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ingenious inside make your headquarters anywhere the interior of talento is the perfect office for fully dedicated workers like you carefully thought to combine comfort and functionality it comes with all the standard items that makes every hour at work pleasant and effective the ingenious solutions that brings a central seat with pop-up table completed by smartphone-holder and tablet-holder is just one of the many features that makes it your future workstation by

ingenious power get great results anywhere talento is powered by a full range of euro 6 engines including the reliable twinturbo engine with traction system and esc with hill holder to let you work anywhere you need a reliable powerful and cost-effective engine that delivers power up to 145 hp the perfect to help your work with high performance and low consumption euro 6 engines 1.6 ecojet s&s/multijet 95 hp 1.6 multijet 120 hp 1.6 ecojet s&s 125 hp 1.6 ecojet s&s 145

abs with ebd and hba ingenious safety arrive safely anti-lock braking system this is an integral part of the braking system which prevents one or more wheels from locking and slipping regardless of the road surface conditions and braking intensity ensuring control of the vehicle even during emergency braking electronic brake force distribution the braking system distributes brake force between front and rear axles to optimise efficiency in all driving conditions hydraulic brake assist this system integrated in the abs recognises emergency braking conditions according to the speed of operation of the brake pedal and guarantees additional hydraulic braking pressure to support that provided by the driver this allows faster and more powerful operation of the braking system tsa without tsa the trailer stability assist system guarantees perfect stability even when towing if the vehicle skids the tsa automatically modulates the engine s power and the braking force on each wheel to give

ingenious carrier success comes in many forms carry all of them versatility is key when running a successful business whether its goods or passengers talento is designed to effectively transport all of them without losing the car’s compactness – great for urban centers flexible and adaptable you can easily load large objects from both side door and rear doors offering up to 1,2 ton payload with space for 3 euro pallets starting from short whellbase/low roof and the possibility of also transporting long objects they can be easily carried through the cargoplus an opening underneath the passenger’s seat that lets you fit up to 4.15 meters length objects such as plastic pipes talento has squared lines implying its roomy interior and wide load compartment up to 8.6

long wheelbase and low roof 1971 short wheelbase and low roof ingenious versatility 1615 1956 van versions 3498 5399 968 long wheelbase and high roof 2493 short wheelbase and high roof 933 1628 2283 the van s versatility allows you to choose the perfect combination for your business between two different heights two lengths and two wheelbases 1615 1956 933 3498 5399

floor cab refrigerated body mobile workshop shuttle ingenious versatility conversions vehicle with isothermal insulation atp approved which can keep internal temperatures constant up to 0°c if a refrigerating unit is installed the compartment turns into a cold room that can transport medicines or food products versatility makes a difference on this van talento can be easily adapted to any kind of business and their specific needs version made of galvannealled automotive steel with modular and flexible quick fastening system shuttle seating 6 to 7 people with leather upholstered seats second row swivel floor with rails and abs

ingenious teamwork great teams ride together every great business needs teams working side by side and with talento teamwork will always be an asset the combi unique versatility allows to have a second row of seats coming up to six places with the advantage of maintaining a large load compartment 3,2 m3 in short wheelbase versions and 4,0 m3 in the long wheelbase versions to carry everything your team needs on the

pastel body colours fabrics ingenious gear 5ca white 802 red 7az grey canvas black the best to work smarter nattè grey metallic body colours carbon black 008 6fw light grey a great functional toolkit is the first and fundamental equipment of every clever hard worker but a professional like you deserves more that’s why every detail of talento was designed to truly make a difference at your work proudly helping you achieve more and carry great results bark brown 74g dark grey 4sa green 5jq blue 6fx beige 4h5 black techno silver 009 living brown 098 hub caps and rims hub cup 16” wheel cover 16’’ alloy wheels 17’’diamond grey alloy wheels 17’’ matt

pack 1 pack 2 pack 3 pack 4 pack 5 pack 6 • side mirrors and rail cover black grained • front bumper black grained • front grill bars black grained • side mirrors and rail cover black grained • upper front bumper body color • front grill bars black grained • side mirrors and rail cover black grained • upper front bumper body color • front grill bars black grained • side mirrors and rail cover body color • upper front bumper body color • front grill bars black grained • side mirrors and rail cover body color • upper and lower front bumper body color • front grill bars metal color • side mirrors and rail cover body color • upper and lower front bumper body color • front grill bars black grained • upper rear bumper black grained • upper rear bumper black grained • upper rear bumper body color • upper rear bumper body color • upper rear bumper body

ingenious range fiat professional a pro like you recognizing a real pro is simple just look at the equipment he has chosen for himself real pros work with pro tools only that’s why fiat professional is the best partner you could have whatever your needs are its full range is the first and only one branded “professional” and it has been especially designed for specific purposes yours fiorino talento ducato fullback doblò the vehicle that invented the category unequalled in agility and capability cities love it and so do the pros agile capable and ingenious it’s got the unique talent of transforming problems into solutions and challenges into opportunities day by day it’s the undisputed leader in the world of work the ground it’s based upon strong versatile and indispensable to everyone there’s no terrain that can scare it there’s no challenge it can’t win at work and after you couldn’t ask for a better way to