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the success and profitability of a biogas facility already begins in the field because only short precisely processed material can provide maximum energy yield efficiency that is standard in the fendt katana 65 and 85 forage harvesters numerous fendt katanas on the market speak for themselves and also for the many thousand satisfied cattle for fendt they are our toughest critics they sort out the overlengths in chopped fodder immediately valuable energy and as a result important milk output and daily weight gains would be lost in order to exploit the full energy from the crop the kernels must be cracked completely when your head thinks “best chop quality” your gut says fendt 6

precise work is the key to success for maximum area coverage the varioguide automated steering makes this easy for operators the central indicator lights on the steering column provide information about the most important driving parameters varioguide variodoc harvesting like on a track precision for whole crop silage 360° ride comfort anticipatory driving during operation – with the fendt katana forage harvesters just like sustainable ride comfort activate the fully automatic driving mode through varioguide and the forage harvester goes on its way if you would rather keeps things under control yourself you have ideal visibility in all directions from the driver seat precision from above the fendt vario technologies make you faster and more precise than ever the new fendt varioguide guidance system steers your fendt katana in two accuracy levels 20 cm and 2 cm thereby maximising area coverage you have a choice of two different receivers and correction services

the v-cracker processes the maize kernels very gently and thoroughly www.fendt.com/katana system change in just 15 seconds pivoting v-cracker www.fendt.com/katana at home in maize the harvesting season becomes a comfortable matter in the spacious visio5 cab precision in maize operations fendt katana forage harvester the perfectionist in the maize field a true maize crack in contrast to conventional roller crackers the fendt katana forage harvester has individually exchangeable cracker discs their larger friction and pass-through surface area combined with the 20 28 or 40-knife drum ensure maximum throughput as well as homogeneous chopped material the fendt katana gets as much out of the harvest as possible because every kernel counts maximum chopping quality where others bite the dust the fendt katana forage harvester lays down convincing performance with its innovative wedge disc crackers after all a high chop quality also means higher profitability the cutting length produced by

the swing angle of the discharge chute in animated all-round view www.fendt.com/katana the discharge chute with unloading height www.fendt.com/katana every hand movement is right the intuitive operation combines concentration and control using the multi-function lever the discharge chute can be quickly rotated to the other side of the machine with the touch of a button even with an unloading height of up to six metres operators have the chute flap in full view optionally the discharge chute can be extended to permit the loading vehicle to be filled optimally even with wide headers comfort 6m like a bed of hay the benefits of the fendt katana forage harvester almost like watching tv fendt katana operators find the comfort of home in their generously dimensioned visio5 cabs maximum comfort the best view and in the centre a very comfortable easy chair controlling the various programs and modes is easy just a flick of the wrist and there is even a cool box for drinks and refreshments on

more on fendt katana service maintenance www.fendt.com/katana-service ecellent profitability and higher residual value with fendt starcertified service nothing is as reliable as your fendt katana with the exception of our service diagnosis friendly the one-of-a-kind fendt service already begins with your first drive – and from then on it is always there for you during operation or in the rare case of a malfunction you are never alone in a fendt katana forage harvester unrivalled are the unique diagnostics directly in the terminal self-explanatory information shows parameters from the electrics and electronics speeds and also fault messages in full detail that is possible through machine monitoring via can-bus electronics malfunctions can be prevented in advance or if the case arises remedied as fast as possible that increases efficiency uptime and therefore your satisfaction 100 percent service to ensure that your fendt katana forage harvester delivers 100 percent

the fendt katana technology for more efficiency and a higher return on investment www.fendt.com/katana fendt katana 65 torque nm 3400 3000 2600 2200 1800 rpm 1100 1300 1500 1700 1900 power kw efficiency profitability is when your fendt katana even cuts down the costs per hectare non-stop efficiency compare the key data of the new fendt katana forage harvester and you will see the ratio between investment and running costs power and fuel consumption precision and ruggedness is right powerful efficient and smooth-running engines with eco/power modes drive the fendt katana 65 and 85 and comply with emissions stage tier 4 final in eco mode the engines run at 1520 rpm for a lower power requirement and reduced fuel consumption in power mode the engines run with 1900 rpm for maximum power and output in both modes the speed of the chopping assemblies remains the same the gearbox takes care of that different speed input eco and power but the same output for the main belt and therefore the

