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urban interior enter the unlimited comfort zone with the new fiorino you can relax while you are working thanks to its ergonomic and comfortable interiors now enriched by new features that make the cab functional like an actual travelling office steering wheel with radio commands also available in leather instrument cluster permanently backlight for greater visibility 5v usb socket and glove compartment design several as well as versatile storage compartments and side panels to contain all your objects practical document holder passenger seat that can be folded down and be used as a table and front/rear doors closure separately to guarantee greater safety in loading unloading

urban power a selection of engines to get you started agility is key in the city new fiorino comes with a full range of euro 6 engines the most complete offer in the segment the diesel multijet2 engine is marked by great driving satisfaction excellent performance low running costs and environmental sustainability saving is also the key new fiorino introduces the new ecojet version that offers a considerable reduction in terms of fuel consumption and emissions level with a saving up to 14 new fiorino offers the key feature for the comfortable driving particularly in the city comfort-matic robotized gearbox mta euro 6 engines 1.3 multijet2 80 hp 200 nm 1.3 multijet2 80 hp 200 nm ecojet 1.3 multijet2 95 hp 200 nm 1.3 multijet2 95 hp 200 nm ecojet 1.4 fire 77 hp 115 nm 1.4 natural power 70 hp 104 nm dual fuel petrol/methane diesel ecojet start&stop system smart alternator management and variable displacement oil

1.4 natural power urban engines drive with a natural advantage the cng methane engine makes the new fiorino natural power an exclusive in its category a real bi-fuel solution to cut running costs and fuel consumption includes a 77 l methane cylinder tanks capacity around 13 kg together with a 45 l petrol tank capacity that guarantees a total range up to 960 km efficient loading area volume thanks to the underfloor tanks the methane fuel means not only ecofriendly but also means free access to the urban restricted traffic areas so you can go to the city center and get your work done excluding traffic restrictions not due to environmental reasons or local specific rules displacement 1368 cm3 emissions level euro 6 maximum power 51 kw 70 hp at 6000 rpm methane 57 kw 77 hp at 6000 rpm petrol maximum torque 104 nm at 3000 rpm methane 115 nm at 3000 rpm petrol petrol/methane fuel

urban capacity plenty of room for

urban 1205 1473 570 1046 1523/2491 527 plenty of room for versatility 644 1041 capacity with passenger seat

urban adventure off the beaten path without taking a beating new fiorino adventure is the ideal vehicle for who needs to tackle rugged terrain drive in mountain or simply wants to take on winter weather without troubles adventure is a special version matched with an electronic differential lock traction a device that gives you the extra grip to overcome rough situations on the country side like mud and snow this system is activated through a button located on the dashboard in acceleration phase under 50 km/h also includes higher suspension and specific 15” tyres m+s under-engine protection front bumper with skid plate and higher side

urban combi move more than just people new fiorino combi is the transport versatility at your business service accommodates  up to 5 people and plenty of space for goods and luggage with a load capacity of 170 kg this makes it the ideal vehicle for carrying your work team and their tools in comfort and safety also available in 4 seats with a load capacity of 286 kg through the wide side sliding door the passengers can access the comfy rear seats up to 3 places with isofix attachment points for child transport also available an additional side sliding door to facilitate the access of all passengers the functionality is guaranteed by the totally foldable and removable rear seats to open space for an authentic van loading area with a volume up to 2.5 m3

set of 3 steel bars with a capacity of 90 kg urban customization tow hook available in 3 configurations two fixed and one removable personality always makes a difference at work too the new fiorino is complete with a full range of accessories all top quality created by mopar the reference brand for services customer care genuine parts and accessories of fiat chrysler automobiles one-piece steel roof racks can be used to carry bulky packages and materials set of two nets on the rear doors handy for holding small objects in

pastel body colours fiorino cargo combi fiorino cargo combi sx fiorino cargo combi adventure fabrics fabrics fabrics urban style 249 white 168 red 479 blue 551 orange metallic body colours dresscode chameleon cod 094 293 dark red every work has its own requirements and the new fiorino is ready to meet them all choose between 10 body colours and 3 new seat fabrics all designed to enhance passenger comfort and please even the most tireless and demanding worker like you decide which version is best which type of body you like the most and go your projects can t wait 333 light blue cod 323 612 light gray cod 323 cod 319 487 dark blue hub caps and rims 444 bronze cod 319 hub caps and rims hub caps and rims 632 black 14”/15” 14” 15” 15” 15” trekking 14” 15” 15” 15” trekking 15” 15” 15”

technical specifications 1.4 8v fire van 1.4 fire natural power combi van combi 1.3 16v multijet2 80 hp van combi 1.3 16v multijet2 95 hp van combi dimensions length mm 3957 3957 3957 3957 3957 3957 3957 3957 width mm 1716 1716 1716 1716 1716 1716 1716 1716 height mm 1721 1721 1721 1721 1721 1721 1721 1721 wheelbase mm 2513 2513 2513 2513 2513 2513 2513 2513 front overhang mm 854 854 854 854 854 854 854 854 rear overhang mm 590 590 590 590 590 590 590 590 front track mm 1469 1469 1469 1469 1469 1469 1469 1469 rear track mm 1465 1465 1465 1465 1465 1465 1465 1465 – 0.36 2.5 – 0.27 2.1 – 0.36 2.5 – 0.36 2.5 length mm 1523 2491a – 1452 – 1523 2491a – 1523 2491a – width mm 1473 – 1473 – 1473 – 1473 – width between wheel arches mm 1046 – 1046 – 1046 – 1046 – height mm 1205 – 1070 – 1205 – 1205 – trunk volume m3 load compartment load threshold mm

new range fiat professional a pro like you recognizing a real pro is simple just look at the equipment he has chosen for himself real pros work with pro tools only that’s why fiat professional is the best partner you could have whatever your needs are its full range is the first and only one branded “professional” and it has been especially designed for specific purposes yours fiorino talento ducato fullback doblò the vehicle that invented the category unequalled in agility and capability cities love it and so do the pros agile capable and ingenious it’s got the unique talent of transforming problems into solutions and challenges into opportunities day by day it’s the undisputed leader in the world of work the ground it’s based upon strong versatile and indispensable to everyone there’s no terrain that can scare it there’s no challenge it can’t win at work and after you couldn’t ask for a better way to