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large electrically adjustable heated mirrors plus optional wide-angle mirrors ensure perfect all-round visibility a good view to the table and stubble and to the spreading pattern of the straw chopper with the camera enables the best performance in the field excellent visibility to the unloading area for fast unloading at up to 105 l/sec fendt proline cab relaxed working conditions comfortable seat the latest generation comfort seat with standard specification air suspension and numerous setting options can be optimally adjusted to your needs the adjustable steering column makes it easy to find a relaxed working position your passenger also has a comfortable seat space for well-being our proline cab has been generously designed you have plenty of space and room for well-being and have everything in view – from the table to the stubble to the unloading tube thanks to the large electrically adjustable mirrors there are no obstructions to your view towards the rear excellent

the standard multi-coupler permits fast turnarounds when changing fields the freeflow table has feed fingers over the the schuhmacher knife system is the best in the entire width which increase the throughput of industry with 1254 cuts per minute it is selfthe intake auger and guarantee active fast feed cleaning and always remains sharp into the crop elevator the powerfeed roller guides the crop very uniformly from the table into the crop elevator table the right choice for the crop fendt owners have the choice uniform crop feed is crucial for a high output and good threshing results that is just what the freeflow and powerflow tables offer freeflow table our freeflow table is available in working widths from 4.80 m to 7.60 m it is especially stable and maintenance-friendly because the components are bolted on with 1,254 cuts per minute the high speed of the cutterbar ensures a clean cut with a low power requirement the intake auger with a diameter of 610 mm moves the crop swiftly

front perfect the rear too the front and rear concave openings can be adjusted independently and electrically you can adapt the threshing unit to any possible harvesting conditions from the comfort of the cab the separator concave is rotated under the multi-crop separator this setting improves the separation performance in long straw and wet conditions enabling high output even under difficult conditions the separator concave is completely above the multi crop separator this setting is recommended primarily for crops that only require light threshing and in dry conditions threshing and separating uniform threshing – clean separation high-capacity threshing cylinder the high capacity of the threshing cylinder on our l-series is a consequence of its large 600-mm diameter the result is perfect threshing with a clean sample and less broken grain the high inertia threshing drum runs very smoothly even under difficult harvesting conditions it is very gentle in handling both the grain

besides the sectional concave extensive maize equipment is also available for maize harvesting versatility economical operations – different crops exchangeable sectional concave for arable farmers and contractors who need to harvest many different crops the fendt c-series can be converted in a flash with the new sectional concave the front concave segment can be easily removed and exchanged through the open stone trap two front concave segments are available a segment with 14 mm wire spacing for intensive threshing when harvesting grain and a segment with 24 mm wire spacing for maize soybean or sunflower harvesting for enhanced grain separation the universal segment has a wire spacing of 24 mm at the rear rice – the special version since harvesting rice poses very special challenges for a combine we offer you a dedicated model for this application to minimise material wear many components in this version have been strengthened and manufactured of very low-wearing

the active back walls of the steps promote effective grain separation we have strengthened the first step for grain maize harvesting an adjustable dimple plate is standard and ensures a uniform length of the chopped straw electrically adjustable deflector plates are also available as an option they allow you to achieve uniform distribution as needed residual grain and straw management efficient straw management optimal residual grain separation the 4256-mm high-capacity walkers with four steps each produce a thin straw mat combined with a high stroke and the active open back walls this further boosts separation you can be sure that even the last grain is separated efficiently gentle handling of the crop maintains the structure of the straw optimally easy switchover you can control if the straw is to be swathed or chopped with just one hand movement the straw is handled gently during the threshing process so you produce the best quality straw for bales fodder bedding or energy

you can control the electrically adjustable sieves from the comfort of the cab a sensor displays the returns volume in the varioterminal 7-b and enables fast adjustment of the settings for better grain quality an adjustable chaff spreader with double rotor is available as an option cleaning and grain handling harvest the best quality best cleaning – the cleanest sample the quality of the grain is decisive during the development of the shaker shoe the focus was therefore on the use of high-capacity sieves to harvest the cleanest grain the special surface of the high-capacity sieves hc sieves enables optimised wind flow and the highest cleaning performance to ensure that the crop remains uniformly distributed on the sieves the l-series is equipped with our sectional cleaning system with high dividers on the preparation floor as well as upper and lower sieves the returns system transports the material that has not been optimally threshed back to the threshing cylinder and

top up fuel check fill levels chopper settings lubrication manifold clean air filter remove the sieves mcs plus settings plenty of space in the engine compartment smart design good design makes work easier intelligently placed the few lubrication points can be accessed very easily for fast and easy maintenance the engine air filter and the tanks and filler necks for the various operating fluids are also optimally placed large side flaps offer easy access to the machine components for daily maintenance or quick monitoring optimal cooling – fast maintenance the cooler unit ensures reliable cooling of the engine hydraulics and air-conditioning the air intake screen on the cooler unit keeps the system clean – even in very dusty conditions for easy cleaning you just need to lift up the intake screen the platform ensures you have safe access 20 reliability and durability each component was designed for maximum durability and a long lifetime in particular the components that

cutting-edge engine and transmission technology packed with power – best service modern 6-cylinder the l-series is equipped with modern 6-cylinder engines from agco power with a 7.4-l cubic capacity the common rail high pressure injection system and 4-valve technology they deliver a maximum output of 243 hp 5255 l and 306 hp 6275 l non-stop on long stretches the l-series has enough fuel and adblue on board for long work days the diesel tank holds 620 l the adblue tank 80l depending on the output level the share of the consumption of adblue to diesel consumption is on average seven percent scr – fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly in the l-series fendt also uses the fuel-efficient scr technology where exhaust gas is after-treated with a urea solution for compliance with the newest emissions standards this not only significantly reduces particulate matter and co₂ emissions but also tremendously reduces fuel consumption best service we offer you professional

fendt l-series cutting edge technologies united 16 17 start-of-the-art technologies are optimally merged with each other in our l-series together they give you the economic edge 1 2 9 8 10 15 6 12 7 4 11 13 14 5 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 proline cab varioterminal 7-b with touch control freeflow table crop elevator with multi-coupler power feed roller threshing cylinder concave beater multi crop separator plus 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 straw walkers fan hc top sieve grain auger rethresher auger straw chopper grain tank agco power

fendt l-series technical specifications standard and optional equipment standard  optional  fendt table threshing system separation cleaning straw and chaff management 5255 l 5255 l mcs 6275 l 6275 l mcs 4.80 – 7.60 5.50 – 6.80 4.80 – 7.60 5.50 – 6.80 4.80 – 7.60 5.50 – 6.80 4.80 – 7.60 5.50 – 6.80                     cuts/min cuts/min 1,254 1,220 1,254 1,220 1,254 1,220 1,254 1,220 number 3 3 4 4 mm mm rpm degrees m² 1,340 600 380 – 1,100 120 0.83 1,340 600 380 – 1,100 120 0.83 1,600 600 430 – 1,210 120 0.99 1,600 600 430 – 1,210 120 0.99     12 380 12 380 12 380 12 380 table widths freeflow from – to table widths powerflow from – to automatic cutting height control cutting height

leaders drive fendt www.fendt.com agco gmbh – fendt marketing 87616 marktoberdorf germany fendt is a worldwide brand of agco all data regarding delivery appearance performance dimensions and weight fuel consumption and running costs of the vehicles correspond with the latest information available at the time of going to press changes may be made before the time of purchase your fendt dealer will be pleased to supply you with up-to-date information vehicles are not shown with country-specific equipment