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fold flat front passenger seat fold flat front passenger seats front wheel front wheel tinted glass from b pillar back rack and pinion electric more to go on fiat 4 speed manual transmission fiat 4 speed manual transmission manual fiat rack and pinion steering rack and pinion fiat glove box lamp electronic parking brake chrome center cap instrument panel bezel chrome center caps center floor console rear floor mat fold flat front seats chrome mirror cover satin chrome mirror covers fold flat front seat chrome mirror covers power 6 way drivers seat adjuster fold up bench seat overhead console with dual storage bins tcs rack and pinion steering 17 inch wheels modern furniture design electric power steering kit air conditional remote control manuals 4 speed shift knobs with up reverse 17 inch wheel covers electric rack and pinion power steering kit vehicle information center body sheet metal 18 inch wheels black and white storage boxes how to make black and white film black and white fiat seat belts fiat rear axle rear axle fiat fiat drivers seat fiat center caps fiat 500 fiat rear seat fiat turbo engine fiat door handle rear seat belt fiat fiat rear suspension fiat power steering fiat shock absorbers fiat 500 wheels leather seat covers fiat

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fiat 500x trekking and street series ® a one-two punch 6 trekkingplusshown in giallo tr istr at o t r i c oat yello w loungesh ow n i n br o n zo magneticoo pa c o m atte b r onze

b ufowfi at ® globalarchitecture at the center of a major commitment to manufacturing reinvestment is the fiat® 500x crafted in the newly updated assembly plant in melfi italy outfitted with the small wide platform one of three principal fca architectures and adhering to world class manufacturing wcm standards melfi is one of the most advanced vehicle assembly plants in the world the vehicle platforms designed for melfi allow for compliance with regulatory standards outside italy making for export-ready cars—no need for further modification the fiat 500x exemplifies the company’s widening global reach—it will be available for sale in more than 100 countries worldwide 14

the first all-wheel-drive system in fiat 50 0 history ® a first for the fiat® 500 portfolio of offerings an advanced all-wheel-drive awd system available on most 500x models awd adds peace of mind on any drive with the fiat® 500x trekking plus you can take full advantage of new capabilities and offerings available athletic front and rear cladding and 18-inch wheels signal the kind of performance 180 horsepower and a cutting-edge nine-speed automatic transmission can produce this fully electronic transmission features on-the-fly shift-map changing along with a unique set of four overdrive ratios that improve highway fuel efficiency and reduce overall noise vibration and harshness levels plus the fiat dynamic selector puts three customized driving modes at your fingertips all told you’re in for a responsive smooth and fuel-efficient drive 20 trekkingplusshown in giallo tr istr at o t r i c oat yello w

  9 speedau tomatic o r 6 speed ma nualtran smissio n   a r tf ulaerodyn amics   lig h tw e ig h t h ig h st r e n gt h st e e l   unibody st r u ct u r e hit the slopes   pow e r h e at e d si deview mi rrors   a v ai lablekeyle ss enter ’ n got m   a v ai lable wi ndshield wi perde ic e r disconnecting rear a xle the disconnecting rear axle helps make the fiat ® 500x stand out as a very adaptable fuel-efficient awd-capable crossover with its ability to automatically switch from fwd to awd and back it provides a no-brainer boost to fuel efficiency as well as automatic traction

n ormal mode variety is the spice of life and knowing you’re ready for driving’s ever-changing conditions makes getting behind the wheel that much sweeter the fiat ® dynamic selector helps you make the most of the road ahead with three customized modes for optimal performance the basic auto mode is designed for the everyday routine stuff—it will smooth things out to help optimize fuel efficiency emissions and comfort c i r ot c el esciman yd v_32 m ® anyd ta i f sport mode traction mode for those who’d prefer a little more road-feel a little more control the fiat dynamic selector has your number in sport mode the electronic stability control1 and steering calibrations are tuned for a sportier feel and faster driving response additionally the 500x sport mode optimizes the transmission shift points for improved performance and acceleration feel in both fwd and awd driving outside the lines the traction mode maximizes low-speed traction—the

t hisride wa smeanttobeshared designers included ample room for five with an array of comfortable seating choices and materials including available premium leather trim standard on the trekking plus model engineers delivered superior torsional rigidity and noise vibration and harshness nvh applications that also contribute to the exceptionally quiet fiat® 500x cabin available heated front seats with power driver 8-way and 4-way adjustable lumbar and heated steering wheel make every day a really good day uconnect ® systems feature an available 5 or 6.5-inch touchscreen and available user-friendly navigation the standard media hub lets you plug into usb and auxiliary ports ready for your devices +  mud fabric +  beige melange fabric +  light dove vinyl 38 loungeshown in totora ch iaro grigio lightdove g r ay premi um cloth

parksense ® rear park assist system 2 this system utilizes ultrasonic sensors at low speeds in reverse to detect stationary objects parkview ® rear back-up camera 2 this camera provides a wide-angle view of the area immediately behind the vehicle giving the driver greater peace of mind before moving backwards at low speeds contains dynamic grids to aid the driver image is displayed on a color touchscreen when the vehicle is in reverse ytefa blind spot monitoring 3 and rear cross-path detection 2 blind spot monitoring bsm3 uses dual ultra-wideband radar sensors to aid the driver when changing lanes and warns of oncoming vehicles in the blind spot via an illuminated sideview mirror icon rear cross-path detection rcp2 is activated any time the vehicle is in reverse —it lets the driver know vehicles are crossing behind with illuminated icons on the sideview mirror as well as an audible chime s ytiruces dna lanesense ® lane departure warning-plus 4 lanesense lane departure

listen to music talk shows and sports speak up with siriusxm ® 9 and be he ard on your radio you can receive calls and reply save your favorite artists here’s what you can do remain focused on the road with your hands on the wheel while you communicate navigate discover songs and sports to texts 8 while teams coverage driving safely with hands-free 7 phone capability new pl ac es not compatible find the best shopping and stay entertained dancing entertainment venues and restaurants this group of available uconnect features and services represents the next generation of in-vehicle connectivity ® with iphone ® navigate to every adventure get turn-by-turn directions so you don’t voic e te xt reply 8   powerful voice text reply8 on compatible bluetooth® phones lets the driver hear a text read hands stay on the wheel eyes stay on the road and the driver stays safely connected not compatible with iphone.® available get lost on the way unless you want to

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f i at ® 5 0 0 x f e at uresandoptions 64.0 t rekk ingseriesd im e n sio n s inches 101.2 70.7 168.2 pop easy trekk ing lo u nge trekk ing pl u s option collections powertrain and chassis 1.4-liter i-4 multiair turbo engine s — — — — 2.4-liter i-4 tigershark multiair 2 engine ossss six-speed manual transmission with 1.4-liter multiair turbo engine only s — — — — nine-speed automatic transmission with 2.4-liter tigershark multiair2 engine only ossss front-wheel drive sssss all-wheel drive — oooo fiat® dynamic selector with three modes auto sport and traction — ssss four-wheel disc brake system sssss electronic park brake ssss fuel tank — 13.2-gallon 50-liter capacity s s s rack and pinion electric power steering eps with variable-speed sensitivity s s macpherson front suspension with coil spring and twin-tube struts and stabilizer bar s s ® ® ® collection 3 collection 4 collection 5