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the new ducato goods transport is designed to adapt to all types of work simply and efficiently its versatility is at the top of the category in part thanks to the utmost efficiency of its load compartment with doors that open at full height up to 270° and the lowered load platform for moving nimbly from one stage of your work to another what’s more the new ducato offers you a vast range of engine versions all designed to bring the maximum benefit to your business the ducato and new ducato maxi are at your side in countless combinations for any type of transport load • gvw from 2.6 to 4.25 t • capacity from 1000 to 2100 kg • load volume from 8 to 17 m3 engines 115 multijet • 130 multijet • 150 multijet • 180 multijet • range light • maxi

thanks to a wealth of measures the capacity and practicality of the new ducato have been further improved the rear doors are designed to exploit every available square inch for the load opening up to 270° while the side doors open easily meaning europallets can also be loaded inside a range of trim version solutions guarantee top-of-the-range versatility the load compartment offers unrivalled space thanks to the optimised distance between the wheel arches it offers a wide regular structure also conceived for fitting with shelves platforms or partitions applied with great ease and safety the load compartment is provided with hooks for retaining goods load compartment dimensions in mm a load compartment height wheelbase 3450 wheelbase 4035 wheelbase 4035 xl 1662 1932 1662 1932 1932 2172 1932 2172 b width 1870 1870 1870 1870 c lenght 2670 3120 3705 4070 d width between wheel arches 1422 1422 1422 1422 535 550 e load threshold height when unladen rear door side door 535 550

the new version of the truck with flat-bed tipper entirely designed built and guaranteed by fiat is particularly recommended for use on building sites it is available with 4 wheelbases with single cab crew cab and single cab with small tool box positioned between the cab and the flatbed the useful load surface ranges from 5.1 to 6.8 m2 and the flatbed is made of steel lastly a practical toolbox positioned below the flatbed makes it easy to carry small tools safely wheelbase mm truck truck crew cab truck three-way tipper 3000 gvw from 2935 to 3395 kg capacity from 1110 to 1535 kg load surface 5.7 m2 gvw from 3200 to 3395 kg capacity from 927 to 1047 kg load surface 5.1 m2 3450 gvw from 3000 to 3500 kg maxi from 3500 to 3970 kg capacity from 1065 to 1590 kg maxi from 1525 to 2025 kg load surface 6.6 m2 3800 gvw from 3000 to 3500 kg maxi from 3500 to 4100 kg capacity from 1125 to 1625 kg maxi from 1490 to 2090 kg load surface 7.3 m2 4035

anti-uv paint reinforced body style and functionality more comfortable pedal unit strengthened moving parts optimised clutch boosted braking system optimised suspension quality thanks to thirty years of experience in the field and more than 10.5 million kilometres of experimental testing carried out on the latest generation the new ducato takes quality robustness and reliability to a new level the design and build interventions concerned all the main sections of the vehicle the body and moving parts have been improved in terms of robustness durability and reliability the suspension has been perfected to minimise noise over time the braking systems have been developed and boosted to increase performance and durability reducing noise at the same time thanks to a new pedal unit the comfort has been improved further decreasing the effort required from the driver the life of the clutch has been optimised to withstand even heavy-duty usage the gearbox with shortened gear on the maxi range

multimedia r adio blue tooth® uconnec t nav ™ r adio its essential for every worker to have simple and effective access to their instruments all infotainment devices and safety and driving assistance systems can be accessed easily from the driver’s seat all the radios are equipped with the bluetooth® system for hands-free calls plus on request a dab receiver digital audio broadcasting the uconnect™ radio with cd player and steering wheel controls is equipped with a 5” colour touchscreen from which it is possible to manage radio stations phone calls and smss as well as display the images from the rear camera the interface with voice recognition further facilitates the management of phone calls and reading of smss and the possibility of bluetooth® audio streaming enables wireless sharing of music the uconnect™ radio is also available with built-in satellite navigator and tom tom software complete with tmc receiver for traffic information iq

the safety of a new generation traction traction is the innovative traction control system that improves the vehicle’s traction on the most challenging surfaces with poor grip under conditions of low grip from any drive wheel the control unit detects slip and brakes it transmitting the drive torque on the wheel with greater grip on the ground in this way the vehicle’s performance is more comfortable ensuring the best stability and handling hill descent control this allows you to tackle downhill driving with a slope of up to 50 without operating the brake or accelerator pedals so you can concentrate on the driving alone the new ducato means always driving with maximum safety and performance it’s equipped with all the most advanced control and safety technology lane departure warning system ldws the lane departure warning system can determine whether the van is changing lane even in low-visibility weather conditions in the event of danger an acoustic and visual

techno dashboard the new ducato’s dashboard has been developed to make all controls and indicators immediately available two trim levels classic and techno a perfect match for the style and refinement of the interior and its fabrics bringing together comfort and customisation classic dashboard 30

optional practicality at work comfort on board and maximum visibility in the passenger compartment choose the new ducato optionals that best meet your requirements two-seater bench with folding table the front passengers can be accommodated on a single seat or thanks to the spacious cab a twoseater bench with a central backrest section that can turn into a practical table both configurations offer 3-point seat belts and individual headrests heated seats the front seats can be heated by pressing the dedicated button to ensure maximum comfort even in the coldest climates and optimal battery use tachograph the “continental vdo automotive – dtco 1381” tachograph is available on request or as standard depending on the version sprung seats a system of springs and shock absorbers damps the movements of the body making the seat particularly comfortable even on uneven surfaces damping can be adjusted on the basis of the driver’s weight from 40  kg to 130 kg

optional led steps to facilitate access to the new ducato’s load compartment two retractable steps are available one at the back and one at the side with automatic operation both are lined with non-slip aluminium and can support up to 150 kg drls the daytime running lights with led technology make new ducato immediately recognisable additionally leds provide significantly greater life than normal bulbs and reduce fuel consumption thanks to the limited electrical draw headlight washers thanks to a high-pressure jet new ducato’s retractable headlight washers permit the entire surface of the headlights to be kept clean increasing visibility and consequently safety when driving adjustable electric folding mirrors the rear parking sensors the ultrasonic parking air suspension the air suspension enables the view mirrors with double parabolic lens on the new ducato guarantee a panoramic rear view together with maximum practicality in use since they can be adjusted and folded

interior trim body colours pastel colours 157 crepe grey fabric with upholstered headrest opt 188 157 grey crÊpe fabric 297 flocked brown fabric 199 tiziano red 549 ducato white 455 imperiale blue 479 line blue 266 grey imitation leather hub caps and rims alloy opt 108 15”/16” 15” opt 878 wheel alloy 16” opt 878 diamond alloy opt 431 15” ducato alloy opt 208 16” ducato diamond alloy opt 432 16” ducato maxi metallic colours 16” ducato maxi 453 lago blue 506 golden white 611 alluminio grey 632 black 691 iron grey body colours/interior trim combinations painted front painted front bumper handles vans glazed vans trucks vans single-cab trucks vans glazed vans trucks 157 grey crêpe fabric 297 opt.728 flocked brown 266 opt.727 grey imitation leather pastel colors 199 tiziano red a a a 455 imperiale blue a a a 479 line blue a a a 549 ducato white aaaaaa metallic colors opt 210 453 lago blue aaaaa 506 golden white aaaaa 611 alluminio grey

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