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rfe2 6.0 31 nelson 6.0 32 amaze program data geometer 2.5 metamesh 2.0 hiphi 2.0 magnum 2.0 omnitrak 2.0 heatwave 2.0 rfe3 2.0 software order form sheets 33 34 36 37 38 39 40 42 43

how to order software current prices are listed at http to order by credit card contact us by telephone 1-505-220-3975 or print out the order form on page 43 and send it by fax 1-617-752-9077 or mail field precision po box 13595 albuquerque new mexico 87192 u.s.a please contact us at for information on custom packages educational discounts and site licenses recognized organizations may send a purchase order by fax or mail please include a billing address and an e mail address so we can confirm the order orders are fulfilled within one day via electronic download there is no handling or setup charge we can also send a cd by mail for a shipping charge of $50.00 if you decide within 30 days that the software does not meet your application notify us and we will issue a credit or cancel the purchase order payment for non-credit-card orders should be made within 30 days of receipt by a wire transfer or a check drawn on a u.s bank

universal bfield toolkit description this package handles the full frequency range of magnetic field solutions including permanent magnets ac/rf fields with eddy currents and pulsed field assemblies with conductive materials includes both frequency and timedomain solvers part number tk0700 component information mesh 6.0 page 23 permag 6.0 page 25 nelson 6.0 page 32 and pulse page 30 rf heating toolkit description unitized package to calculate rf electric field distributions and resultant heating in materials applications include material processing biomedical procedures and hyperthermia research rfe2 determines rf electric fields generated by electrodes in conductive dielectric materials while tdiff calculates the resulting heating effects advanced features include thermal radiation boundaries and blood perfusion contributions part number tk0800 component information mesh 6.0 page 23 rfe2 6.0 page 31 and tdiff page 29

universal electric field design suite description a complete tool for electric fields that covers the full spectrum of applications in 2d/3d calculations of dielectric and conductive-type static solutions as well as ac/rf solutions in conductive dielectric media with effects of real and displacement current part number ads0500 component information mesh 6.0 page 23 estat 6.0 page 24 rfe2 31 geometer 2.5 page 34 metamesh 2.5 page 36 hiphi 2.0 page 37 and rfe3 2.0 page 42 advanced rf heating design suite description full 2d/3d calculations of rf electric field distribution and resultant heating in tissues define up to 127 different materials characterized by dielectric constant electrical conductivity specific heat thermal conductivity mass density emissivity and perfusion coefficient part number ads0600 component information mesh 6.0 page 23 rfe2 6.0 page 31 tdiff 6.0 29 geometer 2.5 page 34 metamesh 2.5 page 36 rfe3 2.0 page 42 and heatwave 2.0 page 40

now you can have it all the xenos software suite has unprecedented power to model x-rays electrons and their interactions components function as coupled or stand-alone applications for electric and magnetic field calculations electron beam design monte carlo modeling of radiation transport and thermal analysis no other software compares for advanced features accuracy speed and price how it works xenos x-ray/electron numerical optimization suite is a suite of advanced 2d/3d finite-element programs that handles everything you want to know about xrays and electrons component programs calculate electric fields magnetic fields charged-particle dynamics electron-photon-positron transport in materials and thermal transport the diagram on the right shows how the programs communicate to form an integrated package the system geometry is defined in the interactive graphical environment of geometer metamesh uses the information to create conformal meshes of hexahedron elements for the solution

mesh 6.0 function automatic generation of 2d conformal triangular meshes description mesh 6.0 creates conformal triangular meshes for any user-specified geometry the term conformal means that the solution volume is divided into a set of individually-shaped triangles that closely follow material boundaries the approach gives high-accuracy field solutions with short run times the program also supports variable element resolution for enhanced accuracy in critical regions mesh includes a powerful integrated drawing editor to define geometries graphically the program also imports drawings in dxf format from turbocad autocad and other drafting programs mesh can operate interactively or from the command prompt under batch file control in the interactive mode you can make detailed inspections of the mesh or change the properties of individual elements and vertices features · drawing editor with advanced features snap modes fillet copy · automatic error corrections for high reliability ·

emp 6.0 function finite-element time-domain analysis simulations of electromagnetic interference and pulsed-power devices description emp 6.0 simulates electromagnetic pulses in 2d planar geometries and 3d cylindrical systems the program employs unique finite-element methods on conformal triangular meshes for accurate representations of curved and sloped material boundaries run times are short typically a few seconds on a high-performance computer emp supports matched-termination absorbing boundaries to simulate open-space conditions spatial data can be analyzed quickly with integrated interactive post-processor this program generates quantitative data and a wide variety of plots the package also includes the probe utility to plot temporal signals emp application areas include microwave devices particle accelerators pulsed-power generators and electromagnetic interference features · material types include vacuum conductors or lossy dielectrics and ferrites · use mathematical

rfe2 6.0 function two-dimensional rf electric fields in biological media and lossy dielectrics description rfe2 is a versatile numerical tool to calculate rf electric fields in conductive media the program has extensive applications in rf heating and biothermal simulations you can define up to 127 regions to represent electrodes or different materials the amplitude and phase of the harmonic potential on electrodes can be set individually conductive materials are characterized by values of the volume resistivity and relative dielectric constant power density values can be exported to tdiff for thermal analysis a interactive graphical environment provides full information on the amplitude and phase of electric field and current density throughout the solution regions features · automatic integrals of power dissipation in region volumes and real and displacement current through region surfaces · easy-to-understand instruction manual with ready-to-run examples · extensive plot options

· mouse-controlled perspective views with real-time animation · variety of orthographic views with reference grids and coordinate tools for precision work · extensive set of interactive dialogs allows you to add modify or reorder parts in a few seconds · includes a two-dimensional drawing editor to design cross-sections of extrusions and turnings · comprehensive documentation and a library of prepared examples

omnitrak 2.0 function charged-particle orbits and collective beam physics in electric and magnetic fields description omnitrak 2.0 is the most advanced software tool available on any platform for the analysis of 3d charged-particle devices the program combines finite-element methods with sophisticated interpolation techniques for fast and accurate orbit calculations omnitrak packages are complete tools that handle mesh generation field solution particle initiation orbit tracking and analysis omnitrak has applications to areas such as high-power microwave sources vacuum microelectronics photomultipliers particle accelerators electrostatic and magnetostatic spectrometers electron microscopes ion-mobility spectrometers and highpower relativistic beams features · option to combine the effects of calculated electric and magnetic fields on independent 3d meshes · unique capability for self-consistent simulations of intense relativistic electron beams with full 3d calculations of

software order form please print and fill out the form and fax it to us at +1-617-752-9077 or send it by mail to field precision po box 13595 albuquerque nm 87192 u.s.a we will confirm the order by e mail and set up an electronic download there is no handling or setup charge there is a $25.00 charge if your require a cd shipped by mail program/package name part number price physical shipment of cd 50.00 total mastercard/visa/amex information card number expiration date customer name on card e mail address organization address town/state or province country/postal code