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precision t echnologies a nd ser v ices for a complete

in our ever-changing economy and environment farmers are faced with the demanding challenge of feeding the world’s growing population faced with increasing input costs a more restrictive regulatory environment climate volatility and connecting mixed fleets the pressure for growers to deliver is high they need a partner and solutions to maximise productivity ensure equipment is where it needs to be when it needs to be there while seamlessly connecting their crop cycle rising to the challenge fuse® is agco’s approach to precision agriculture that optimises the farm providing mixed-fleet operations improved access to farm data and better connections to trusted service providers this enables more informed business decisions reduced input costs and improved yields and profitability the fuse difference agco’s combination of four key differentiators makes it unique in the industry fuse® technologies is the technology foundation of the optimised farm tools including

fuse® connected services equipment operational support from your agco dealer service levels get the support you need when you need it with the flexibility of different levels of dealer involvement ensuring maximum productivity for your operation improve productivity and increase yields through a combination of technology products and dealer services including out of season inspections preventative maintenance condition monitoring training and year-round operation support • support and training • operational reviews and consultation • technology product reviews • service maintenance inspections • equipment recommendations level 2 consult monitor hands-on uptime support from your agco dealer rely on the expertise of dedicated dealer analysts to monitor your equipment inform you of potential issues and provide recommendations for operational improvement such as operator training and recommended maintenance intervals level 2 lets your dealer manage your

crop care nutrient application grain drying monitoring control farm office planting mobile crop harvesting the fused farm tillage field prep decision support dealers service providers precision technologies services for a complete solution

fuse technologies and fuse connected services offer total farming solutions providing seamless connectivity across your farm enterprise and through every phase of the crop cycle planning every season brings new challenges and opportunities fuse simplifies the management of mobile and fixed assets as well as the data needed to run a profitable farm farm management fuse connected services combines the right machines technology parts service and support to help customers optimise their operation and maximise uptime through preventative maintenance machine condition monitoring and year-round consultation many of the services will be enabled by a new release of agco’s agcommand® telemetry product our open approach enables you to connect with your trusted service providers and farm management information system fmis software of your choice for total farm management and streamlined logistics variodoc and taskdoctm task file management systems receive planned work orders including

field preparation planting when it comes to field preparation and planting timing is everything having fields ready for planting and getting the seed in the ground at the right depth and spacing is critical there is no time for downtime growing tractor tillage planter leveraging fuse technologies and services the growing phase of the crop cycle includes many opportunities to reduce wasted inputs – resulting in increased profitability and benefiting the environment sprayer spreader mobile functionality mobile functionality fuse connected services from your agco dealer helps you monitor vehicle and implement health to ensure everything is ready to go when needed throughout the planting season agcontroltm allows you to manually adjust the application rate on the go while the system automatically controls the sections on the sprayer to minimise overlap skips and wasted product auto-guidetm and fendt varioguide help minimise overlap and skips reducing time and fuel used in the

harvesting harvesting is the time to reap the rewards of a well-planned season and gather the data necessary to begin planning for the next year fuse products and services help maximise productivity increase uptime and facilitate data management combine baler forage harvester sugar cane harvester grain drying monitoring control grain bin agco’s fuse technologies and services supports your entire farm operation in and out of the field including grain drying monitoring and control dryer mobile functionality mobile functionality yield mapping records important machine and crop data during harvest that allows growers to make adjustments for future crop production enabling better business decisions agco guidance systems enable the combine to harvest crops efficiently by minimising missed crop and ensuring full use of the header width using guidance also helps enable a more efficient loading operation and enables the operator to focus more on combine performance and settings by

support the fuse contact center real people real solutions real time time is money when you have questions you can’t afford to wait the fuse contact center has the answers and we are ready to help step-by-step support for setup calibration and operation of fuse products reduce downtime and increase productivity get help when and where you need it the fuse contact center is available on weekends and holidays – often beyond normal business hours – by telephone email and online live chat opening hours may vary by country straightforward answers to simple questions sometimes a quick phone call is all you need sometimes it takes too long to search through your operator’s manual a reliable easy-to-use resource for support when you get stuck and can’t find the answers you need forgot how to do it or when your dealer is unavailable to help such as during busy peak business hours and seasons our agents will stick with you until your needs are met free to

fuse products fuse technologies includes all of agco’s current and future technology products pioneering the open approach fuse allows farmers freedom and flexibility in their choices of machinery farm management and agronomy software and service providers – enabling growers to enjoy the freedom and convenience to continue working with trusted local business partners our partners include a growing list of api connections strategic partnerships and suppliers visit www.agcotechnologies.com service-providers to learn more agco is committed to an open data interface that meets the industry’s data standards requirements through leadership and active participation in organisations such as the agricultural industry electronics foundation aef agco remains dedicated to data privacy and security for all our precision technology products category seeding application controls capabilities agco’s integrated system for rate and section control for certain agco tractors

category capabilities telematics data industry leading machine and logistics optimisation tool to remotely monitor machine performance and logistics through the agcommand api many customers can view machine data through their preferred fmis system category capabilities yield monitoring advanced sensors yield monitoring yield and moisture monitoring system for most agco combines simple and efficient transferring of task files from a machine to a partner software program ensuring reliable secure data file transfer between the field and the office category wireless data transfer simple and efficient transferring of task files from a fendt machine to a partner software program ensuring reliable secure data file transfer between the field and the office a mobile app for wireless transfer of task data to and from select agco machines and supported farm management information software fmis programs grain drying monitoring control capabilities easy to use dryer control system that gives

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