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contents fibox enclosing innovations fibox web services enclosure selection guide customizing services fibox quality nema/ul classi cations of protection ip/ik classi cations how to select the right enclosure material fibox enclosure gaskets o er best protection fibox mnx polycarbonate and abs enclosures fibox piccolo fibox mnx polycarbonate and abs enclosures fibox euronord polycarbonate and abs enclosures aluminium enclosures polyester enclosures fibox solid fibox euronord polycarbonate and abs enclosures fibox ek polycarbonate enclosures fibox cab polycarbonate cabinets abs cabinets polyester cabinets fibox cardmaster fibox quick polycarbonate and abs enclosures fibox cardmaster polycarbonate and abs enclosures fibox ek fibox cable management cable gland plates cable entries and cable glands fibox general accessories inspection windows ventilation devices fibox cab enclosure

fibox ­ enclosing innovations innovation is defined as something newly introduced perhaps it is a new method an improved solution a new design or an entirely new device whatever your innovation it represents a change for the better and as always it is the result of both your inspiration and your hard work at fibox we appreciate your effort and match it with our own fibox is the leading innovator in developing enclosure solutions to protect your electrical and electronic designs from hostile environments simply put we enclosure your innovations 40 years experience in 1966 fibox introduced the first modular enclosure injection molded from polycarbonate plastic these enclosures began a new era in electrical panel building from the beginning a commitment to innovation resulted in continuous product improvement resulting in more than 20 patents our on-going product development has fueled the dramatic and rapid growth of fibox whatever your application the fibox enclosure product family

fibox web services engineering assistance selecting the correct enclosure for your application is easier with engineering and technical information from fibox at www.fiboxusa com you can obtain detailed information about our enclosures including dimensional drawings and cad files material specifications applications data and photographs of enclosures and accessories cad drawings fibox supports engineers designers and purchasers with full cad drawings in either 2d or 3d formats engineering time can be reduced and accuracy increased by using easily downloadable fibox 3d models using fibox cad files for your initial design insures easy and clear communication of modification requirements to our enclosure customization department regulatory approvals fibox designs and manufactures its enclosures to comply with current national and international regulations and laws and regularly submits its products for evaluation and testing to recognized testing agencies such as underwriters

guide for selecting the right fibox enclosure enclosure family property material mnx pc piccolo pc abs euronord pc al grp solid pc abs ek pc cab pc quick pc cardmaster pc pages number of versions size min mm 13 38 39 46 47 103 105 114 115 128 129 137 139 147 149 156 168 22 22 87 31 12 48 48 97 28 16 26 100x100x35 110x80x65 50x45x32 188x188x130 190x190x130 150x150x110 300x200x170 160x166x78 size max mm 360x255x150 230x140x125 310x600x180 558x378x180 760x560x250 600x400x220 600x400x270 316x363x156 ip rating ip 66/67 ip 66/67 ip 66/67 ip 66/67 ip 66/67 ip 66/67 ip ip 66/67 66/67 ip 66/67 ip 65 ip 66/67 ip 65 ik rating electronics enclosures industrial enclosures instrumentation enclosures modular enclosures outdoor enclosures power distribution enclosures terminal enclosures ul enclosures wall mounting cabinets ik 08 ik 08 ik 07 ik 08 ik 08 ik 08 ik 08 ik 08 ik 08 ik 08 ik 08 ik 08/07 pc abs al grp polycarbonate acrylnitrile-butadiene-styrene aluminum glass fiber reinforced

fibox customizing services fibox machining services to increase the range and flexibility of our enclosure solutions fibox has developed a comprehensive range of services permitting cost effective customization for specific applications the two most important of these are machining services and customized tooling our sophisticated cnc machinery can supply enclosures with holes cutouts and openings this solution is best suited for small to medium volumes of enclosures fibox knowledge of enclosure materials ensures that the machining method is compatible with the chosen enclosure material prior to machining a production run product specification and drawings need to be prepared either the customer or fibox can create these drawings enclosure specifications and technical data are available at www.fiboxusa.com cad support 2d-drawings are available in iges dwg and dxf formats and 3d-models in iges and parasolid formats adaptable to your design system requirements assembly services many

