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Finite-element Software for Electromagnetics

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introduction welcome to field precision llc since 1989 we have created technical software at the forefront of engineering and physics programs run on personal computers under any version of windowstm this catalog introduces our product line and is designed to help you decide whether finite-element software is the right tool for your application why is field precision software unique at field precision technical decisions always outweigh marketing decisions our programs are characterized by an absence of code bloat and spurious features each line of code is crafted for minimum setup time maximum run speed and the effective display of scientific information fast and efficient programs are carefully coded for peak efficiency with our unique structured mesh technology you can solve 3d problems in minutes affordable prices fit the budgets of small companies consultants and universities 4

gambet 2.0 function 2d/3d monte carlo simulations of electron/photon/positron radiation transport in matter description gambet 2.0 is an innovative approach to monte carlo simulations of radiation transport in matter the unitized suite handles the full range of electron/photon/positron interactions with high accuracy gambet can be used as a stand-alone tool or as an extension to the trak page 26 or omnitrak page 39 charged-particle-beam codes applications include optimization of xray targets electron-beam heating radiographic imaging positron physics radiation therapy research and shielding design features gambet has a wealth of unique features compared to other monte carlo software material volumes are defined by conformal meshes for accurate representation of slanted or curved boundaries import 2d/3d objects from solidworkstm autocadtm proetm and most other cad programs output files of deposited energy may be exported to tdiff or heatwave for thermal analyses optimized sear

pulse 6.0 function pulsed magnetic fields with induced electric fields and eddy currents description pulse 6.0 calculates the history of pulsed magnetic fields with effects of eddy currents you can define up to 127 regions of magnetic materials conductors and coils the code can handle saturation waves in ferromagnetic materials it produces direct output of magnetic field histories at given positions and spatial distributions of magnetic field permeability and electric field at given times in the analysis mode the program automatically calculates magnetic forces on structures as well as currents and power dissipation the package includes the probe utility to analyze and to view temporal variations at specified points features option to define arbitrary time variations of drive currents and magnetic flux extensive plot options include field lines magnitude of the magnetic and induced electric fields and resistive power density textbook quality instruction manual with ready-to-run e is not a reseller or dealer of Field Precision.

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