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technical specifications   g standard  |  c optional g the driving mode can be individually and freely selected depending on the area of application operators can select the pedal mode and control the speed of the tractor with their foot the alternative is joystick control with up to four different acceleration rates automated functions  |  interfaces g two valves can be actuated at once with the crossgate lever without having to switch hand positions for example during front loader work the lift/lower and dump/tilt functions can be controlled with one lever g concentrate on the essentials during turning manoeuvres the pto automatic mode engages and disengages the pto as soon as the implement has been lowered or raised g the automatic output control permits the tractor to work in the optimal power range with a preset engine load operators can therefore concentrate fully on their work g in the fendt vario the engine speed and cruise control speeds can be set individually and independent of each other this makes work with pto driven implements much easier because the engine speed automatically stays at the right level automated efficiency and perfected interfaces automatically economical the fendt variotronic provides numerous automated functions which permit high efficiency during operation because precise work while continually driving at the right speed really pays off perfect coordination makes the difference on a fendt vario the engine and transmission are perfectly tuned to each other driving strategies and settings can be ideally adjusted to the particular situation presetting for example of the engine speed and travel speed makes it much easier to work more economically 28 flexibility for all operations with their many interfaces and many mounting options at the front and rear the fendt tractors offer excellent flexibility for operations over the entire year smart technical solutions such as the load relief front linkage control make work simpler and easier c the fendt tractor management system tms automatically ensures the engine and transmission are adjusted optimally the fendt vario then automatically drives in the fuel-saving range for maximum efficiency g located at the rear of the fendt vario are various interfaces for example the hydraulic connections pto or hitch system for mounting different implements the rear of the tractor is marked by a straightforward design and excellent accessibility c the front linkage on a fendt is integrated in the overall compact vehicle concept and intelligently accommodated in the front c the fendt vario have external controls for the linkage and rear pto rear implements are easy to mount the engine speed can be increased via the rear pto automatic and the desired pto speed can be targeted you save yourself unnecessary steps for example when starting the wood chipper c the comfort front linkage on the 300 to 900 vario has optional load relief control this allows the implement to be lowered with the front linkage valve and at the same time to be kept floating with a defined pressure this is especially advantageous for winter operations or with a mulcher because the weight is shifted to the front axle which improves steering performance c for the 500 vario series and higher fendt offers a 12 volt socket which is located at the rear of the tractor for guiding abs trailers 29