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fendt slicer disc

mowing said and done the fendt slicer disc mowers one does not need to lose many words on the fendt slicer disc mowers their tremendous efficiency alone already speaks for itself and also the quality of the perfectly cut dirt-free forage however we would like to stress one thing be prepared for fast and efficient forage harvesting in any terrain 2

perfectly adapted to the needs of small and mid-sized farms the fendt slicer disc mower with spur wheel drive their lightweight design permits a large working width of up to 3.18 m for impressive area coverage especially in combination with smaller tractors starting from 50 hp the flat cutter bar with standard specification spring relief adapts quickly to the terrain the result the mower follows the ground contours perfectly so it is gentle on the sward and keeps dirt from entering the forage fendt slicer disc mowers with a compact angle drive are the first choice for large areas whether front-mounted on the headstock or oscillating linkage or centre or sidemounted to the rear three-point or as a rear mower combination with a working width of up to 9.30 m even the densest forage crops cannot stop the precise cut in combination with a conditioner and conveyor belt you always get the best forage in the shortest amount of time anywhere cutting edge technology that goes through thick and

both strong and gentle the elastic v-belt drive with automatic tensioning device the standard specification mechanical spring relief reacts quickly to adapt the cutter bar to the ground fendt slicer with spur wheel drive because being lightweight and durable is not a contradiction low weight – high performance if there were a title for the best weight-power ratio for disc mowers the fendt slicer with spur wheel drive would take it despite a working width of up to 3.18 m the rear mower with elastic v-belt drive and automatic v-belt tensioning is easy to pull since the design intentionally has no inner shoe to save weight forage does not pile up even on extreme slopes the perfect cutter bar at the heart of the fendt slicer with spur wheel drive is the cutter bar although it is very lightweight we did not save on quality or operating comfort the largesized gears which lie adjacent to each other inside the flat cutter bar are made of hard-wearing high-quality steel the bearings for

one indirect drive per cutting disc the hexagon shaft and compact angle drive make it possible the streamlined cutter bar has a profile on the underside which effectively separates forage and dirt with their large far forward reaching overlap the mower discs deliver perfect cutting results down to the very last stalk fendt slicer with compact angle drive starting now there are no more poor harvesting conditions indirect drive – direct advantages the fendt slicer cutter bar with compact angle drive is just as efficient as it is durable thanks to the large-sized hexagon shaft and a robust angle drive for each cutting disc what is special all cutting discs are driven with the same force from below which smoothes out torque peaks efficiency increases while wear decreases at any time and under all imaginable conditions conditioner can be retrofitted would you like to bring in your forage even faster or ferment it reliably for use as silage there are two different types of conditions

the patented safetyswing impact guard permits the cutter bar to swing out of the way easily to protect it from damage in the case of collisions technical highlights safety and maintenance once a slicer always a slicer driveguard and safetyswing once you get to know the innovative safety systems on the fendt slicer disc mowers you will never want to do without them again the patented safetyswing impact guard protects your mower combination by reliably guiding the mower unit over obstacles if one single mower disc hits an obstacle and is blocked the driveguide overload protection breaks it at a predetermined point and the drive train stops immediately the standard specification driveguard protects the drive train of all the disc mowers with the compact angle drive the bolted design of the bar makes it extra easy to assemble and repair changes on the fly with comfortchange thanks to comfortchange another small but effective detail blades can be changed very easily and quickly simply fit

standard and optional equipment standard  optional  benefits fendt slicer front mowers bandwidth fendt slicer rear mowers stay ahead with a cleancut you roll up the the field from behind  a flexible swing angle of ± 6.5° for an optimal mowing pattern the load relief front linkage control on the fendt tractor effectively replaces the mechanical spring relief on the cutter bar  the tine and roller conditioner can easily be retrofit on the front oscillating linkage  a lightweight in terms of construction a heavyweight in efficiency fendt slicer with rear side attachment  the side-mounted rear mower enables an especially compact transport position  optimal mowing of embankments thanks to a mower unit that can pivot 30° downwards fast easy safe the hydraulic flaps on the side guards  the cutter bar with rear centre-mounting is stable easy to pull and floats thanks to the sliding guide and turbolift system  low centre of gravity

standard and optional equipment standard  optional  fendt slicer technical specifications fendt slicer weights and dimensions power requirement hitching cutting unit variants hydraulics pto working width transport width swath width transport height transport length weight mmmmm kg power requirement kw hp three-point 2.42 1.80 1.65 3.30 – 510 2870 isl 2.82 1.80 2.00 3.70 – 550 3280 isl 3.18 1.80 2.50 3.99 – 570 310 fpk 3.00 3.00 2.00 – 1.25 694 3060 fp 310 fz 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 1.10 – 2.203 1.45 – 2.203 – – 1.49 – 1.583 1.81 – 1.873 930 – 770 – 1,2023 1,0403 270 p 2.55 2.13 1.60 2.95 – 630 320 p 3.00 2.13 1.80 3.43 – 724 3.50 2.13 2.30 3.91 – 798 44 60 51 69 55 75 55 75 – 66 903 55 75 – 66 903 40 54 45 61 50 68 power requirement cat i ii cat i ii cat ii cat ii cat ii cat ii cat ii cat ii cat ii hitching 6 2 6 2 6 2 5 2 6 2 7 2 6 2 7 2 8 2

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