engine and tank design mobility in terrain two engines three tanks lots of benefits unearthly power on any kind of ground always the right temperature the reliable cooling system always keeps the longitudinally mounted engine running in the optimum temperature range the intake areas of the large cooling unit are continually cleaned through active dust extraction so there is no build-up to obstruct air intake you benefit from long maintenance intervals modular lightweight the new tank concept the new tanks on the fendt katana forage harvester not only have a high capacity – their modular and rugged plastic construction also spares a considerable amount of weight choose between 1225 l diesel tank with 205 l adblue tank or 1010 l diesel 205 l adblue and 215 l water or additive tank in the katana 65 or decide for the katana 85 with alternately 1430 l diesel tank or 1215 l diesel and 215 l water or additive tank either way you profit from the comfort of the new tank concept

take a look at the crop flow with the largest cutterhead on the market www.fendt.com/katana this is how six feed rollers guide the crop ideally www.fendt.com/katana types of crops and crop flow – grassland drum for long lengths in grass and esp miscanthus from 5.2 – 29 mm – smooth running also with very long chop lengths optimal for loading only when the focus is not on chopping with a 720 mm diameter the fendt katana has the largest cutterhead on the market the v-shaped arrangement of the knives with up to 23,000 cuts/min 40-knife drum enable an especially high cutting frequency – large cutting length range with one drum – even shorter cutting lengths possible for improved gas yield and higher output for bio-gas facilities – half knife set with chop lengths of 7.4 – 41.4 mm 2.6 – 14.5 mm possible without a problem – with full knife set chop lengths of 3.7 – 20.7 mm – higher throughput with short cutting

convince yourself of the straightforward design of the fendt katana cab www.fendt.com/katana cab lighting equipment working and leaning back at the same time innovations as far as the eye can see extensive lighting package is easy to operate the visio5 cab has been designed for optimum visibility and offers perfect ergonomics and easy-to-use controls in the workplace thanks to the special shape of the roof line operators always have the chute flap in view automatic climate control and heating guarantee a pleasant working environment the practical right armrest which is very popular with fendt tractor drivers has been adopted and adapted to the forage harvester 3 pairs of work lights in the roof driving lights in the front of the roof side finder lights and a rotating beacon powerful led work lights on discharge chute available as an option for the maize harvest in particular one is extremely pressed for time here the perfect illumination of the harvesting area and machine means you

engine ground drive fendt katana faqs glossary fendt katana the power of precision in figures big questions precise answers drive 22 23 four-wheel drive 25 discharge chute 16 17 lighting 31 accelerator 9 diagnostic capability 18 torque 23 compressed air system 20 21 throughput measurement 10 11 eco/power mode 8 9 22 23 efficiency 22 23 intake 26 28 driver seat 13 16 17 grass operations 8 9 automatic maximum output control 14 15 whole crop silage operations 10 11 rear axle suspension 16 25 cab 9 13 configurator 33 cab 12 camera 9 configurator 33 power 22 23 fan 24 maize operations 12 13 14 15 weights/dimensions 34 cutterhead 28 engine 22 23 24 multifunction armrest 8 9 parallelogram 21 swinging frame 26 wheels 25 33 system change 12 13 tanks 24 technical specifications 34 v-cracker 12 13 varioactive 14 variodoc 10 11 varioguide 10 11 variotronic 10 11 headers 26 27 maintenance 18 20 21 fendt katana 65 fendt katana 85 manufacturer type emissions standard engine power kw/hp ece r 120 no

contents 02 08 10 12 16 18 22 24 26 28 33 34 35 35 fendt katana the power of precision precision in grassland options varioguide and variodoc precision and comfort in maize operations ride and operating comfort service and maintenance efficiency and overall profitability engine and off-road capabilities swinging frame and headers crop flow and technology in detail equipment variants technical specifications faq glossary leaders drive fendt its mission power and precision convince yourself of our fendt katana forage harvesters comfortable reliable economical and versatile – the power of precision www.fendt.com agco gmbh – fendt-marketing 87616 marktoberdorf germany fendt is a worldwide brand of agco all data regarding delivery appearance performance dimensions and weight fuel consumption and running costs of the vehicles correspond with the latest information available at the time of going to press changes may be made before the time of purchase your fendt dealer will