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six speed automatic transmission with variable intermittent windshield wipers speed sensitive variable intermittent windshield wipers fold down rear seat air bag safety front seat 15 inch wheel covers front lower control arm 16 inch wheel covers power rack and pinion fiat 4 speed manual transmission fiat 4 speed manual transmission manual fiat rack and pinion steering rack and pinion fiat fiat 500 fiat 500 brakes fiat 500 sports seats fiat 500 wheels fiat 500 brochure passenger cup holders passenger cup holder passenger assist handle auto theft deterrent system fiat 500 f model rear console cup holder forged aluminum wheels dual voice coil turbo boost gauges fiat 500 drive shaft rear cargo shelf balancing lithium ion batteries brake cooling duct turn signal lamp mile per gallon driver side outside mirror am fm digital portable radio fold down seat 4 speed manual transmission shift knob calibrate tire pressure monitor electronic throttle control remote keyless entry module 4 speed automat transmission gear box fiat 500 parts 16 painted aluminum wheels steering column electric power rear window defrost hook up 12 volts power amplifier 16 inch aluminum wheels intelligent battery sensor 17 inch wheels anti sway bar rear lower control arms anti sway bars dual exhaust system rear lower control arm seat gear shift knob

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thanks to the efficiency of its award-winning 1.4l 16v multiair ® engine the fiat® 500 allows both you and your money to go a little further it’s one more example of how 500 becomes more than just transportation — with all its possibilities drivers are positively transported the 1.4l 16v multiairengine this exclusive fiat technology a decade in the making utilizes electrohydraulic valves for more dynamic and direct control of air and combustion power is improved up to 10 percent torque goes up 15 percent and fuel efficiency has a 10 percent advantage over conventional naturally aspirated engines emissions in turn are cut an impressive 10 percent the multiair engine boasts 101 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and 98 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm so how does all that tech-speak translate to real life thanks to some targeted powertrain innovations you can count on 31 mpg zipping around town and 40 mpg flying down the highway standard coverage for fiat 500 includes basic

 e tapped this famed sound company to w help fill the fiat® 500 cabin with an acoustic experience that’s second to none this legendary partnership created what is essentially a rolling beatsaudiotm product — the first one of its kind in its segment the available beatsaudio system maximizes every square inch with studio-quality sound from six premium speakers two 1-inch tweeters in the a-pillars two 6.5-inch woofers located in the doors and two 3.5-inch speakers in the rear quarter an 8-inch dual-voice coil dvc subwoofer is mounted in the trunk along with an 8-channel 368-watt amplifier with the beatsaudio digital sound processing dsp algorithm a fiat 500 custom configuration like this means you get a vehicle sound experience that lets you feel every low and detect every high — the way the artist intended a brand new take on speed reading new tft for 2015 a 7-inch thin film transistor tft display will sit front and center in the instrument cluster of 500 sport

racetrack dna it produced more than 10,000 race victories 10 world records and 133 international titles success has been a consistent cornerstone behind the acclaimed abarth® marque this is the story of the scorpion it was born from the vision of karl abarth over half a century ago it served as the foundation upon which a well-crafted empire of finely tuned performance was built faithful to the “small but wicked” moniker prompted by the race-ready karl abarth vehicles of yesterday the latest generation of the fiat® 500 abarth brings its own brand of outstanding performance purposeful and aggressive styling and technological advancement understated is not an option when form meets the high-velocity performance functions of the fiat 500 abarth this is a union of highly engineered components and exclusive design elements that make for a track-worthy performance on or off the course “go faster than yesterday” karl abarth

automatically track-ready bred to rev new for the 2015 fiat® 500 abarth® – an available all-new six-speed heavy-duty automatic transmission with abarth-tuned sport mode a gutsy alternative to manual foot-clutch shifting delivering professional-level control the aggressive pedal-mapping automatic transmission increases throttle response to put out lightning fast fuel-cut upshifts and wicked acceleration exhaust notes the rev-matching downshifts give maximum shifting power while taking corners as the gear hold prevents unwanted upshifts in on-track conditions likewise a fast-off gear holds the optimum gear when drivers quickly decelerate while brake-assist downshifts give drivers the feeling and vehicle response of manual downshifting this groundbreaking engineering is mated to the track-tested 1.4l multiair ® turbo engine providing 157 horsepower and 183 lb-ft of torque by pushing more than 20 pounds of turbo boost through dual intercoolers and out the abarth-tuned dual