fibox quality creates customer advantage fibox has developed a sophisticated quality system to assure our customers of the reliability and consistency of our products and our service all aspects of our operations from design and development through to production and product delivery are documented to ensure superior performance performance you can rely on fibox is an iso 9001 certified manufacturer and was awarded its certificate by bureau veritas quality international in 1992 this approval covers specifications defined by iso 9001:2000 nema/ul classification of protection the national electrical manufacturers association nema is a us manufacturers organization which actively promotes standardized product specifications for electrical apparatus nema performance criteria and test methods are used by underwriters laboratories as guidelines for investigation and listing of electrical enclosures nema approximate ip equivalents in parentheses indoor use primarily to provide a degree of

the ip and ik classifications the ingress protection class of enclosures is expressed in the form of ip classification a two digit coding which is shown below we have tested our enclosures according to en 60529 the standard requires the second digit to be tested separately from class 6 upwards for each level of class thus the double marking ip 66 ip 67 indicates that the actual tests have been made for both levels the new european standard for empty enclosures en 62208 includes the ik impact test this test is described in en 50102 and as fibox enclosures are tested to en 62208 the data for impact resistance is available first digit protection against solid objects ip test second digit protection against liquids ip test ik code protection against mechanical impacts ik test 0 no protection 0 sprays to 60° no protection 00 no protection protected against solid objects over 50 mm hands 1 protected against vertically falling drops of water 01-05 500 g 20 cm impact 1 joule 1 2 2

how to select the right enclosure material size is normally the first and the most dominant criterion when looking for the right enclosure for a specific application enclosure performance i.e material performance is usually the second property considered.the following list of benefits and drawbacks indicates the basic differences between the various fibox enclosure materials polycarbonate pc standard polycarbonate pc benefits · very high impact resistance · available in transparent form · easy machining with normal tools · high ip rating · excellent surface finish · wide operating temperature range · self-extinguishing flammability · good resistance to chemical attack · light weight · good uv resistance · excellent insulating properties · cost-effective material for harsh environments drawbacks · no emc shielding acrylnitrile-butadiene-styrene abs benefits · easy machining with normal tools · easy coloring through pigmentation · low weight · good resistance to

comparison of materials the following table provides a general indication of the properties of various materials for more detailed information on material performance in your specific application environment please consult your local fibox representative pc outdoor use indoor use cost light weight high rigidity impact resistance chemical resistance salt water environments neutral salts acids low concentrations acids high concentrations alkalis low concentrations alkalis high concentrations petroleum hydraulic oil alcohols solvents cooling fluids ····· ····· ····· ··· ··· · ··· ····· ···· · ··· ···· ····· ··· ····· ··· ····· abs · ····· ····· ····· · ··· ·· ···· ···· · ····· ···· · ····· ··· · ····· grp2 ····· ····· · ··· ···· ···· ····· ····· ····· ··· ···· ···· ····· ····· ···· ····· ····· al 1

fibox enclosure gaskets offer the best protection the gasket seals the enclosure cover to the body playing a critical role in establishing the enclosure s performance rating the reliability of the nema/ip rating depends upon the properties of the gasket material key performance factors of a gasket are its compression set and chemical resistance compression set is the amount of residual displacement after the compressing load has been removed chemical resistance varies with material and there is no single compound that is resistant to all chemicals pur polyurethane is the gasket of choice in general-purpose applications and are often called molded in place because they are produced by a continuous foam injection process without joints fibox enclosures feature a gasket groove that shapes the pur gasket and assures a reliable ingress rating pur gaskets have a very low permanent compression set and their mechanical properties remain stable in a -50° to +130° c temperature range pur

fibox ­ solutions for demanding environments

fibox ­ solutions for demanding