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power traction and flexibility strength flexibility and load carrying capacity are required in the construction industry and for transport the fendt high-horsepower tractors prove themselves here with high performance paired with manoeuvrability and versatility transport work is completed with ease at a top speed of 60 km/h and with high ride comfort the tractors deliver excellent traction in unpaved terrain the high material handling capacity of the large fendt tractors is a great benefit in civil engineering projects and the high pto output and hydraulic capacity are ideal for recultivation and soil stabilisation work moreover fendt is now the only tractor manufacturer to offer a factory-installed rollover bar pushing power in the winter tractors are increasingly being used for winter maintenance operations and are therefore in operation the whole year round whether working with a snow plough cutter or cutter blower pushing power and operating comfort are what count here the load

fendt 200 vfp vario 51 – 81 kw 70 – 110 hp fendt 200 vario 51 – 81 kw 70 – 110 hp from vineyard to cycling path anywhere where things get steep or narrow the small fendt 200 vario comes across in a big way in the fendt 200 vfp version the narrow track tractor already starts at an outer width of only 1.07 metres – ideal for the maintenance of grass strips with a boom mower e.g on cycling paths or parking areas the fendt 200 vario vfp is also indispensible for winter maintenance on pavements despite its compact dimensions you can enjoy a spacious and clearly designed cab as well as the ease of operation provided by the fendt variotronic and vario transmission – mowing maintenance and grass regeneration on parking areas and golf courses athletic fields large open spaces ditches and marginal grass strips with aerator reel rotary and flail mower – hedge maintenance with boom trimmer – shredding brush with shredder –

fendt 300 vario 81 – 102 kw 110 – 138 hp fendt 300 vario – the municipal tractor the 300 series has been bringing together the experience of generations since 1980 whether for grassland transport or winter maintenance work – the fendt 300 vario is now equipped with even more comfort features and efficient technology which makes it your reliable companion for the daily challenges of your work for example the fendt 300er series also has a multifunction joystick and a vario-terminal for continuous ease of operation and especially convincing its attractive price-performance ratio the new fendt 300 vario complies with the new eu stage 4 tier 4 final emissions standards – mowing and maintenance of parks and large spaces using rotary or flail mowers – hedge maintenance with boom trimmer – forestry mulching – shredding brush with shredder – transport with container flatbed or trailer – roadside maintenance work with ·

fendt 800 vario 162 – 206 kw 220 – 280 hp fendt 900 vario 199 – 287 kw 270 – 390 hp power and traction with fendt high-hp tractors the fendt 800 and 900 vario belong to the highest horsepower class of fendt tractors with a maximum output of up to 390 hp and a maximum speed of 60 km/h you can move high loads and save valuable time fendt is the only tractor manufacturer to offer roll-over protection in compliance with din en iso 3471 rops for earth moving machinery for its high-horsepower tractors it is approved for an overall weight of up to 22 tonnes since it is perfectly designed for the tractor it guarantees the best visibility and safety for operators the frame folds down to the rear hydraulically to allow transport on low-bed trailers the new models comply with the stage 4 /tier 4 final emissions standards – mowing and maintaining large areas – operations with mulchers – bio-mass production with wood chipper – transport

fendt 1000 vario 291 – 380 kw 396 – 517 hp fendt 1000 vario german meisterwerk the fendt 1000 vario occupies a new segment with its power output its new type of design as a high-performance standard tractor unites all the advantages for operations in the field and on the road as an expert in power transmission it is predestined for enduring performance and meets demanding operations with dynamic torque development at low speeds and low consumption its large tyres intelligent ballasting and tyre pressure assistants as well as unique variable four-wheel drive deliver the right amount of grip in any situation – along with outstanding manoeuvrability – mowing and maintaining large areas – operations with mulchers – bio-mass production with wood chipper – transport with · trailer · dump trailer · push-off trailer – roadside maintenance – soil removal with scraper – ground stabilising with pulvimixer –

the fendt difference well thought-out to the last detail often little things in the daily routine are what make work easier and increase operator and machine performance fendt offers you many smart details and automated solutions so you can complete your daily work faster more efficiently and with greater pleasure 22

