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the efficiency of a new generation at work today as never before it’s essential to cut costs and maximise results without sacrificing quality the new ducato chassis cab the new ducato crew cab the new ducato chassis cab with platform and the new ducato chassis cowl all ensure flexibility load capacity efficiency and some of the lowest running costs on the market 6

mobile shop outfits wheelbase mm chassis cab with platform 3000 gvw 3000 3300 3500 kg gvw 3500 kg 3450 gvw 3000 3300 3500 kg maxi 3500 4005 4250 kg gvw 3500 kg maxi 3500 4005 4250 kg 3800 gvw 3500 kg maxi 3500 kg 4035 gvw 3300 3500 kg maxi 3500 4005 4250 kg gvw 3300 3500 kg maxi 3500 4005 4250 kg 4035xl gvw 3500 kg maxi 3500 4005 4250 kg gvw 3500 kg maxi 3500 4005 4250 kg the new ducato chassis cab with platform makes it easy to load or get into the vehicle once it is outfitted its load threshold is just 530 mm from the ground while the gvw has been calculated to reach with outfit more than 4 tonnes structure chassis cab with platform chassis cowl included the new ducato chassis cowl is available in 4 different wheelbases with 4 engine versions designed to meet your every outfitting and transport requirement to perfection and gvw from 3500 kg up to 4250 kg chassis cowl 10

ducato chassis cab fridge outfit ducato chassis cab aluminium box outfit ducato tractor cab vehicle transportation outfit ducato chassis cab aerial platform outfit ducato chassis cab with platform mobile shop outfit ducato chassis cab outfit with ribbing and tarpaulin ducato minibus base ducato ambulance

style and functionality robust structure optimised clutch boosted braking system more comfortable pedal unit quality thanks to thirty years of experience in the field and more than 10.5 million kilometres of experimental testing carried out on the latest generation the new ducato takes quality robustness and reliability to a new level the design and build interventions concerned all the main sections of the vehicle the body and moving parts have been improved in terms of robustness durability and reliability the suspension has been perfected to minimise noise over time the braking systems have been developed and boosted to increase performance and durability reducing noise at the same time thanks to a new pedal unit the comfort has been improved further decreasing the effort required from the driver the life of the clutch has been optimised to withstand even heavy-duty usage the gearbox with shortened gear on the maxi range with 180 multijet engine or the new hydraulic control on 2.3

the technology of a new generation anyone who relies upon a new ducato every day will agree efficiency doesn t come without safety that s why all of the dynamic vehicle control and driving support systems on the new ducato conversion are accessible directly from the driving seat the infotainment devices can also be managed directly from the steering wheel minimising distractions for the driver the dashboard offers ample free space for installing and managing the external devices involved in vehicle conversion 18

the safety of a new generation traction traction is the innovative traction control system that improves the vehicle’s traction on the most challenging surfaces with poor grip under conditions of low grip from any drive wheel the control unit detects slip and brakes it transmitting the drive torque on the wheel with greater grip on the ground in this way the vehicle s performance is more comfortable ensuring the best stability and handling hill descent control this allows you to tackle downhill driving with a slope of up to 50 without operating the brake or accelerator pedals so you can concentrate on the driving alone the new ducato means always driving with maximum safety and performance it’s equipped with all the most advanced control and safety technology lane departure warning system ldws the lane departure warning system can determine whether the van is changing lane even in low-visibility weather conditions in the event of danger an acoustic and visual signal

the style of a new generation the new ducato is “city-proof” it features an innovative look with sleek lines and dynamic robust character where style meets functionality in a striking design it only takes a glance at the bumpers the grille the headlights the skid plate and the handles in body colour to see that style is of the essence on the new ducato indeed each of these elements can be customised to create a vehicle tailor-made for every need because it s the little details that make all the difference headlights with led drl the led drl headlights on request are located in an area protected from impacts and guarantee 40 more light efficiency they are available with a black or white frame to match the grille front in 4 sections skid plate some possible combinations the new bumper comprises three components that can be removed individually in addition to the grille permitting rapid cost-effective maintenance its shape ensures the utmost protection the grille is available

finally the refrigerated compartment keeps food and drinks cool when the air conditioning is in operation the dashboard offers a host of storage compartments the centre section includes cup and bottle holders up to 75 cl a mobile phone compartment and an open storage compartment the instrument panel is designed to ensure maximum legibility and visibility of all necessary information in all driving conditions instrument panel with chrome

optional extras practicality at work comfort on board and maximum visibility in the passenger compartment two-seater bench with folding table the front passengers can be accommodated on a single seat or thanks to the spacious cab a two-seater bench with a central backrest section that can turn into a practical table both configurations offer 3-point seat belts and individual headrests tachograph the “continental vdo automotive – dtco 1381” tachograph is available on request or as standard depending on the version choose the new ducato optionals that best meet your requirements heated seats the front seats can be heated by pressing the dedicated button to ensure maximum comfort even in the coldest climates and optimal battery use sprung seats a system of springs and shock absorbers damps the movements of the body making the seat particularly comfortable even on uneven surfaces damping can be adjusted on the basis of the driver’s weight from 40 kg to

body colours interior trim pastel colours 157 grey crÊpe fabric 157 crepe grey fabric with upholstered headrest opt 188 297 flocked brown fabric 199 tiziano red 549 ducato white 455 imperiale blue 479 line blue 266 grey imitation leather hub caps and rims alloy opt 108 15”/16” 15” opt 878 alloy wheels 16” opt 878 diamond alloy opt 431 15” ducato alloy opt 208 16” ducato diamond alloy opt 432 16” ducato maxi metallic colours 16” ducato maxi 453 lago blue 506 golden white 611 alluminio grey 632 black 691 ferro grey body colours/interior trim combinations painted front painted front bumper handles chassis cab crew cab chassis cowl chassis cab chassis cab crew cab 157 grey crêpe fabric 297 opt.728 flocked brown 266 opt.727 grey imitation leather aaaaaa pastel colours opt 802 on chassis cowl 199 tiziano red 455 imperiale blue 479 line blue 549 ducato white aaaaaaaaa lago blue aaaaa 506 golden white aaaaa 611 alluminio grey aaaaa 632

customer service a single number to feel special call 00.800.3428.0000 free from all over europe to request roadside assistance towing and intervention in the event of breakdown or accidents 24 hours a day 7 days a week information details and assistance on models services sales network and test drives ciao fiat professional mobile is the original fiat professional application for all its customers you can access a range of services and assistance at the touch of a finger wherever you are search fiat professional mobile on app store and google play check whether your call will be free by contacting your network operator however you choose to experience mobility sava satisfies your needs with financial and leasing packages combined with exclusive services for more information call the contact centre 199.818.203 from monday to friday from 9 a.m to 5 p.m or visit the www.fgacapital.it website mopar® vehicle protection offers the only range of fiat chrysler automobiles approved