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fendt former hay

tidy work the fendt former hay rake do you expect the toughest jobs to be completed quickly and without complications then you should definitely have a look at the innovative fendt former hay rakes with their excellent work results they do a clean and tidy job of producing quality forage anytime and under all conditions 2

from a practical working width of 3.40 m to a gigantic 12.50 m – with the fendt former single and fourrotor hay rakes you have all of your areas under control designed for high quality work through and through the durable and easy-to-operate hay rakes do an excellent job of gathering the crop together for subsequent pick-up they are gentle on the sward and even on uneven ground dirt stays where it belongs on the field whether side or central delivery with the versatile fendt former two-rotor hay rakes your forage always lands exactly where you want it down to the very last blade the side delivery hay rake can be converted to 2-swath deposit in a matter of seconds since all two-rotor models have a transport chassis with steerguard steering system driving on roads and negotiating curves are a pleasure sheer joy the versatile fendt former hay rake line 4

solid rake heads with individually exchangeable rotor arms ts3/ts4 the ts5/ts6 assemblies also have maintenance-free precision ball bearings perfectly arranged the tangential arrangement of the rotor arms delivers the best swath results even at high working speeds rotor arms cam track adjustment and co clean work down the line and in every swath adjustable cam track do you have changing operating ground and forage conditions with the fendt former you can adapt easily how easy – quickly adjust the cam track rods no tools are needed and control the tines according to your needs this changes the point in time that the tines are raised prevents forage losses and optimises swath deposit the longitudinal and transverse tilt of the rotor heads also play a major role here tool-free cam track adjustment by repositioning the cam track retaining rod in the various holes raking quality pays off clean work results with the fendt former begins with well thought-out technology that is why

technical highlights multi-rotor hay rakes convincing technologies break-through patents on a safer track the steerguard steering system not all steering is equal the patented steerguard steering system on the fendt former is an impressive example of this to ensure precise safe and manoeuvrable steering of the multi-rotor hay rake at all times it was reduced to only two durable joints moreover the steering shaft runs within the frame and is therefore ideally protected from damage a unique system that maintains its directional stability even at high speeds maximum steering accuracy even at 50 km/h – the steerguard rotating shaft steering makes it possible camcontrol hydraulic cam track adjustment to ensure that the perfectly deposited swath is not spread out again the camcontrol hydraulic cam track adjustment provides over 50 centimetres of ground clearance in headland position in combination with the optimised lifting point the swath can be driven over without a problem i.e

operation safety and maintenance clean processing durable materials sophisticated details seamless quality anywhere you look on your fendt former rotary hay rake you will find nothing but quality this starts with the durable cam track made of unbreakable spheroidal graphite cast iron over the large-sized bearing tubes of the high load-bearing rotor arms and ends with the maintenance-friendly sealed rake heads beneath between and all around maintenance-free precision ball bearings commercial vehicle grade adjustable track rod as well as steel rollers with ball bearings and permanent lubrication the tines and the tine arms are elastic if they should ever bend out of shape e.g by driving into an obstacle the tine arms can be bent back into position without a problem in a cold state replacement is also very easy each tine is bolted onto the tine arm individually so you only need to replace the affected tine – fast and you do not need to remove the neighbouring tines the accurately

standard and optional equipment standard  optional  details fendt former single and four-rotor hay rake two-rotor side and central delivery hay rake in detail your lead for harvesting small to large areas variable and versatile for best quality forage  linear height adjustment is standard specification to permit easy adaptation to the ground conditions  tidy work at the push of a button the convenient operating terminal on the fendt former 7850 pro  infinitely adjustable the side cloth swath former on the single rotor rake permits adaptation of the swath width  clean work the wide-track chassis with tandem axle and super balloon tyres ensure smooth running and best ground following single rotor rake  the standard trailing device makes the fendt former single rotor rake manoeuvrable and easy to handle  whether single or double swath deposit – flexibility brings you ahead  an overview ensures safety permanently colour-coded

standard and optional equipment standard  optional  fendt former technical specifications fendt former weights and dimensions power requirement hitching rotor arms tines hydraulic control units tyres axles lighting equipment 351 dn working width rotor diameter transport width transport width without tine arms swath width number of possible swaths transport length transport height weight m m kg power requirement kw hp 3.80 2.90 426 dn 4.20 3.20 456 dn 4.50 3.40 1402 1452 1603 7850 5.80 6.70 2.78 2.70 0.60 – 1.90 2 6.65 3.00 3.60 1,580 6.60 7.70 3.20 2.98 0.60 – 1.90 2 7.45 3.65 2,100 7.80 8.40 3.60 2.80 0.60 – 1.90 2 8.50 3.60 2,400 fendt former 1.55 1.55 1.83 1.99 2.21 2.31 2.58 2.68 420 440 580 620 20 27 20 27 30 41 30 41 19 26 19 26 30 41 44 60 cat i ii cat i ii cat i ii cat i ii – cat i ii – cat i ii – cat i ii – cat i ii swath deposit number of rotors number of tine arms per rotor number of tines per

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