotates against the driving direction in order to dig itself into the ground if i don’t have enough engine power i can’t go forward and have frequent downtimes on the construction site.” the fendt 930 vario already racked up 9,250 operating hours since it was delivered in september 2007 – without any major breakdowns the süß bau gmbh bought the new fendt 939 vario in father and son carsten right and christopher schräpler left drive the 900 vario “the comfort and performance of fendt tractors have convinced us the suspension and springs are really good on fendt tractors and the power transmission to the ground is very

construction 25 sand gravel are his business full power 390 hp in operation in the sand pit at the starkenberger baustoff gmbh the broad range of high-grade building materials is used in construction and civil engineering projects as well as for road pipe and rail laying work one finds them increasingly more often on large construction sites sometimes they are powdered white with lime dust or full of mud in the rain fendt tractors a fendt 939 vario has been in operation in the sand and gravel pit at the sbw for a few years now “its versatility has convinced us where we would have had to use a dumper dozer and an excavator before we now only need to use one fendt 939 vario that saves costs,” explains kai plügge general manager and head of production and technology at the starkenberger baustoffwerke gmbh sbw use machinery as effectively as possible the fendt 939 vario offers many operating options the starkenberger baustoffwerke gmbh sbw in north-eastern thuringia

fendt news 29 fendt factory representative for isu fendt news experience the fendt focus magazine interactively read exciting reports informative interviews and entertaining stories from all around the world learn about the latest fendt technology and watch the corresponding videos you can download each issue of fendt focus onto your tablet then that fendt focus issue can be read offline have fun reading and watching you will find the new fendt focus in the google play store for android devices and in the app store for ipads the experienced fendt sales employee jan schulze zumhülsen has been the new factory representative for the fendt business division isu industry road construction and environment since 1 august 2015 jan schulze zumhülsen is the fendt factory representative for the isu industry road construction and environment division he started at agco/fendt as a sales engineer in sales promotion in june 2000 he has been working as a factory representative in sales since

municipal 31 modern technology for an attractive city the town of zella-mehlis is a centre for winter sports and tourism and is a major economic location in the district of schmalkalden-meiningen despite this a demographic change is also noticeable here mayor richard rossel would like to counteract this by offering young people a reason to stay in his town that starts with an attractive town and this is where two fendt tractors come in twin operation of the varios fendt 208 v vario and fendt 720 vario performing mulching work in the summer zella-mehlis lies in a valley on a southern slope of the thuringian forest by car the town is best reached through two imposing mountain tunnels on the autobahn a 71 heading towards erfurt through the rennsteig tunnel which is 7,916 m long heading towards meiningen from the south or coburg through the berg-bock tunnel which is 2,738 m long then the town literally lies at your feet typical thuringian houses with slate facades or half-timber head of

forestry 35 powerful wood chipping in the bavarian forest johann kronawitter gives the sign – now it is time to step back because what is about to happen is dangerous it is a pleasant afternoon in the middle of march we are in wegscheid in the eastern part of bavaria christian kronawitter the junior boss has turned the terminal on his fendt 936 around towards the back this gives the carpenter by trade a perfect view to the wood chipper which is driven by the pto of his 360-hp fendt tractor the kronawitters only perform chipping operations as contractors overall the family business in germany and hungary cultivates 600 hectares of land the arm has already grabbed a thick maple trunk “the hard wood really makes our fendt work the pto and the entire tractor always have to deliver the highest performance,” says johann kronawitter the boss of the company who watches what is there is a lot of creaking and happening very carecracking the tremendous power fully christian

37 36 under deafening noise the 936 vario equipped with the chipper makes the finest chips out of 100 m3 of raw wood in only an hour thanks to the reversing driver station christian kronawitter always has everything in perfect view reversing driver station and the high pto power make the 936 vario predestined for forestry operations,” he raves “especially for long distances the high travelling speed and low fuel consumption of our fendt tractors are a great advantage,” according to the senior boss but forestry is only a part of the work that the kronawitter family does with their fendt tractors but first let’s go back to the work at holzenergie wegscheid christian kronawitter loads the last trunks onto the chipper the monster managed 150 m³ in the past hour and a half then everything is quiet again in wegscheid he then goes to his farm in stollberg a part of untergriesbach here his second oldest son hans manages the parents’ farm and is responsible