technical specifications g standard c optional cab and ergonomics feel good at work time to climb in the fendt driver station boasts high manufacturing quality and excellent ergonomics the controls are logically placed and well thought-out and the vario is easy to control thanks to the air-conditioning or automatic climate control the temperature in the workplace can be adjusted optimally the positions of the seat and steering wheel can be individually adjusted the result maintains operator performance and concentration suspension comfort for long days whether mechanical or pneumatic the cab suspension systems from fendt ensure high ride comfort the seat already has air suspension as standard specification starting with the 300 vario so that operators have a comfortable place for their work you can choose from three seat variants to meet your needs they can even be equipped with climate control and pneumatic lumbar support glazed areas optimised for perfect visibility the position

technical specifications   g standard  |  c optional g the driving mode can be individually and freely selected depending on the area of application operators can select the pedal mode and control the speed of the tractor with their foot the alternative is joystick control with up to four different acceleration rates automated functions  |  interfaces g two valves can be actuated at once with the crossgate lever without having to switch hand positions for example during front loader work the lift/lower and dump/tilt functions can be controlled with one lever g concentrate on the essentials during turning manoeuvres the pto automatic mode engages and disengages the pto as soon as the implement has been lowered or raised g the automatic output control permits the tractor to work in the optimal power range with a preset engine load operators can therefore concentrate fully on their work g in the fendt vario the engine speed and cruise control

g fendt tractors are equipped with the latest engine technology which is marked by a high injection pressure and an optimised combustion process the 300 to 900 vario series are equipped with the highly efficient and environmentally friendly scr technology and comply with the newest eu stage 4 tier 4 final emissions standards technical specifications g standard c optional tractor concept efficient dynamic sophisticated g with the continuously variable vario transmission fendt sets the standard for modern drive technology the transmission is uniquely efficient and permits speeds starting from 20 meter per hour up to 60 km/h without shifting perfect driving is stepless because only with the stepless fendt vario transmission can you drive at the ideal speed for your work from 20 metres per hour to a maximum speed of 60 km/h you can drive precisely without gear steps – using either the multifunction joystick or the foot throttle pedal the vario transmission and the engine

package modules in the power profi and profiplus variants all model packages can be customised in the factory with up to 260 options fendt 200 v/f/p vario fendt engine rated power kw/hp ece r24 max power kw/hp ece r24 rated power kw/hp ec 97/68 maximum power kw/hp ec 97/68 constant power kw/hp ec 97/68 1,500 – 1,700 rpm no of cylinders cooling max torque nm rpm fuel tank capacity l adblue® l transmission type pto max speed km/h rear pto rpm max lift capacity front linkage dan weights unladen weight kg dimensions perm overall weight kg fendt 300 vario fendt 500 vario fendt 700 vario fendt 800 vario 209 v/f/p 210 v/f/p 211 v/f/p 207 208 209 210 211 310 311 312 313 512 513 514 516 714 716 718 720 722 724 822 824 826 828 927 930 933 936 939 51/70 28/38 55/75 59/80 30/41 63/85 67/90 32/44 70/95 73/100 – 34/46 77/105 81/110 36/49 85/115 51/70 28/38 55/75 59/80 30/41 63/85 67/90 32/44 70/95 73/100 34/46 77/105 81/110 36/49 85/115 69 93 81 110 74 100 83 113 78 107 88

front loader front loader model lift capacity over full hght dan max lift capacity dan lifting height mm 1 digging depth mm 1 dumping dist max height 1 dumping dist at 3.5 m1 faq all about fendt 3x/65 3x/65 3x/702 4x/75 4x/80 4x/853 5x/85 5x/90 1680 1850 3740 210 860 1170 2000 2190 3740 160 1030 1450 1940 2250 4155 150 1145 1685 1940 2250 4155 150 1145 1685 g g 2260 2620 4155 150 1210 1750 2600 3000 4150 130 980 1610 2600 3000 4460 250 1080 1910 2950 3460 4460 250 1080 1910 g g g tractor model fendt 200 vario fendt 300 vario fendt 500 vario fendt 700 vario gggg 1 also available as cargoprofi 2 depends on tyres equipment front loader tractor equipment lift cylinder da quick-attach frame manual attachment lock const velocity tip cylinder mechanical parallel guidance front guard level indicator dampingsystem da pipe ruptureprotection lowering throttle valve load holding valve multi-coupler front loader hydraulic attachment lock 3rd 4th hydraulic working circuit multi-coupler for 3rd