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6 new fendt technologies fendt connects connecting agricultural equipment is the main topic for further increasing the profitability of agriculture highly efficient machine operations as well as the analysis of important data for greater transparency and planning security form the basis for this fendt offers intelligent solutions and interfaces to connect farmers service partners and machines together in an effective partnership

10 fendt variotronic functions for more efficiency the fendt variotronic includes and integrates the keys functions for higher efficiency unique all functions can be adjusted easily and conveniently with the varioterminal the main applications are • vehicle controls tractor combine forage harvester • variotronic implement control isobus tractor • varioguide automated steering • variodoc documentation • camera function tractor combine • help function

14 fendt varioguide 15 always on the right track varioguide – even more profitable varioguide enables the highest possible utilisation of the machine since you can even work at night or when visibility is poor due to dust or fog and still achieve an optimum result at the same time area coverage is significantly increased since the number of skips and overlaps is reduced the highly efficient use of crop inputs with varioguide provides savings of up to three to ten percent depending on the working procedure enhanced driving comfort with varioguide you not only work more economically but also benefit from significantly improved operator comfort the tractor automatically drives in the right track so operators can fully focus their attention on the actual work with the implement the variotronicti automatic headland management can also automatically trigger the headland sequences at the right position always the same operating philosophy no matter which fendt machine you are working

18 fendt varioguide light 19 accuracy to 20 cm varioguide light – the simple guidance system varioguide light is the economical solution for dairy farms mixed farms or market fruit farms which are looking for a cost-effective guidance system for tillage or grassland operations integrated in the varioterminal 7“ it offers an accuracy of 20 cm please note that varioguide light cannot be upgraded to higher accuracies available correction signals varioguide light attains an accuracy class higher than the free egnos correction signal or american waas system if these correction signals are not available varioguide light runs in autonomous mode here the deviation of the position of the tractor is calculated with a software filter where the signals from the gps and glonass-systems are compared and adjusted to each other varioguide light main hauptseite page varioguide light main hauptseite page terminalansicht im kleinen terminal terminalansicht im kleinen terminal varioguide

22 documentation variodoc 23 the professional documentation system modern job management variodoc is the solution for efficient job management and convenient data recording for farming businesses and contractors using the varioterminal all relevant information can already be entered in the field so that follow-up work in the office is reduced to a minimum automatically recorded data from the tractor such as fuel consumption or working time and the isobus implement are recorded automatically with variodoc for example the application quantity on the combines and the forage harvester the machine information such as the harvested area fuel consumption and operating time are logged and it works the other way around too – new jobs can be created using the pc and then transferred to the terminal to be processed there secure data exchange just one single synchronisation procedure is all that is required to update data on both the pc and terminal then you have all the current master

26 variotronic implement control isobus because one terminal is enough tractors and implements are developing into a unit where the tractor is the processing unit for all procedures the variotronic implement control isobus is perfectly integrated in the operating concept of the fendt vario and you do not need an additional terminal sectioncontrol enables automatic section control via the gnss position

30 sectioncontrol 31 more precise than ever before precision during application the implement control features automatic sectioncontrol when working with sprayers fertiliser spreaders precision air seeders seed drills and planting machines sectioncontrol provides further savings potential for inputs this has a positive effect on your cost calculation and also for the environment sectioncontrol operation bedienung functionality in the terminal sectioncontrol switches sections on and off at the headlands or edge of the field to prevent undesired overlapping the system is optimally integrated in the variotronic operating interface sectioncontrol assistant on board besides the name and geometry of the implement the delay parameters for switching the sections on and off are also transferred to the tractor when an isobus implement that supports sectioncontrol is coupled these standard values which have been assigned by the implement manufacturer must be adapted during operation fendt has

34 headland management 35 faster at the headland variotronic ti headland management the variotronic ti headland management is fully integrated in the varioterminal and is shown clearly laid out in the display operators can activate automated operating sequences at the headlands with just a touch of a button the new fully automatic variotronicti automatic combined with varioguide offers greater convenience the sequences are automatically started at a headland line via gnss they can be edited and adjusted individually to optimise the progression of the steps you save valuable time throughout the entire day 25 implement memories all settings in the varioterminal can be saved under a unique name and called up at a later time for example if you have set the engine or cruise control speeds or configured the hydraulics and linkage these settings can be easily reloaded and adjusted if necessary of course operators can also save their own custom settings edit offline individuelle belegung

38 fendt futurefarm guideconnect fendt is heading towards the future with new visions in connectivity and electronics guide connect awarded a gold medal at the agritechnica 2011 is an example for the giant steps being taken in the development of this area fendt guideconnect connects two tractors via gnss signal and radio so that both can be controlled by just one driver these are groundbreaking innovations that will define the future of farming

42 quality – service – training – finance the fendt overall profitability 43 leaders drive fendt you must experience for yourself the ingenuity of the fendt vario down to the very last detail test a fendt convince yourself and make the right investment certified quality we offer more – join us we achieve a constant excellent premium quality through firstclass workmanship and use high-grade materials for all components in the development phase the tractors undergo comprehensive testing with up to 10,000 engine hours under the toughest conditions to thoroughly test the durability of components in series production fendt relies on comprehensive testing processes to ensure that each individual tractor leaves the factory with the highest quality fendt not only offers high-quality products with cutting-edge technology but also assists you in getting the most out of your vario with the help of our fendt driver training fendt expert you can further optimise

leaders drive fendt www.fendt.com fendt is a worldwide brand of agco all data regarding delivery appearance performance dimensions and weight fuel consumption and running costs of the vehicles correspond with the latest information available at the time of going to press changes may be made before the time of purchase your fendt dealer will be pleased to supply you with up-to-date information variotronic/en/0315/4.67-ro agco gmbh – fendt marketing 87616 marktoberdorf germany sales