bianco with rosso stripe and mirror cap bianco with nero stripe and mirror cap bianco with grigio stripe and mirror cap nero with bianco stripe and mirror cap nero with rosso stripe and mirror cap nero with grigio stripe and mirror cap rosso with bianco stripe and mirror cap rosso with nero stripe and mirror cap rosso with grigio stripe and mirror cap granito lucente with bianco stripe and mirror cap granito lucente with rosso stripe and mirror cap granito lucente with nero stripe and mirror cap nero cloth rosso/nero leather-faced optional nero leather-faced optional nero cabrio top optional grigio cabrio top

fiat ® 500l lounge shown in rosso styling that builds in a double-take combining contemporary italian design with iconic fiat ® cues this is a vehicle that lets drivers emerge from a sea of sameness allowing personal choice in models features color schemes and trim levels effectively transforms fiat 500l to match your unique personality

besides providing a more expansive and informed view the fiat® 500l canopy structure is designed to envelop its precious cargo with a degree of protection that most only imagine from the largest of vehicles but it doesn’t stop there … every part of the vehicle pays attention to the well-being of its passengers in fact 500l counts over 40 standard and available safety and security features just some of which are listed here seven standard air bags3 active head restraints7 electronic stability control esc4 parkview® rear back-up camera5 abs brakes tire pressure monitoring system tpms parksense® rear park assist5 bluetooth® activated voice command8 bi-halogen projector headlamps crumple zones remote keyless entry side-guard door beams hill start assist hsa beltalert child seat anchor system latch daytime running lamps drls electronic brake-force distribution ebd vehicle theft security alarm fiat 500l security ® 360 ° of safety and security your mother

fiat 500e truth is most electric vehicles offer very little spark beyond their power source under the hood but now there’s an emissions-free vehicle that generates as much excitement as it does unbridled power unlike other green entries fiat ® doesn’t compromise design performance or personality in order to achieve environmental compatibility this latest incarnation of the 500 brings its trademark simplicity and fun to the daily commute … minus the co2 so both you and the planet reap the rewards of driving this car ® life in the fast lane s ail along in car-pool lanes usually restricted to those carrying a minimum number of passengers california law allows evs like the fiat 500e to make full use of these quick-moving hov lanes,11 regardless of passenger count get there faster cleaner and without backseat driving instruction fiat® 500e is only available in california and oregon at select fiat studios the program is scheduled to expire on december 31 2014

powering up  hile fiat® 500e can be charged via regular home w 110v/120v outlets in less than 24 hours owners will benefit from the installation of a level 2 220v/240v charger that keeps charging times to less than four hours costs to install may be eligible to be offset by generous federal tax credits along with state local and utilities incentive programs websites like driveclean.ca.gov provide full details back-up plan  he fiat 500e pass goes the distance for those rare t excursions that take you out of charging range or require a little more cargo room the program provides fiat 500e owners credits for up to 12 days of alternative transportation in a standard-size vehicle each year for three years after purchase or lease flexible terms also allow for larger vehicles partnered with enterprise rent-a-car ® and its affiliates this exclusive arrangement for access to conventionally powered vehicles answers any remaining questions you may have about fiat 500e ownership see

abarth ® abarth cabrio specifications powertrain exterior interior safety security engine — 1.4l 16v multiair® turbo inline four-cylinder engine s antenna — roof-mounted s cabin air filtration s electronic throttle control etc s abarth badges — front fascia liftgate bodyside s cargo area — liftgate liner rear cargo shelf panel rear cargo area lamp s — side-curtain3 s engine block heater o body side — body-color abarth-designed sill s carpet — with acoustic foam and foam-in-place padding noise barrier s — driver’s inflatable knee blocker3 s drive system — front-wheel drive fwd s center high-mounted stop lamp chmsl s climate control — air conditioning s — driver and front-passenger seat-mounted side3 pelvic-thorax transmission — heavy-duty 5-speed manual s door handles — chrome s o exhaust tips — abarth-designed dual s fascia front — two-piece abarth-designed with