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we sow progress you harvest future reliability we sow values you harvest true partnership your farm is your calling card and you work on it every day to improve it and prepare it for the future this is also the aim of very employee at fendt on the one hand we think over and optimise every detail – from design to production all the way up to service on the other we develop innovations that allow you to complete your work on the field profitably and in the shortest time quality means much more than advanced reliable technology human values also play an important role for us naturally this includes intensive communication with farmers and contractors this way we can offer the right products and solutions for your farming requirements and can be a true partner for you highest standards in the details the salt spray tests that we use to test all the components on the exterior of the tractor for corrosion are up to 600 hours long 6 we love unlimited cleanliness that is why we have

new fendt products 2016/2017 fendt 1000 vario 500 hp for your daily meisterwerk the fendt 1000 vario occupies a new segment with its power output its new type of design as a highperformance standard tractor unites all the advantages for operations in the field and on the road as an expert in power transmission it is predestined for enduring performance and meets demanding operations with dynamic torque development at low speeds and low consumption the fendt 1000 vario converts its power its large tyres intelligent ballasting and tyre pressure assistants as well as unique variable four-wheel drive deliver the right amount of grip in any situation – along with outstanding manoeuvrability and it is powerful for more than draft work an unladen weight of just 14 t and up to 23 t permissible overall weight value depends on country-specific legal regulations those who drive a fendt 1000 vario no longer small turning radius thanks to “pull-in turn” need to think

new fendt products 2016/2017 strong connections know no limits those who choose fendt choose unlimited options the goal is seamless connection through fuse technologies so that all vehicles in the fendt fleet can communicate with each other and also with all the other brands of the agco corporation a common operating philosophy which combines communication compatibility and usefulness perfectly with each other agco’s all-encompassing electronics strategy fusetm provides seamless integration and networking of the entire fleet for farmers and contractors under the name fuse technologies agco and fendt provide solutions for precision farming that reduce operating costs and make machine operations even more efficient and profitable there are two different receiver systems available for fendt varioguide novatel® or trimble® existing trimble® rtk infrastructures such as ntrip can continue to be used 12 with variableratecontrol vrc you can farm according to site-specific

new fendt products 2016/2017 forage harvesting non-stop with the fendt cutter drum mower wherever the fendt cutter is in operation forage harvesting becomes an easy task the four cutting drums tirelessly harvest quality forage with maximum efficiency and deliver the best results non-stop even under difficult conditions to produce quality fodder with maximum efficiency – that is the job of the new fendt cutter a well-tested development from our centre of excellence for forage harvesting technology in feucht the strong performance of this 4-drum mower 2.55 to 3.26 m working width stands for a precise cut and optimised swath in one mowing said and done the fendt slicer disc mowers one does not need to lose many words on the fendt slicer disc mowers their tremendous efficiency alone already speaks for itself and also the quality of the perfectly cut dirt-free forage however we would like to stress one thing be prepared for fast and efficient forage harvesting in any terrain would

new fendt products 2016/2017 360° sophistication the fendt twister tedder tough operations narrow harvest windows – owners of the fendt twister need not worry thanks to sophisticated details these tedders are specialised in fast clean forage drying like no other they have been mixing up the market with more than 95 years of harvesting expertise short and compact on the tractor the threepoint attachment with trailing device ensure optimal ground contour following 18 stability elasticity durability only the very best tines deserve the designation “super c” whether in narrow difficult terrain or on large flat meadows you can count on the fendt twister besides its optimised ground hugging its outstanding quality feature is the large overlap of the tines which results in superb mixing of the fodder and an excellent spreading pattern you can turn it any way you want the twister will convince you lifting height limiting at the headlands prevents damage to the drive

fendt harvesting powerful fendt combines and balers fendt offers you five different combine model ranges from 176 to nearly 500 hp each model series features convincing technical highlights for example the powerflow table or the unified fendt operating interface the square balers convince with their high baling density and perfect hay and straw quality that is fendt harvesting now with procut table 22 fendt e-series 5185 129 kw 176 hp fendt e-series 5225 160 kw 218 hp fendt l-series 179 – 225 kw 243 – 306 hp fendt c-series 225 – 265 kw 306 – 360 hp fendt p-series 279 – 297 kw 379 – 404 hp fendt x-series 365 kw 496 hp fendt square baler 80 cm x 90 cm to 120 cm x 130 cm – agco power 4-cylinder engine for unbeatable efficiency and power – comfort cab with ergonomically designed side console and multifunction lever – independent adjustment of the front and rear of the concave – huge

the power of precision the way to a truly efficient forage harvest with the fendt katana forage harvester you can experience precise control with a high output and the best chop quality for maize grass and energy crops the fendt katana is also extremely fuel-efficient 24

100 percent vario no compromises these is no place for compromises in agriculture whether fruit production isu industry roads environment or arable farming those who depend on the power and reliability of their tractors every day choose a fendt with vario transmission tried and test hundreds of thousands of times it masters even the hardest work 100 percent and without steps 28

dlg powermix test the 312 vario convinces with only 272 g/kwh diesel consumption in the powermix test adblue consumption has been nearly halved compared to the previous model 4.9 proportional to the diesel consumption fendt tractors – the only true vario driving a fendt is more than just driving a tractor it comes with a feeling of ease even during the toughest work because thanks to the continuously variable fendt vario transmission there are no gear steps but plenty of power – from the smallest narrow track tractor or vineyard tractor up to the high-horsepower tractors with the unified operating interface you can always easily find your way around any fendt ever since the dieselross fendt tractors have been setting standards in efficiency and driving pleasure now with touch terminal 30 fendt 200 vario v/f/p 51 – 81 kw 70 – 110 hp fendt 200 vario 51 – 81 kw 70 – 110 hp – continuously variable vario transmission for maximum

tested day by day by and for fendt experts at wilhelm jäger farmer germany – fendt 724 800 and 900 vario fendt variotronic carl johan schmidt farmer from agerskov denmark – fendt 8410 p umberto migani fruit vegetable-grower from caserta italy – fendt 826 vario our fendt machines mastered numerous endurance tests every day – how find out from independent tests and the numerous stories about fendt drivers from around the world at “we know that without varioguide we have overlapping of up to ten percent woody martin contractor farmer from pennsylvania usa – fendt 930 vario 34 your fendt tested what only true fendt fans know my fendt and i find out how your fendt fared in official tests we have put together the test results from the trade press and independent testing stations for you whether in a transport test field operations or a cab check fendt machines live up to their name the newest fan stories best video

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