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Finite-element Software for Electromagnetics

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introduction welcome to field precision llc since 1989 we have created technical software at the forefront of engineering and physics programs run on personal computers under any version of windowstm this catalog introduces our product line and is designed to help you decide whether finite-element software is the right tool for your application why is field precision software unique at field precision technical decisions always outweigh marketing decisions our programs are characterized by an absence of code bloat and spurious features each line of code is crafted for minimum setup time maximum run speed and the effective display of scientific information fast and efficient programs are carefully coded for peak efficiency with our unique structured mesh technology you can solve 3d problems in minutes affordable prices fit the budgets of small companies consultants and universities 4

e&m field solution toolkits inexpensive 2d toolkits handle systems with cylindrical or planar symmetry all packages include mesh universal 2d mesh generator at no charge electrostatics toolkit description electric field calculations for applications such as highvoltage design and capacitance evaluation regions may represent electrodes dielectrics conductors or space-charge advanced features include non-linear dielectrics and arbitrary spatial variations of conductivity and space-charge density part number tk0100 component information mesh 6.0 page 23 and estat 6.0 page 24 magnetic design toolkit description versatile programs address the full range of magnetostatic calculations the package handles permanent magnets with non-linear demagnetization curves saturation effects in magnetic materials coils of arbitrary shape and anisotropic materials part number tk0200 component information mesh 6.0 page 23 and permag 6.0 page 25 8

induction heating toolkit description coupled magnetodynamic and thermal calculations nelson finds self-consistent ac/rf magnetic fields with eddy current effects and records power density as a function of position tdiff uses the information for steady-state or dynamic thermal calculations part number tk0900 component information mesh 6.0 page 23 nelson 6.0 page 32 and tdiff 6.0 page 29 12

advanced thermal design suite description advanced 2d/3d finiteelement programs for steady-state or dynamic thermal simulations the codes handles radiative boundaries blood perfusion and materials with temperature-dependent thermal properties initial-value solutions may include arbitrary time variations of thermal sources and surface temperatures in this mode the programs can record snapshots of spatial variations or probe signals at diagnostic points part number ads0700 component information mesh 6.0 page 23 tdiff 6.0 page 29 geometer 2.5 page 34 metamesh 2.5 page 36 and heatwave 2.0 page 40 16

gambet records the spatial distribution of deposited power density the information is used by heatwave for static and dynamic thermal simulations gendist performs statistical analysis of particle distributions from omnitrak and gambet some calculations you can do with xenos heater power for a thermionic cathode clinical dose distributions with multiple electron or x-ray beams peak electric field in a high-voltage feethrough calibration of beam diagnostics shielding requirements and temperature profiles for an electron-beam welder resolution limits in an x-ray imaging system set by photon scattering design of bending and focusing magnets for a beam line positron production and capture in an optical system aberrations in solenoid or quadrupole lenses beam perturbations from surrounding iron structures space-charge-limited current in high-perveance electron guns heating of an x-ray target by a pulsed beam periodic permanent-magnet arrays for high-power microw

estat 6.0 function two-dimensional electrostatics cylindrical and planar systems description estat 6.0 is a comprehensive tool for electrostatic solutions in two-dimensional planar and three-dimensional cylindrical geometries the program handles arbitrary geometries with multiple regions of dielectric or conductive materials the program supports anisotropic materials estat employs advanced finite-element methods on conformal meshes for speed and accuracy the program includes an interactive graphical environment for creating plot and analyzing solutions advanced capabilities include automatic calculation of field energy peak field and capacitance the package has application to research and production design in areas such as high voltage engineering electro-optical devices electro-plating and particle accelerators features assign spatial variations of dielectric constant conductivity and spacecharge density from mathematical functions easy-to-understand instruction manual with walkt

wavesim 6.0 function finite-element frequency-domain simulations of electromagnetic propagation and microwave devices description wavesim 6.0 models electromagnetic waves in 2d structures the program finds resonant modes of cavities and waveguides and also handles scattering solutions high-performance matched termination layers represent open-space conditions wavesim determines both near and far-field solutions and handles absorption resulting from resistivity or imperfect material response the program has application to radar electromagnetic compatibility communications microwave devices and education features direct frequency domain solutions through optimized sparse matrix inversion define up to 127 regions to represent current sources drive boundaries or materials automatic analyses of field energy and power dissipation in materials and cavity walls material absorption represented by imaginary parts of the dielectric constant and/or magnetic permeability automatic resonan

nelson 6.0 function two-dimensional rf and ac magnetic fields in materials with eddy currents description nelson 6.0 is a versatile numerical tool to find rf and ac magnetic fields in conductive media you can define up to 127 regions to represent coils or different materials the amplitude and phase of the harmonic coil currents or vector potential on surfaces may be set individually conductive materials are characterized by values of the electrical conductivity and relative magnetic permeability the interactive graphics analysis menu provides full information on the amplitude and phase of the magnetic field eddy currents and other derived quantities throughout the solution regions the program makes screen and hardcopy plots of magnetic field lines and colored screen plots of electric field and resistive energy deposition the frequency-domain solutions of nelson are limited to linear materials and excitation at a single frequency the time-domain pulse code calculates magnetic fields for

metamesh 2.5 function automatic generation of 3d conformal hexahedron meshes description metamesh 2.5 is a versatile fast and easy-to-learn program to create conformal 3d meshes for finite-element calculations in a conformal mesh elements are individually shaped to match object boundaries the faithful representation of surfaces and the extended node coupling of the hexahedron mesh account for the high accuracy of amaze programs the metamesh script is a simple and well-documented format for the definition of arbitrary three-dimensional structures you can use the geometer program to create scripts in an interactive graphical environment metamesh has the unique capability to create ideal structured meshes of conformal elements structure ensures that solution programs use memory efficiently and run at top speed features easy import of complex parts via stl files from solidworkstm proetm autocadtm nxtm and other 3d cad programs detailed instruction manual ready-to-run examples and an

heatwave 2.0 function thermal transport in solids or biological media with temperature-dependent material properties description heatwave 2.0 applies high-accuracy finite-element methods to solve the steady-state or dynamic thermal equations the program handles radiative boundaries blood perfusion and materials with temperature-dependent thermal properties in initial-value solutions you can define arbitrary time variations of thermal sources and surface temperatures in this mode the program can record snapshots of spatial variations or probe signals at points the package contains three programs 1 heatwave creates one or more thermal solutions interactively in a window or under batch file control 2 hwv generates 2d/3d plots and performs quantitative analyses and 3 probe displays signals from thermal probes features load power-density profiles from rfe3 or gambet with the option to include user-defined temporal modulation functions easy preparation of run control scripts through inte

software order form please print and fill out the form and fax it to us at +1-617-752-9077 or send it by mail to field precision po box 13595 albuquerque nm 87192 u.s.a we will confirm the order by e mail and set up an electronic download there is no handling or setup charge there is a $25.00 charge if your require a cd shipped by mail program/package name part number price physical shipment of cd 50.00 total mastercard/visa/amex information card number expiration date customer name on card e mail address organization address town/state or province country/postal code 43

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