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extended range introducing the world s uvwhohfwulfox[xu yhklfoh zlwkh[whqghgudqjh evertm stands for electric 9hklfohh[whqghgudqjh meaning fisker drivers can either recharge or refuel to enjoy complete driving freedom 4 the karma s powertrain uses the internal combustion engine ice in series with a generator and the lithium-ion battery to power the electric motors that turn the rear wheels giving up to 50 mi/80 km of electric driving after that the internal combustion engine engages to generate energy for the electric motors providing up to an additional 250 mi 400 km of

a design philosophy inspired by nature the elements from the elegant lines of windswept sand dunes to the muscular grace of a tiger the fisker karma s design was inspired by the natural world and the beauty that surrounds it water-based paint diamond dusttm is the first ever high-ratio glass flake paint used on a production vehicle the 35 55 recycled glass flake mixture releases zero volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere reclaimed wood the interior wood trim is crafted from certified fallen sunken and rescued woodtm ensuring that no live growth is ever used

suspension the fisker karma combines sports car suspension lightweight materials innovative packaging and tuning that results in flat cornering without the need for complex subsystems in addition a low center of gravity low roll gain high roll damping and linear steering input buildup give the fisker karma neutral handling response suspension kinematics ensures uniform tire footprint pressure distribution during roll brakes the fisker karma uses an integrated braking system that combines traditional friction-based brakes with regenerative technology regenerative braking recovers kinetic energy during deceleration and feeds it back into the battery electro-hydraulic actuated friction brakes are controlled by a brakeby-wire system with push-through override for added safety world class components include brembo® monobloc 6-piston calipers with massive 370 x 34 mm floating directionally ventilated front rotors and 4-piston calipers with 365 x 28 mm singlepiece directionally ventilated

command center fisker designers chose to simplify the car s dashboard controls by providing a single place to control multiple features the karma s dashboard contains just four buttons power start/stop central locking hazard lights and electric glove box release an intuitive touchscreen interface controls the karma s climate premium audio navigation ipodtm control and bluetooth® phone compatibility without the complex toggles and switches found in other premium luxury vehicles the elegant one piece design of the command center reflects fisker s attention to detail a chrome bezel surrounds the flat screen glass surface echoing the jewel-like quality of the instrument gauge cluster · task specific visuals · haptic feedback touch responses · vibrant 10.2 touchscreen · contextual application displays · rear-view camera display ecosport ecochic · solar roof energy capture display · environmental visualization options relative to date/time location · quick intuitive transitions

leather treated at the world s first energy self-sufficient closed-loop leather manufacturing plant with both gas and electricity generated on-site from by-products of the leather making process · low pigmentation · chrome free · one of the highest yields in the industry minimizing waste ecosuede 100 recycled postindustry virgin polyester ultrasuede reduces energy consumption and co2 emissions by 80 during the recycling process ultrasuede® ecodesigntm products deliver on the promise of excellence through environmental responsibility inherently beautiful design and flawless engineering exterior sound fisker hybrid hz exterior speakers emit a futuristic sound to warn approaching pedestrians/traffic interior sound premium audio system including · four channel six speaker configuration ecostandard · six channel eight speaker configuration with subwoofer ecosport ecochic · siriusxm® satellite radio ready · bluetooth® handsfree phone compatibility · am/fm/mp3/usb/aux

ecochic ecosport canyon tri-tonetm dune monotonetm earth tri-tonetm

exterior colors eclipsetm silver windtm infernotm deep oceantm

specifications ecostandard evertm electric vehicle extended range powertrain type &7fs&mfdusjd7fijdmffyufoefesbohf drive 3fbs8iffm%sjwf38 evbmfmfdusjdusbdujponpupst electric motors torque gumct/nygumct/n battery type mid-mounted lithium ion battery pack w nanophosphatetm technology battery capacity l8i battery voltage 7/pnjobm charger l8ipocpbsedibshfsx7boe7dbqbcjmjuz range-extending engine -uvscpdibshfeejsfdujokfdujpodzmhbtpmjoffohjof transmission 4johmfsbujpxjuimjnjufetmjqejggfsfoujbm final drive ratio solar roof vmmmfohuitpmbssppggpsfyufoefesbohf epa fuel economy driving range electric driving range total electric vehicle supply equipment performance top speed limited acceleration 0-60 mph drag coefficient body torsional stiffness key safety features total airbags construction brakes dynamic safety child seating battery awareness ttttttttttt ecosport ttttttttttt ecochic ttttttttttt suspension suspension type front rear ground clearance steering type steering ratio steering turns

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