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the two-part wide-angle mirror provides an excellent view to the sides of the machine best visibility to the crop elevator enables fast mounting/removing of the table direct view to the unloading auger skyline cab my home for long work days the work place the fendt skyline cab offers plenty of space and room for your well-being through the innovative design of the combine visibility to the most important areas such as the unloading auger stubble and table is optimal there is also excellent visibility towards the rear using the electrically adjustable heated mirrors or the standard specification reversing camera in the varioterminal 10.4-b powerful work lights for night work the lighting concept on the fendt x-series and p-series offers bright and far-reaching illumination in the field and on the road the standard equipment includes a comprehensive set of adjustable work lights which provide excellent illumination for night work furthermore the combines have service lighting under the

fendt variotronic your intelligent assistant fendt varioterminal 10.4-b with the varioterminal 10.4-b fendt also sets the standards for optimum menu navigation and acrossrange operating interface in harvesting machinery the varioterminal 10.4-b is located in perfect view and well within reach it provides all relevant performance data and settings of your fendt combine with the touchscreen monitor you can check and adjust machine settings quickly and easily all in one terminal with the varioterminal 10.4-b fendt puts all functions together in one terminal whether you are adjusting machine settings using the automated steering system or documenting operation all these applications are integrated in the varioterminal 10.4-b everything in view the large varioterminal 10.4-b with colour display has intuitive menus and can display up to four different applications so you have an overview over everything at all times you can select the screen layout flexibly as you wish and with up to two

integrated information and automatic steering systems start with your fingertip varioguide – always on track the optional varioguide uses the latest technologies to guide your machine precisely through the crops this gives you higher threshing performance by reducing unnecessary passes and optimising the field division the integrated system is adjusted in the varioterminal 10.4-b with just a few clicks various upgrade stages offer accuracy in the standard range 20 cm in the precision range of 5 cm and in the rtk range with 2 cm varioguide allows operators to get the best out of their machines variodoc – optimal documentation the variodoc system runs in the background of the varioterminal 10.4-b it logs machine information such as threshed area fuel consumption and working time which is then transferred to the field database either via bluetooth or gprs in connection with a gps signal and the data from the yield mapping the fendt variodoc system gives you the

the large threshing cylinder is fitted with additional weight bars which give it very high inertia the result is uniform threshing of the crop threshing already starts at the pre-concave threshing bar the rugged concave has gentle threshing action in the front area and high separation capacity at the rear thanks to the different wire spacings for effective separation of residual grain the crop is diverted from the beater to the rotary separator threshing and separating with the fendt p-series threshing with separation through straw walkers 600 mm wide high-inertia threshing drum the fendt threshing cylinder has reinforced threshing bars which increase the weight on the outside of the drum and thus generate a flywheel effect this physical effect ensures a uniform drum speed even when the threshing load varies which enables a higher throughput and greater productivity the constant threshing cylinder speed produces clean threshing results and the cleanest grain sample high-capacity

the large threshing cylinder is fitted with additional weight bars which give it very high inertia the result is uniform threshing of the crop the pre-concave extension gently starts the threshing process and increases the efficiency of the concave the distance between the concave and cylinder has been increased to match the massive throughput capacity of the machine it can be set to 40 mm to permit fast and efficient crop flow through the threshing unit threshing and separating with the fendt x-series threshing with separation through rotors hyperforma threshing unit for better performance the fendt x-series uses the proven threshing cylinder from the straw-walker machines the higher output of the hybrid combine in comparison to the straw-walker system arises through the higher separation capacity of the rotors and the higher engine power optimum feed to the rotors the rotorfeeder is the third cylinder in the threshing unit and guides the crop flow gently and uniformly into the two

for the 9.20 m and 10.70 m wide tables you can equip your fendt machine with the optional maxi spread radial spreader only x-series the two discs ensure uniform spreading of the chopped material over the entire working width the speed of the discs and therefore the working width can be easily adjusted independent of each other from inside the cab the high-performance straw chopper has 8 rows with a total of 108 serrated blades and has a considerably higher working speed than standard straw choppers optimal cleaning – straw management equipment features that enable maximum output perfect cleaning through smart aerodynamics the unique venturi cleaning system delivers maximum cleaning capacity to achieve a perfect grain sample and minimum losses the system creates optimised air flow over the entire sieve area the aerodynamically-formed venturi air inlet opening which is found in the centre of the blower housing increases the volume of air the cleanest sample the cleaning system

perfect quality of grain atrak crawler track your grain in good hands your choice for the least soil compaction 3,49 m tyre size standard machine 1050 50 r 32 grain tank capacity in litres combine harvesters 12,500-litre capacity the grain tank capacities are adapted to the high machine output and have a capacity of up to 12,500 litres that guarantees high efficiency longer threshing times and therefore more time for harvesting the central filling auger fills the tank evenly and completely two filling level indicators always inform operators about the fill level of the grain tank the auger is retracted and the electric covers seal tight when closing the grain tank 24 standard autolevel 8380 p 10,500 10,500 8410 p 12,500 10,500 9490 x 12,500 10,500 fast and complete unloading the crop is unloaded quickly with 120 l/sec unloading capacity to prevent driving over the swath when unloading different reach lengths are offered for the unloading auger integrated final drives –

chopper settings chopper maintenance access clean air filter check fill levels smart design good design makes work easier fast and easy daily maintenance the air intake screen flips up for easy cleaning from the top and the dust extraction keeps it clean even under very dusty conditions the platform offers safe access to the air intake screen and the radiators maintenance is fast and easy since there are only a few lubrication points and they are easily accessible the straightforward mechanical design of the machines minimises the number of drives which significantly reduces the required maintenance then you can spend more time on more important things – namely the harvest containers and filler necks for the various operating fluids are optimally placed for easy checking of the fill level or for refilling the same applies to the engine air filter large side flaps offer easy access to the machine components for daily maintenance or quick monitoring best spare parts supply fendt

fendt p-series leading-edge technologies united 16 17 2 1 9 7 15 10 8 5 6 13 11 14 12 4 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 skyline cab varioterminal 10.4-b with touch control powerflow table crop elevator with multi-coupler threshing cylinder concave beater rotary separator 8 straw walkers 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 grain pan preparation floor with two steps venturi cleaning system hc top sieve chaff spreader 8-row straw chopper grain tank agco power

fendt x-series and p-series technical specifications fendt powerflow tables table widths reel drive cutting frequency rape knives automatic table guidance automatic reel speed control crop elevator hyperforma threshing unit residual grain separation cleaning 9490 x m cuts /min no of chains reverser table and crop elevator threshing cylinder width threshing cylinder diameter concave bars threshing cylinder threshing cylinder speed standard concave area wrap angle concave mm mm number rpm m² degrees beater separation area rotary separator diameter rotorfeeder diameter rotary separator speeds rotorfeeder speeds rotary separator separation area rotorfeeder separation area residual grain separation rotors diameter rotors length rotors separation area rotors angle of wrap rotors speed straw walkers straw walkers steps straw walkers separation area total separation area m² mm mm rpm rpm m² m² venturi cleaning system total cleaning area fan speed adjustment fan speed two steps

leaders drive fendt www.fendt.com agco gmbh – fendt marketing 87616 marktoberdorf germany fendt is a worldwide brand of agco all data regarding delivery appearance performance dimensions and weight fuel consumption and running costs of the vehicles correspond with the latest information available at the time of going to press changes may be made before the time of purchase your fendt dealer will be pleased to supply you with up-to-date information vehicles are not shown with country-specific equipment