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cover story 7 6 fendt at the agritechnica 2015 – shower of medals and crowds of

13 12 the agritechnica 2015 was once again an exhibition with exceptional dimensions according to the dlg some 450,000 visitors came to hanover for the world’s leading exhibition for agricultural machinery and almost everybody passed by the fendt stand in the new hall 20 michael hoffmann and eike ridder numbers data facts on the fendt stand in hall 20 number of fendt machines 30 7,064 hp number of meals and drinks • coffee 900 litres • non-alcoholic drinks 3,000 litres • bavarian white sausages 1,500 pairs • pretzels 5,000 burkhard eick staff of the contracting business from eckernförde schleswig-holstein farm manager from northern germany true fendt fans visit the fendt stand at every agritechnica that is why michael hoffmann and eike ridder immediately noticed that the stand is much bigger this year and they like that a lot eike ridder also immediately noticed the new green of the fendt 1000 vario because he has a lot of experience with green

18 19 the chairman wants the rwz rhein-main to remain a sustainable partner for agriculture can offer excellent service we need a very good supply of parts and practical solutions in the area of smart farming the rwz has driven the topic of connectivity forward for example with the rtk rhineland association verbund rtk-rheinland what other services are imaginable for customers we have our own gps specialists they drive out and provide consultation to customers that are interested in the fendt variotronic for example but the development goes much further yesterday for example our manager for plant protection was here this topic is extremely interesting for him too customers get what they need from us from pesticides to fertiliser and naturally the right equipment to apply everything economically and ecologically agco presented the fuse connected services at the agritechnica which will allow agco dealers to offer their customers even better service in the future as you can see we

fendt technology 25 24 fendt former 12555 x the future is electrified fendt has many years of research experience in the area of electric drive technology in 2013 the agricultural equipment company presented its fendt x-concept project the first results of a fendt tractor which in addition to the hydraulic connections and the pto also has a high-volt connection now at the agritechnica 2015 fendt is the first manufacturer to present a hay rake with an innovative integral electric drive it has an electric motor integrated directly on the rake socket the rotor is integrated in the existing housing of the rake socket as an external rotor in 2001 fendt already recognised the potential of electric drive technologies and began intensive research work at first on an electric tractor ground drive the goal was to develop electric machines and matching power electronics and an electric safety concept suitable for mobile use these included thoughts on how the electric power generated by an

29 28 fendt varioliner the fendt varioliner 2035 is designed for a total weight of 20 tonnes and 35 m³ loading volume din 11714 the model fendt varioliner 2440 is approved for a total weight of 24 tonnes and 40 m³ loading volume din 11714 the new fendt full-line programme fendt tractors with mowers and varioliner in grassland the baffle plates on the front wall for the fodder flow ensure the crop is distributed over the entire width of the loading space the fendt varioliner is thus filled uniformly and effectively scraper floor and movable back wall for optimum loading the scraper floor of the new fendt loader wagon is lowered behind the rotor energy losses which usually arise through the silage acting on the rotor are minimised and the structure of the fodder remains the fendt varioliner is isobus controlled and monitored as standard specification intact the additional space also increases the loading volume the movable back wall creates a wider loading volume and

fendt report 35 34 using varioguide for planting potatoes the left machine combination leaves one track free every 36 m for the 36 m wide plant protection sprayer the right tractor on the field drives exactly between the previously planted rows rtk correction signal sometimes everything comes at once because the crisp factory needs fresh potatoes right now and after a long period of waiting the weather is finally right for planting the potatoes for the next harvest during this time all the working procedures must work smoothly all hand movements must sit right and the modern agricultural machinery must be ready for operation heiner müller took over his parents’ 250-year-old farm in rommerkirchen rhineland in 2005 “i’m a rtk stands for “real time kinematic” and is optimally suited for driving and steering with gps accuracy in farming operations in addition to the gps signal a tractor fitted with varioguide rtk can receive rtk correction signals from

fendt technology 41 40 smart in the field the next-generation varioguide guidance system with two new receivers offers absolutely reliable guidance independent of local circumstances for the start the further development will be for the powerplus and profiplus variants which will be available for the fendt 800 vario 900 vario and 1000 vario tractor ranges starting 2016 fendt has also expanded its variotronic operating concept with new functions this includes the application rate control “variableratecontrol vrc” agritechnica 2015 besides iron and steel many customers were interested in the electronics and assistance systems open systems more choices the new varioguide the varioguide automatic guidance system facilitates operators’ work with the tractor day and night and over a long period of time so they can direct their full concentration on the implement with the convenient automatic new varioguide fendt offers customers even more functionality and dependability a

fendt international 45 44 top-level agricultural equipment the gvs agrar ag – the swiss fendt importer for simon bertschi simon andräss and michael kern good service is top priority “when you sell a top product like fendt you also have to offer top service,” says ugo tosoni managing director of gvs agrar ag and names the most important reason why his company is so successful on the swiss market and is amongst the best in the global agco distribution network best service for the gvs genossenschaftsverband schaffhausen agrar ag that starts locally with the workshop even before a tractor from marktoberdorf is delivered to customers it undergoes a comprehensive programme in schaffhausen so a new fendt is not only type-approved and goes through the swiss motor vehicle inspection it is also optimally adapted to the customer’s operating requirements regarding settings and equipment “we want our customers to come back to us not the machine,” says

isu special 51 50 isu special at home on fields and construction sites you can find them at the construction site in the city’s green spaces or like now clearing the roads in freezing temperatures the isu tractors industry road and environment also work reliably flexibly and fuel-efficiently in non-agricultural applications if you would like to know more please contact us by the way we will be at the bauma in munich again this year bauma 11 -17 april 2016 the bauma in munich is the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery construction vehicles and construction equipment with the 1000 vario fendt presents a new standard tractor predestined for heavy soil stabilising and road-building operation also efficient in transport through the new low engine speed concept fendt id you are invited visit us in hall

57 56 tough mission at the königssee wolfgang freimoser responsible for laying the 3150 metre long cable and erecting the bos mast lends a hand like here on the pontoon ferry taking the electric boat of the bayerischen seenschifffahrt from the landing place in schönau provides a breath-taking postcard view as one glides silently for three-kilometres to the dock in st bartholomew at the other end of the königssee the lake only has an area of five square kilometres but is more than seven kilometres long on its shores rugged cliffs hundreds of metres high reach up into the white-blue bavarian sky although the water is very clear – the königssee is considered the cleanest body of water in germany – one can only see the bottom in a few places this is because the cliffs go down into the deep water just as steeply as they reach out of the water a stone would sink 190 metres to the ground if it is dropped into the water in the deepest spot in autumn 2015 a varioguide isobus sectioncontrol variodoc variablerate control varioguide variodoc automatically maximize profit from 125 – 517 hp with the fendt variotronic you can perform every work step more precisely and efficiently while saving on operating inputs and time and the best thing is that it is so easy 1 exact tracking varioguide guidance system with rtk – accurate to 2 cm 2 guaranteed without overlapping fully automated sectioncontrol – now with 36 sections 3 fast data exchange variodoc pro for fast documentation and data exchange with field records – in near real-time 4 variable application variableratecontrol vrc for the right amount on every section – on the spot and automatically via application map 5 100 isobus fendt varioterminal for all isobus standards – for full flexibility with only one terminal in the tractor all fendt variotronic solutions complement each other ideally and are available across the range – from