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finally the ultimate roadster is back it brings with it all you’ve been missing seductive italian styling matched with performance derived from a long and storied fiat 124 spider turns 50 ® race history every spin behind the wheel means getting caught up in the thrill of each and every top-down moment t h e roa dster ’ snewestent ry gives yo usomethingtocelebr at e 50 years heady why not drive something that turns everyday ordinary into every-second extraordinary fiat® 124 spider give you that open-road feeling of freedom on highways and urban avenues alike its 160 hp 1.4l multi-air® turbo engine 6-speed atx electric power steering system electronic stability control esc1 and engine brake assist all help to make the most of tight corners long straightaways and your reputation behind the wheel a walk around fiat 124 spider reveals finishing touches like dual exhaust tips silver-painted-finish a-pillars 17-inch aluminum wheels and 3-season tires the operative word